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Q & A with Molly B

Well, by now, you know the drill!  Nicole, Heather, Katie and I asked each other questions.  I can’t even remember whose are whose at this point.

You know what I’d love?  If you picked out one question, headed over to Stratejoy’s Facebook page and then answered the question on the wall! Woo!

And without further ado….

What’s your favorite food memory?

As a graduate of a college degree that required me to taking cooking and wine classes, I’m a complete foodie.  Thus, this question is hard.  I think I’m going with two nights that the Big Man and I spent in Madrid, eating at the exact same restuarant in the  Chueca District. Normally, I want new, new, new- but our cava (Spanish champagne) and company (super close European tables in the gay district) and simply delicious cold salads and pastas were so delicious and cheap, that we had to go back the next night!  It was love at first sip (and bite!)

And if I remembered what it was called, I’d totally share with you, but unfortunately it’s lost to my crowded travel memory.

What can’t you live without? What do you wish there was less of in the world? I

I can’t live without comfortable beds, kind strangers, my BB (baby blanket which I’ve had since the beginning of time and now resides in my bed stand), people who are fantastically themselves and bear hugs.  I’d be perfectly happy to cut out bosses who get their kicks putting people down, college date rape, global warming, the media’s image of unattainable beauty, and imitation crab.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I have incredibly complex saga-like dreams of saving the world, and in all of them all I can read thoughts.  So although that sounds a bit stressful in everyday life, I think I’m going to need it to save the world!  And if I get one just for fun, I’d pick flying.   Oh yah.

If you could live anywhere in the world for six months (money being no object), where would you live and why?

Verona, Italy.   Ask me tomorrow and my answer might change (Capitola, California or Lublijana, Slovenia also come to mind!), but for today it’s Verona.  Why?  I had the best cappuccino of my life there, it’s gorgeous, it feels like a real Italian city, I love drinking carafes of wine at lunch and dinner, and the Big Man would definitely come with me.

image from Destination 360

What do you consider the most important event in your life so far?

Urgh!  Who wrote this question?   I’m going to go with the very last day of our 10 month trip around the world, when I knew my life was going to be completely different upon my return…

If you had to spend $10,000 in one day, what would you do with it?

If I was being really responsible I’d spring for a new (used) car.   If I was thinking of my future, I’d pay for Life Coaching Training and Certification.   If was being frivolous but fun, I’d pay for my mum, dad, sister and the Big Man to join me at this Yoga Surfing Retreat!

Describe your priorities in four words or less.

Connection, Love, Contribution, Joy

What is the one thing you most want to be known for?

Seriously, did I write this one?  Let’s see- I want to be known for laughing hard, telling the truth, taking risks, holding fast and loyal to my loved ones, undertaking adventures, contributing to the greater good, and being kind.  But if I only get to pick one thing- I’m going for “inspiring others to live joyfully”.  Whatever that means, however it is expressed.   I want to be known for letting others know it’s okay to do your own thing, live your own life, and to ENJOY it!

You’re in a bar for karaoke night, you have to choose three songs to sing, and each one has to be one that you relate to each of the following things: Love, Life, and Friends. Which three songs do you choose and why?

Great timing, as I’ll be in rocking out a private karaoke room for my bachelorette party this weekend!  Though, for some reason, I’m ridiculously scared of karaoke…   Pushing limits with my best girlfriends!

Love:  Good Hearted Man by Tift Merrit

Life: Who I Am by Jessica Andrews

Friends:   Levon by Elton John, Father Figure by George Michael, or Free Falling by Tom Petty

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve cried because of?

This.  Click the Mommy.

I’m coming to visit your city for just 2 hours during a layover flight for a business trip. Where would you be certain to take me and why?

Well two hours won’t give us much time, but we’d probably eat some blasted broccoli  and drink some rose champagne at Black Bottle, then make sure you had time to see the original Starbucks, the gum wall, and the fish throwers in the Market, and finally pick up some cinnamon mini donuts and Beecher’s cheese curds for your flight!

The Inspiration List?

I have shared soooo many of these so I’m just going to do fun favorites this time!

Novels:  Memoirs of a Geisha, The Bronze Horseman, She Comes Undone, A Fine Balance, and anything by Jon Irving.

Singer/Songwriters you’ve probably never heard of:  Jason Myles Goss, Loni Rose, Josh Damigo, and Vicci Martinez.

Adventures undertaken:  Bungee Jumping from the highest jump in the world in South Africa, trekking in Peru, sailing in Croatia, eating at Pok Pok in Portland, yachtbrowsing in Monte Carlo, skiing off the tram in Big Sky, walking on lava in Guatemala, and just surviving crossing the street in Mumbai.

So…. know enough about me, yet?   XOXO

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