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Are You Up for the 6 Day Joy Challenge?

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You guys!  I haven’t exactly been keeping this a secret, but I’ve spent the last month in my creative cave updating and expanding my favorite Course of all time — The Joy Equation.

And it’s finally live! We’ll be starting on June 12th! WAHOO!

In celebration, we’re going to have a little fun here on the blog with a Six Day Joy Challenge!

After all — It’s Your Life. Your Choices. Your Joy.

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For 6 days, I’ll be rolling out a new step of The Joy Equation with 2 challenges: one writing prompt for your journal and one photography prompt to post online.  And if you want me to cheer you on — just use the hashtag #thejoyequation on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I’ll be looking for your posts this week and next!



Taking part is absolutely free and the perfect way to kickstart a joyful summer.

6 Day Joy Challenge 


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What do I know for sure about joy?

I know joyful living in this messy world is possible for all.

I know that joy is absolutely your birthright, no matter how lost you might feel or how disconnected you are from your authenticity right now.

I know that changing your life or reinventing yourself is in your hands. I believe in your capacity for growth, for success on your own terms, for knowing your own truth.

I know that the day-to-day can be more than a to-do list and that measuring your worthiness through productivity is futile. I know that you can feel at peace with yourself and energized about the path you are on.

I know that being true to yourself means you are living deliberately, sharing with the world the very best you have to offer, striving to learn and to understand. I believe that you have unlimited power to contribute, as long as you practice unconditional self-love.

I know that settling is never the answer and that fulfilling others’ expectations is useless is in the long run.

I know that opportunity is limitless, the world is abundant, and that love rules all.  I believe in your ambition and your ease, your uniqueness and our commonality, your high highs and your low lows.

I know that there is a right fit, joyful, meaningful version of your life.

And I absolutely believe in your ability to create it, live it, love it.

By diving into this 6 day Joy Challenge  — You’re declaring to the Universe that you know you’re capable of creating a joyful life on your own terms.

Hell to the yes, sister.

After completing these 6 days, you’ll have started the process of forging an authentic connection to who you are, what you want and how to get it.

On your own terms. With loads of joy.

Let’s do this!



p.s. If you want to expand our 6 day exploration into the full 6 week Pay-What-You-Can Course — we’re running the newly updated Joy Equation Course *LIVE* starting on Friday, June 12th. It’s the very last time The Joy Equation will be offered at the Pay-What-You-Can price!

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