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Off The Grid

I spent all of July adventuring in Croatia and Italy. It was a stunningly picturesque vacation with Ken, the littles and my Mom. And I gave myself full permission to just play and be present — thinking that if I felt inspired, I would work on Stratejoy stuff.

It was kind of fake permission, because I just assumed I would feel inspired!

Real talk time.

Besides checking in with my Elevate + Reclamation women in our FB groups, I didn’t do a lick of work for 4 entire weeks.

No dreaming, no scheming, no writing future content, no birthing book proposals.

Instead — I swam, I hiked, I read a bazillion novels, I sailed, I cooked, I drank wine, I played endless card games, and I took a lot of naps. I explored. I attempted to carve out alone time. I connected with Ken. I schlepped a lot of baggage and small children and wet floaties. I enjoyed the company of great friends. I took some gorgeous photos.

It was just want I needed.

Yet, in this hustle-grind-build-your-biz-at-all-costs-everyone-will-forget-you-if-you-go-offline current online climate, I also felt a little strange…

Like I was being naughty. Or lazy. Or that I’m a bad, bad Stratejoy Mama and everyone is going to abandon me.

I mean, I didn’t return home with travel-inspired marketable quips and lessons to teach about doing your own thing and my next 27 blog posts written. I’m definitely not going to package and sell an ebook with 108 Tips for World Travel with Young Kids. The only writing I did was Instagram captions, and they were neither deeply insightful nor relatably inspiring. I didn’t make one single connection that is going to help me grow our community.


It’s pretty funny how my Inner Critic can take a perfectly glorious vacation and make me feel bad about it, eh?

Luckily, I’ve done enough inner work to let those stories go, enjoy my month for what it was, and be grateful to return home refreshed.

So, hi! I’m back!

Human Molly needed a break, but now I’m ready to rock and roll!

More from me soon, dear one.

In the meantime, enjoy these vacation pics

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