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Your happiness should be a priority, not an afterthought, darlin’.

The question is… What does happiness look like to you?

It may look like going out to dinner on your own with your sexiest heels on, head held high, feeling brave enough to wink at strangers. Or staying at home, curled up by the fire, reading some soothing chick lit.

It may look like starting a passion project to create some spark in your life, instead of whining about your mind-numbing day job. Or throwing caution to the wind and finally embarking on that adventure you’ve been dreaming about.

It may look like devoting 30 minutes a day to self-care, to truly nourish your soul and self. Or practicing more mindfulness amid the messy and the stress and the crazy of a normal day.

It may look like like instigating an honest conversation with your partner about what you want.  Or having that conversation with yourself!

These courses will help you figure out exactly what you’re craving and how to ignite it in your own life.

Joy here you come.


JOY-EQUATION_PINWHEEL_BADGE_FINALFeeling off your path? Disconnected to your sparkly self? No clue how to discover the “true you”?

This course takes you step-by-step through the Joy Equation to help figure it all out.

  • Who You Are
  • What your Really Want
  • How To Get It

That big bold juicy life? It’s within your reach with a little clarity, planning and loads of belief in yourself. Promise.  The course is made up of the Joy Plan Workbook, an inspirational email/writing prompt each day for 30 days, and four 90 minute audio sessions that lead you through the process.

THE JOY EQUATION offers you specific tools and guidance to identify success on your own terms, identify authentic goals, and start making your big dreams reality.

If you’re new to the Stratejoy Tribe, it’s a great place to start!


Sometimes you know what you want in life, but something is stopping you from activating your plans. You get in our own way. You fall victim to self-sabotage and lack of motivation. The enemy can be self-doubt, lack of confidence, or a missing base of self-love…

Whatever it is, it’s holding you back.

THE FIERCE LOVE COURSE is a digital course for women who to want to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, inner resilience, and delicious kindness. It’s a self-paced course with a 45-page workbook, motivational emails and digging deep resources, personal challenges, and four 90 minute video and audio sessions.

Why? You want to activate your best self. Share your presence with the world in a big way. Do your greatest work. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE.


Imagine being surrounded with “your people” while immersing yourself in some magical personal work. Imagine have soul sisters to share your challenges and celebrations. Imagine having an added level of accountability and camaraderie while you actually DO THE WORK.

Imagine laughter. And support.And a whip-smart mashup of coaching tools and positive psychology research delivered with Stratejoy’s typical moxie and honesty.

Imagine an affordable way to really dig into topics that matter to YOU.

Stop imagining… It’s here!

Stratejoy Councils are online pow wows that gather the Tribe together for 21 sparkling days and address the juiciest issues facing us as ambitious, connected, soulful women.