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The Road Trip, Part 2

I’ve had a number of requests for more traveling/road-tripping pictures, so it goes!  This is in no ways completely representative of our trip-as I switch between my little Cannon Powershot (where these are from), my phone camera, and the Flip- and half the time I forget any of them!

We’ve been on the road 39 days, put over 5,000 miles on Stella, and have traveled through 16 states.  I’ve crashed with family all over the place, met up with new and old friends (Carolyn! Jason!  Julie & Drew! Kate! Ally! Megan and Mike! Danielle and Heidi!), rocked out with  Gutsy Girls at workshops in Chicago and Portland, and met guest bloggers and coaching clients in person. Love me some connections!

The Big Man and I have done a lot of camping in mostly deserted State Parks and stayed in a roadside motel or two so I can be on point for my Tuesday night Coaching Groups.  (Which are completely rocking my world, by the way!! Seriously, I’m IN LOVE with the women, and the forward movement, and the support.  New favorite offering, for sure!  More to come on future groups in the 2011).

We’ve crashed at a hostel, rented a tiny cottage in Maine, and are currently looking forward to Halloween weekend in Salem, MA with one of my sorority sisters from college.  And then it’s on to Philadelphia and Baltimore before I fly back to Seattle to speak at the Ladies Who Launch Dream it! Launch it! Live it! Conference, and then onto New York to attend Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy, and Hot LIVE event. Honestly?  I’m a little tired thinking about all of it, but also so, so excited.

And with that…

What’s been my favorite stuff thus far?  Good Question.

Cities: Burlington, Vermont and Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Restaurants: Chino Latino in Minneapolis, Spice Market in NYC, Sonny’s in Portland, The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, and some great Brunch place in Chicago that my cousin Annie and her hubby Ben took us to- but I can’t remember the name

Wounds: The unexplained Welt, the double-sided knee bruise

Sights: Autumn in New England.  Hands Down.

Parks: Yellowstone (always a classic for me!) and Acadia

We Survived Moments: Getting super sick in NYC (Ever had your tongue hurt?  Mine did…), the bulldogs charging Ken in Vermont (one of who’s name turned out to be Pipsqueak!), talking my sister through the Newark-Shuttle-Train-Subway route to C’s apartment, getting pulled over in Wyoming for speeding but not getting a ticket (my record is still clean! yay!)

And now…. The Photo Update!

Early Morning Bike Ride in East Harbor State Park, on Lake Erie

Having an Adult Beverage with some of the Chicago Gutsy Girls

Tobyhanna State Park in the Poconos (I know!  I’ve always heard of the Poconos! And I was there!)

Tweeting (or Google Mapping…) with my Seestar in Central Park

Hiking on the Appalachian Trail (or Long Trail as they call it in Vermont).  The colors!  Swoon!

The Kitchen!  Oatmeal and Coffee for Breakfast.

The Beehive Hike in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Absolutely stunning.

The Head Light in Portland with Julie, my fabulous workshop host and favorite new friend!

And I have to apologize for the quality of this last picture–The Big Man took it on this iPhone, in the dark, but it just cracks me up.  This is what we did on my 30th birthday….  Ate soup in the rain!  But don’t worry about me- I had a week of festivities in NYC coming up!

p.s.  The answer is YES!  I’m still shipping out Joy Equation Workbooks from the road.  Your postmark could come from anywhere!  If you haven’t taken the online course yet- It is an amazing place to start your Stratejoy Journey.    I just got the sweetest email from Diane in Missouri about her experience and wanted to share with you.  Perhaps it’s time to tackle your own Joy Plan, sugar?

Hi Molly- I had to send an email to personally thank you for the impact that the Joy Plan has had on me- IMMEDIATELY. I just finished the course and it has equaled a feeling of aliveness and excitement that is just. WILD! In the last few days, I’ve made changes and plans, adjustments and goals that have shifted my entire paradigm in a way that I can’t describe.

If you don’t hear this enough, hear it from me, you have created something that fosters strength and action in young women, motivations inside myself that I otherwise never would have tapped into, and strength to be myself, to honor my being and this blessing of existence.

I just HAD to thank you. You. Are. Amazing!

Safe travels, lots of love,

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