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I Want My Work to Feel Like Play + Photos from the Elevate Retreat

I want to be joyful above all else, but also in union, of service, divine and wild.

I want my work to feel like play.

I want to create with fire in my belly, because I see a need in the world that I can ease. I want to be proud of my process, proud of my product, proud of my power.

I want my clients and my community to know that I love them in all their messiness because I do. I want being on retreat (or camp) with me to feel inspiring, raw, supportive and magical.  I want to remember that I don’t take on others’ heaviness or fears or despair — I simply listen and love and offer my gifts.

I want to be joyful. 

I want to feel my feelings about this odd world of online entrepreneurship without judgement and with a sense of humor. I want to have enough self-awareness to course correct when I get pulled into the lands of shoulds, or expectations, or measuring my worth as a human through my productivity or my profit or my ability to suck it up.

I want to use my strengths for the highest good, while also being rewarded in all the ways I desire.

I want to be nimble and honest; inspiring and useful; free-spirited and deep.

I want to be joyful.

I want to do my great work in the world from a place of delight and meaning. I want to sit comfortably with my fear of being seen and my fear of fucking it all up and my fear of never being enough and my fear of losing it all and my fear of making the wrong choice.

I want to offer myself to the world in a way that makes me want to show up every day with excitement and hope.

And I can honestly say that I am getting closer and closer to this every day.

Case in point? My Elevate retreat in Ojai.

It was all that and a bag of chips.

May your work (your art, your service, your passion) be everything you crave, dear one. Don’t settle for anything less.



Statejoy Elevate Mastermind 2

Stratejoy Elevate Mastermind Photos

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage4

PicMonkey Collage

photo credit to the amazing Eran at eran jayne photography (an Elevate 2014 alum!)

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