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Big Dreams Coming True and Stratejoy Road Trip!!

In my own Joy Map (the cumulative page in the Joy Equation Course), circa 2008,  I wrote,  “Big Picture 10 Year Goals:  2 trips a year, get hitched and have babies, own a green home in Seattle with a garden, piano, and studio, have a vacation cabin in the middle of nowhere, be a Seattle 40 under 40 winner, fluent in Spanish, and roadtrip through the US writing a book about extraordinary women and get it published”.

Pretty large living for a girl who was broke, had a tiny business idea that she was scared to share, and didn’t know a damn thing about actually “making it happen”. I’m a dreamer….  What can I say?

Reality check midway through 2010.

  • Tons of trips! Mexico, Santa Fe, Maui, DC, NYC, Vegas, San Diego, Napa…  And 3 week trip to Bali! And we’re planning several weeks in Greece next summer, with sailing, family, and delicious Mediterranean food.
  • Getting hitched on August 28th.   Babies?  Eventually.
  • Green (modern) home in Seattle?  Not yet, but definitely still salivating over one.
  • Cabin?  YES!   So excited!  The Big Man and I spend every other weekend renovating- it’s almost done!  We’ve got an amazing view, a river to swim in, and ski hill 40 minutes away.  Perfection.
  • 40 under 40?  Not yet, but I’ve got 10 years!
  • Spanish….  This one is going to take some work.  I think I need to spend months in Buenos Aires to check this one off.  🙂
  • Roadtrip to write a book?  YES, YES, YES.


More details will be coming soon, but I couldn’t keep it under wraps any longer.  The Big Man and I are hitting the road in September in our Honda CRV with a Autohome topper to spread our various messages/passions/livelihoods.   His latest venture’s not completely ready to roll, but here’s the sneak peek!

I’ll be continuing to spread the Stratejoy message by teaching workshops like this and this all over, leading coaching groups over the phone (as well as continuing to work with private clients), working on new product launches, and yes, interviewing inspirational women in their 20’s & 30’s for some sort of book/video project.

Stratejoy hits the road! Woo’ freakin’ Hoo!

Home base will be Stella (the CRV),  various couches, national parks, a hotel room here or there, and perhaps, your guest room?  We’ll be on the road for as long as it’s still fun.  Could be 3 months, could be a year… I won’t be gone, though I may shorten my working week to 3 days, so I can play and explore (offline).  So don’t worry, love.  I’m still just a phone call, email, tweet away.

I cannot wait to meet the Tribe.  I can’t wait to eat local delights, take a million photos, and share the passion I have for living life on OUR OWN TERMS, measured by our own definition of success.  I can’t wait to meet you! And hear your story face-to-face.  And share a coffee, or a glass of wine, or an adventure.

I can’t breathe sometimes.  That’s how excited I am.

So, the question is–   How can you get involved?  Well, I’m going to need an rockstar Street Team to help plan the local events. If you’re interested in bringing a Stratejoy Workshop to your town, EMAIL ME  (molly @ stratejoy [.] com) immediately.  I’ll put you on the “inner circle” list.   In fact- title your email “Inner Circle”!!  Details will be going out soon. And of course, nothing is set in stone yet.  You’re not committing yourself by emailing, just declaring your interest in finding out more!

What are you getting yourself into? Here’s a couple of pics from the event I did in DC !

[[  above  ]]  Kimberly Wilson sharing her awesomeness with the group! She is the creative director and founder of tranquil space – named among the top 25 yoga studios in the world by Travel + Leisure, author of hip tranquil chick and tranquilista, and holds a Master’s in Women’s Studies.  She rocked our socks for 60 minutes.

[[  below  ]]  They look all sweet and innocent, but these ladies just spent the day plotting world domination and major happiness.  The battle cry, “Joy for all” rang out, loud and clear.

Other ways to get involved? If you know (or are) a Quarterlifer with an amazing, inspirational story, email me so I can make sure I plan my route to include an interview with you!   Or if you want to take me out for a cocktail at your favorite bar, email me!  Or if you want to hook me up with your uncle who has the killer beach house and loves house guests, email me! Or, or , or!!!   JxesSDFfdseHEeserRs!!!   Can’t talk.   Too excited.  Channeling @nicoleisbetter.

One of the only sad bits about making this dream come true?  Leaving Seattle for an extended amount of time.  I’m teaching my last local workshop on the 15th and have already said goodbye to my amazing, awesome Club ReFresh girls.  Sniff…

[[  below  ]]   Andria fulfilling one of her big dreams: becoming a pro belly dancer and instructor!  You can take a class with her in Seattle.  I’m SOO in when I get back.   Check it out.

Moral of this rather long post?  Dreams come true. We make our own luck, so get clear about what you want, keep your positive intentions handy, and have faith.  Take a step forward, even when you’re scared.  Don’t be afraid of being brilliant, of your amazing juicy life, or working hard to make it all happen.

And if you need some encouragement, I’m here.  In spirit, on the intraweb, and soon enough, in the flesh.

To the Road Trip!

photo credit : daredarlington

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