Stratejoy Summer Camp 2017 - Stratejoy

Summer Camp will return in August 2018. Dates + Location announced soon!


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Stratejoy Summer Camp

Camp is going to be equal parts rejuvenating personal retreat + summer camp for adults + intimate gathering of the Stratejoy tribe.

Set aside your reality for five days and dive into the outdoors, bouts of belly laughing, protected solitude, rediscovering your ability to play, magical rituals, connection to the earth, and deep conversation about your life without pretense or judgement.

You’ll leave camp reminded of the simple pleasures in life and reconnected to your heart. You’ll leave camp with soul sisters and stories you’ll be telling for a lifetime. You’ll leave camp with newfound confidence to take risks, new bonfire songs to sing at the top of your lungs, and a few new bug bites.

And it all adds up to 5 days of magic!




why Camp?


Need to recharge from the daily grind and the stress of living in the real world?

Immerse yourself in nature, yoga, meditation, Stratejoy sessions with Molly (we’ll be talking pleasure, power and purpose this year!), sleeping under the stars, special woo-woo rituals and silent journaling time.

Need to remind yourself that life can be joyful, playful and fun?
And not so damn hard?

Get ready for lake time, a high ropes course, bonfire sing-a-longs, camp names, dance parties, arts and crafts, daily cocktail hour and camp games.



Need to reconnect to yourself and to other positive women?

There will be honest conversations about everything under the sun, bunk camaraderie, and new friendships born from this shared experience. And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to commune with your own sweet self.





Hey! I’m Molly and hosting this Summer Camp is one of my lifelong dreams.

Summer Camp is my chance to dig in deep with 100 of you, while sharing my love of the great outdoors, laughing uncontrollably, and taking our dreams seriously but not taking ourselves seriously. I cannot wait to drag our mattresses outside to sleep under the stars, to talk about dreams/fears/ambition/ease, to dance our booties off, to push our comfort zones on the ropes course, and to practice being silent, whole, cherished and present.

At Camp we get to do it all!