The Road Trip, Part 2

I’ve had a number of requests for more traveling/road-tripping pictures, so it goes! We’ve been on the road 39 days, put over 5,000 miles on Stella, and have traveled through 16 states.

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My Quick Life Story in Video

I made this video for a contest for which I missed the deadline. Shite. Thought you all might want to hear about my liberal parents, pole-vaulting recruitment, favorite places around the world and the inspiration behind Stratejoy!

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How Travel Healed My Quarterlife Crisis

A trip around the world was my self-prescribed solution to my Quarterlife Crisis. It seemed like escape from my world, escape from my job, escape from the traditional path, was the only thing that would help me reconnect to myself. I spent the first 3 months of my trip decompressing and the last 7 months designing my life.

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