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Answers to the Question: "Why Camp?"

Camp PostcardsEvery day this past week, I’ve been sitting down to write welcome postcards to Campers who are going to be joining me in August. It’s sacred and special because I’m welcoming women to the inaugural year of one of my lifelong dreams — a Summer Camp for Grown Ups.

(Or as I’ve been calling it on Twitter — Camp for Grown Ass Ladies!)

As I write each name and address out,  I spend a moment throwing out a wish that she’ll receive everything she’s craving from our 5 days together.  I spend a moment hoping that we’ll all get to see her authentic self emerge over campfires and canoe races and intimate cabin conversations.

And I spend a long moment wondering why this particular woman from Ohio or Alberta or Michigan is coming to Camp.

Luckily for me, the answers are starting to roll in.

Today, my Elevate Alums and your Camp Counselors answer the question: Why Camp?

And later this week, I’ve got some incredible stories from Campers about why they’re coming and what it’s taking to make this dream come true!


I am HAPPY-CAMPER-ERINgiddy over Summer Camp. Not only will I be fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a camp counselor, I will get to spend a whole week with Molly and a huge (real, live, in-person) group of Stratejoy women!

I keep dreaming about it: soulful talks, beautiful walks, and deep belly laughter. Sparklers and face paint and sunshine and wine.

I can’t wait to cozy up to the fire and talk deep into the night, or to wake up in the morning to the buzz of daring women playing and dancing and shouting their dreams.

Last year I was privileged to have Molly (coach and soul friend and mama bear all wrapped into one) and my Elevate sisters walk me through the crazy transitions of pregnancy and new mamahood, and let me tell you —

Molly and the women she surrounds herself with are the real deal!

Why Camp?

HAPPY-CAMPER-ERAN#1 – I’ve never been to summer camp before. Ever. My childhood was limited to camping with my parents (which was fun, but….. not the same), so I’m looking forward to way more pajama parties and gossip and s’mores. And wine.

#2 – I’m a mom to a 2-year old and I NEED summer camp. 5 days away from potty training and temper tantrums — Yes Please.

#3 – Molly Mahar and her tribe. These are my people and this is my jam. I need to be there to soak up all the juicy joyfulness and soulful sisterhood. Molly is magic, and I can’t wait!

HAPPY-CAMPER-SAGEMy favorite childhood memories involve summer camp. I was the kid who made the most intricate friendship bracelets and knew all the words to the obnoxious camp songs.

Camp was my escape from the rough parts of growing up, and I’m ready to experience that magic again.

As an entrepreneur, I find that I spend any free minute I have working on my business…not because I have to, but because I love it! Putting my clients’ needs above my own can be incredibly draining.

Summer Camp will give me a chance to “fill my cup” and enjoy some much-deserved self-care. 

And Molly? She is a shining light who believes that I can accomplish things far beyond what I think is possible. I can be really hard on myself, but Molly makes me feel like I belong in this amazing Stratejoy tribe.


I was part of the first Elevate group. During one of our evenings together, Molly mentioned her dream of running a camp for women. Ever since that dream was verbalized, I knew I HAD to be there.

I’m looking forward to a week of dreaming, scheming, and celebrating the joy of being a fabulous female in the world today!

I can’t wait for time to unplug as I reflect inward while also expanding my network as part of Molly’s tribe. I’m so excited to to connect with other phenomenal females from around the world.


I’m making Camp happen this year because I want to just truly be myself for a few days.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in work and being an adult, and what better time than summer to feel like a kid again?

And I want to be part of the magic that happens when you combine women who are devoted to being and becoming their best selves, the outdoors, beautiful conversations and wine (duh).

I imagine falling out of a canoe because I’m laughing so hard. Fostering awesome conversations that get to the heart of who we are as women.

And enjoying wine time, s’mores, fireside chats, dinner, dance parties, runs and hikes with these women!

Plus, Molly is so authentic in her online work that there’s no surprise when you meet her — she is so full of life, warm, loving and kind. She knows when to push and challenge you, and knows when you need support. She’s one of the wisest people I’ve ever met and I’m a better person because she’s in my life.

Getting to know Molly in person is basically the best thing ever.

HAPPY-CAMPER-ASHLEYShe is everything you could imagine and more: sunshine, joy, laughter, and authenticity to the max.

I can’t wait to spend 5 days at #SSC15 with her and all the other campers!

HAPPY-CAMPER-LAURENA summer getaway in a beautiful place with so many incredible women? How could I say no?

I have never been to summer camp and always wanted to go.

Plus, It’s just perfect timing.

I’ve been craving rejuvenation and a real getaway, not just a vacation to Instagram!

So Camp! I’m ready for a check-in with my Stratejoy tribe, bubbly, hugs, canoes, and my hair smelling like campfire every day!

You know the feeling that you’d appreciate the experiences of your youth way more as an adult? Summer camp tops that list for me. HAPPY-CAMPER-HILLARY

I’ve worked long and hard to recognize joy when I see it in my life.

And Camp? 100% joy!!

I’m so looking forward to the type of summer weekend I didn’t think I’d be allowed to have as a boring old grown up.

Rising and shining like I mean it. Getting a sunburn and filling my journal. Coming home smelling like woodsmoke and smiling right down to my bones. Starting up post-camp letter circles like it’s 1993.

Skinny dipping, campfires and champagne, here I friggin’ come!

Sound like you?
I thought it might.




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