The 10 month journey to Reclaim your Wholeness.

Runs February - November

You’re on the verge of something big:

A long held dream, a meaningful career change, a satisfying relationship, a true commitment to your health, a sense of personal balance.

And yet… It continues to be just out of reach.

You didn’t used to have this problem. You did the right things, followed the path, worked your butt off, and got the gold stars.

​​​​​And then, the path ran out. Adulting took over. Your own wants took a backseat to reality.

You've been doing what you need to do to get by. You've got obligations and deadlines and people to care for -- and you get it done. A lot of the time it even looks you've got your shit together from the outside.

But it doesn't feel that way on the inside.

You feel unmoored and unsure. You're caught in patterns of people-pleasing + over-committing, or the procrastination/perfection cycle, or a paralyzing fear of failure that won't let you take the risks you long to take.

the problem?

You keep looking outside yourself for answers + validation + the "right" next step on the path to happiness.


It works.

Until it doesn't...

You might be 34 or 54, but at some point the external markers of success lose their power. All the "chasing your dreams" seems exhausting, not inspiring. And all the big changes you attempt don’t actually change a thing.

Why? Because without a true shift of your inner world you’re just rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic… Without a radical connection to your inner self you're building skyscrapers, but forgetting the foundation. Without reclaiming your inner wholeness, you're following the rules of someone else's game.

It's time to dive into the inner game.

And yes, it's time for Reclamation.

Here's how

Join us for this journey + you'll receive:


10 Teaching Calls

1 call per month from Molly to guide you through each monthly theme


20 Interviews

2 interviews per month for wise words + new perspective on the theme


10 Live Q+A Videos

2 hours each month with Molly for Q+A, story-sharing and laser coaching


20 IRL Challenges

Push your boundaries through action + focus your heart through reflection


Private Facebook Group

Connection, Witnessing + Celebration happen daily with your Reclamation Sisters



Want to deepen your exploration of the theme? We've got our own book club!


Reclamation Workbook

Shipped to you. Workbook + challenge tracker + daily journal = Your  obsession


Small Group Upgrade

Join a Small Group (8 women maximum) for extra support + coaching.

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I always thought that the woman I would become was related to a job I would perform. Because of Reclamation, I now know that it doesn't matter what job I am doing- what matters is how I am doing it. How I am showing up in the world. How I am more myself in my life. This mental shift, is making a huge impact in my life.

The emphasis is on ME and how I show up every day.

On being a woman. Being myself. Where and how I spend my time, energy, money. Making my own choices and setting my own standards. I don't have to live up to any one else's.

My life is my own.



I committed to Reclamation because I was coming out of some of the most difficult years I've ever experienced. I was on the upswing, but still felt like something was missing.

Reclamation was exactly what I needed to feel centered again...or maybe really for the first time.

When I think back to where I was this time last year, I never would have imagined that I'd have a community of women all over the world who genuinely care about each other and our well being. And being a small group member helped me stay accountable to the curriculum!

Saint Louis


I was forced to change or defend my perspectives with each new piece of information we covered. That constant consideration, the idea that each decision or action is a choice, is what created the space for the big shift that happened this year -- healthier than ever, embracing my role as a mother, dream job in my dream city, feeling full.

I emerged with a whole new perspective about what my body, brain and heart need. And what I deserve.

I still feel unease, sure, but mostly I feel grounded and confident in every path forward and importantly, that I have the tools that I will need to weather the evolving seasons of life.



Why Reclamation?

Because in the midst of chasing external success and validation, wearing masks of perfection and sarcasm, pleasing and pleading and praying -- you forget that you are Enough.

You forget that you are Whole. Amazing. Loved. Capable. Mighty. Beautiful.

News flash. Even in the midst of the mess and busyness and struggle -- you are the whole fucking enchilada, woman!

You'll emerge from this adventure with your inner landscape rearranged: a truer sense of who you really are, a deeper understanding of your own sufficiency and a clearer point of view.

You, Reclaimed.


Mockup - Reclamation

is both a journey to reclaim your wholeness and a call to leadership in your own life.

You’ll emerge with a truer sense of who you are, a deeper understanding of your own power, and a sharper, more resourced point of view on everything from sex to money to spirituality -- and pretty much everything in between.

I truly hope I get to spend 2020 with you!


real talk

in real time

We are a community of women who aren’t afraid of real talk about… well, everything! The point? Getting real without judgement or comparison. Trusting your inner wisdom. Taking aligned action so your life feels like yours. And always, reclaiming joy. Join us?

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