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Okay, so maybe I belive in Manifestation and the Law of Attraction…

I’ve never been a big believer in manifestation and the Law of Attraction…  The Secret?  Read it.  Watched the movie.  Still couldn’t get on board.   I mean, in general, I believe in things like affirmations, and the power of optimism, and a little bit of neuro-linguistic programming…

But manifesting a material desire? Putting a picuture of the man/job/home/car/body of my dreams on a vision board and having it simply appear my life?  It’s a bit high on the woo woo scale for me.

I mean, it was.  Until Sunday.

The Big Man and I were driving on Highway One between San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz.  It was gorgeous and sunny and I was completely present.  And happy!  I did not, however, realize there is literally nothing on that road besides breathtaking views.

By 3 pm, I was starving.

And we all know I get really cranky when I’m hungry…

We had seen signs for Big Sur.  I was imaging a little town with cafes and incense stores and plenty of lunch options.  After we passed a few hippie-esque resorts tucked in the woods- I was like, “I think this is it!  This is Big Sur! Oh no! Did we miss it all?  [wince, grimace] I neeeeeeeed fooooood!”

Luckily, the Big Man spotted some umbrellas up ahead.  Umbrellas that were protecting diners from the sun on a gorgeous cliff-side deck.  Sold!   After missing it on the first attempt to pull in the driveway, having to pull a u-turn on the highway, and then waiting for parking, we finally started climbing the stairs to lunch.

He started toward the first deck with the umbrellas.  I kept gazing up the winding stairs.

Really, I thought to myself.  Really?

“Ken.  We need to eat at the restaurant up there,” I said pointing, “I need to eat there. I swear that’s the restaurant on my vision board.

As I came up to the entrance and the view over the Pacific Ocean, I was sure of it.  This place was located snuggly in the top right-hand corner of my vision board.  I had no idea what the name was, nor where it was located.  But we were there…

Nepenthe. In Big Sur, California.

It appeared I had manifested a vision from my board.  A vision of beauty, of good company, of sunshine and the clinking cheers of wineglasses. Without any effort or action, we had shown up at a place I had clipped out of a magazine months ago. I was stunned and a little freaked out.

It’s one thing to hear about other people experiencing the Law of Attraction.  It’s another to experience it yourself!

After a 20 minute wait to be seated, we had a lovely lunch of beets and turkey sandwiches and cold glasses of white wine.  The view was amazing.  The company, fabulous.  I couldn’t stop grinning.  This was the place…

We trekked back down to the car after I bought a talisman necklace and wind-chime in the gift shop to remind me of my new found power!  I showed the Big Man my vision board (which I had shrunk down at Kinkos and used as the cover to my 2011 Goddess Planner).   He couldn’t believe I had figured out we were at the right place, but when we looked closely, we both realized we had been seated literally “in the picture”.

There are fourish seats in the photo on my vision board. We had just ate lunch in two of them.

So, regardless of my reservations, I gotta admit.  There is something to this whole manifestation gig.

I’m learning to have some faith in things that I don’t understand…  And believe me, I totally studied the rest of that vision board!  What’s next, Universe?

I’m ready.

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