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Summer Camp is Here! And 4 of the Most Transformative Events in my Life



When I think back to some of the most transformative times in my life, they all involved two things —

  • A Break from My Real Life
  • Finding My People

Back in the midst of my Quarterlife Crisis, The Big Man and I backpacked around the world for 10 months, meeting many free spirits and nomads who were defining success in their own unique way from Guatemala to Thailand.

For our 4 month honeymoon, we drove from Seattle to Maine to the Florida Keys to San Diego and back to Seattle. We stayed with and met dozens of Tribe Sisters, whom I had only known from the internet up until the moment we crashed in their guest room, shared a meal together, and explored their cities.  Part 1 |  Part 2  | Part 3

The first year I went to the World Domination Summit, I felt seen and understood by hundreds of people like me who were seeking a different kind of meaning in their life — one of creative fulfillment and legacy and happiness on their own terms.

With 2.5 incredible years of Elevate Mastermind under my belt, it’s clear that the times when I have gathered with my ladies on retreat in CA and SEA have been some of the most memorable weekends in my life. From the vulnerability to the big dreaming to the raucous laughter to the skinny dipping — there is nothing I love more than circles of authentic women.

And now, YOU + ME + CAMP.

I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to hear your story. I can’t wait to hang out for 5 days. I can’t wait to laugh and cry and tell the truth and love up on each other.

I can’t wait to witness your shift.

Though I wish I could take you around the world for 10 months or on a 4 month road trip — I realize these 5 days of Camp are my chance to create a magical, life-changing, breath-of-fresh-air, woman-circling experience for you.

Think of Camp as your very own break from real life + finding your people!

Stop reading about all my adventures on the internet and get your booty to Michigan, girlfriend. Ask your boss for the time off, talk to your partner about money and childcare and transportation, put some hustle into your side gig to earn the ticket price.

Do what you’ve got to do to make Camp happen.

I can promise you it’s going to be scary and wonderful and incredibly fun!

And yes, absolutely f*cking transformative.



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