Off The Grid

I spent all of July adventuring in Croatia and Italy. It was a stunningly picturesque vacation with Ken, the littles and my Mom. And I gave myself full permission to just play and be present — thinking that if I felt inspired, I would work on Stratejoy stuff. It was kind of fake permission, because…

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7 Lessons We Can Learn From Going into the Wilderness

When you’re walking for six hours in a day, you’re granted the luxury of precious time to think. And I had a lot of thinkin’ to do – about my health as of late, about how I want my career to move forward, the habits in my life that contribute to my wellness (and lack thereof), about what I want the next steps to be in my relationship, about what I’m sorry for and who deserves an apology, about self-worth and confidence and integrity and motivation.

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Answers to the Question: "Why Camp?"

Every day this past week, I’ve been sitting down to write welcome postcards to Campers who are going to be joining me in August. It’s sacred and special because I’m welcoming women to the inaugural year of one of my lifelong dreams — a Summer Camp for Grown Ups.

(Or as I’ve been calling it on Twitter — Camp for Grown Ass Ladies!)

As I write each name and address out, I spend a moment throwing out a wish that she’ll receive everything she’s craving from our 5 days together. I spend a moment hoping that we’ll all get to see her authentic self emerge over campfires and canoe races and intimate cabin conversations. And I spend a long moment wondering why this particular woman from Ohio or Alberta or Michigan is coming to Camp.

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Summer Camp is Here! And 4 of the Most Transformative Events in my Life

When I think back to some of the most transformative times in my life, they all involved two things — A Break from My Real Life + My People. From my 10 month backpacking trip around the world to my 4 month road trip honeymoon, from the World Domination Summit to my weekends with my Elevate Ladies — those pieces are ALWAYS there. And now? I’m creating this kind of experience for YOU with Stratejoy Summer Camp. (And me too! Who am I kidding?!)

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More Molly-isms

It’s that time again! It’s the Interview post, baby! I’ve done them twice already, but always love a good Q & A. Check out Season 2 and Season 3 if you want more random facts about me…

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The Road Trip, Part 3

You guys!  It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote a personal post and updated you on what’s actually going on in my life.  HELLO LOVELY!! So, to really get caught up- we’re going to have to resume the update after my whirlwind time conference hopping in November!  I wrote a bit about how…

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