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You want to be surrounded by people who get you. You want to pursue fulfilling work or start a meaningful business. You want to be in an incredible relationship (with yourself, your partner, your kids). You want to find joy in the tiny moments, go after the big dreams, and feel deeply connected to your personal truth.

And you want all this despite the uncertainty or overwhelm. Even when life feels messy. Especially when you’re in the middle of that big scary thing called putting your happiness first.

And sometimes, it’s hard to do alone.

(We totally get that, gorgeous. And we’ve got your back.)

Stratejoy is a positive corner of the Internet
– with real conversation about dreams, struggles, celebrations + transitions –
that is both empowering and useful

We’re here to support each other as we practice joy in this messy world.

Joy = being ourselves + being present + being grateful.
Messy world = real life.

Stratejoy is a safe place to be vulnerable and off your game. It’s a safe place to be wildly motivated about “crazy ideas.”

It’s a safe space to be YOU.

Women who gather here tend to be:

ambitious, but grounded.
savvy, but spiritual.
optimistic, but living in the real world.

We have been known to:

  • + Call Sunday yoga or sunrise hikes our church.
  • + Gracefully proclaim our strong opinions about the world. And then take action to make a difference in said world.
  • + Ask the hard questions, but follow up quickly with hugs and champagne toasts.
  • + Be less concerned about what others think about us and more concerned about finding our own paths.
  • + Take our dreams seriously, but not ourselves.

We’re so glad you found us, sweet one. Settle in with your beverage of choice, grab your journal, and get ready to dive deep.

After all, your joy is worthy of attention. And YOU are worthy of joy.

about the founder:



The point from the start? To integrate my life and my business into one beautifully messy adventure. I'm grateful to share this world with my husband Ken and 2 tiny humans - Max and Juliet.

You can generally find us hiking, beaching or winery hopping in Central California when we're not working or building block towers.


After suffering a "Quarterlife Crisis" back in 2007, I know how it feels to want something more from your life.

My journey? I quit my job and got rid of my stuff. Traveled around the world with backpack and boyfriend in hand. Started a blog called Stratejoy that eventually (after a shit ton of work, love and tears) grew into this incredible community.


My Superpowers? Telling the truth kindly, drinking copious amounts of bubbly, being a secret badass and taking my dreams seriously. I have a tendency to swear a fair amount, laugh loudly, swim naked, and wear costumes while dancing exuberantly.

I aspire to open a retreat center, host a television show, start a family band and live in Italy for a few years.

Molly Mahar founded Stratejoy because she needed Stratejoy…. She needed a place to talk about the BIG STUFF – ambitious dreams, fears she didn’t want to admit to others, how she really feels about everything from her job to sex to money to mamahood.

If calling it a Digital Wine Bar made any sense at all, she would totally call it that btw.

Since 2009, Molly has been growing this soulful and smart (and ever-expanding!) tribe of women who can be themselves without judgement and who cheer each other on through big life changes and big dream-chasing.

Molly thinks of her role at Stratejoy as one part truth teller, one part saucy big sister, one part enthusiastic cheerleader and one part wise teacher. And through it all, she’s on a mission to make sure that you’re aware of your innermost desires, armed with strategies to activate those dreams, and are enjoying the hell out of the journey.

connect with Molly: @mollymahar

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about the team:



Lauren runs all things planning, logistics and experience-wise for Stratejoy's BIG hurrah in August. Based in Bozeman, Montana (where she hosts the wildly popular Boss Lady Bash) she's a New Yorker who forgot to leave the Big Sky State... When she's not updating budgets and going over spreadsheets for Summer Camp, she helps other entrepreneurs execute flagship events for their own businesses.


Dee, a Midwesterner happily transplanted to Laguna Beach, California, is one of the original Stratejoy junkies. She's now Molly's behind-the-scenes right-hand woman who makes sure all runs smoothly in this joyful, messy corner of the internet. You'll most likely find her working from a coffee shop, soaking up the SoCal sun, or snuggling with her beagle and boyfriend, nose in the latest personal development book!


Victoria joined the Stratejoy sisterhood over 5 years ago and today is our resident designer out of Ottawa, Ontario. In addition to creating our joyful visuals, she holds down a 9-5 day job in marketing and keeps her entrepreneurial spirit alive building hand-crafted marquee lights with her hubby-to-be. In all her spare time (ha!) she loves spending weekends by the lake and getting messy with a paintbrush.