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A Rush of Excitement and Exhaustion


As I wrap up my own personal planning for 2013 (using the calls and worksheets from The Holiday Council of course!) I feel a mix of excitement and exhaustion.

Excitement because I’m in a new home complete with an orange tree, a deep bathtub, and my own office/guest room.  I’m in a new city that the Big Man and I chose simply because we wanted the lifestyle that it represented to us — one of community, slower paced living, gorgeous weather, access to the hills and the ocean, appreciation of local food/wine/businesses, and family-focused.  I have a new piece of my business that needs my dedication as I dive into the work of a live retreat and a years worth of coaching for Elevate Mastermind.

I’m excited because I love beginnings.

I love the rush of unknown explorations.  I love the feeling of being a savvy capable woman as I navigate new things.  I love knowing that I made intentional choices to begin each of these adventures.

That said, beginnings don’t last forever.

As is the nature of beginnings, they eventually become the middle.  And that’s when I feel the aftermath of all my crazy, dear, much-loved adventures and choices.

The exhaustion rushes in as the high of “let’s do this!” wears off.

I’m a great power-through-er.  When I make a decision, I throw my heart into it.  Pack up our San Diego home into Pods, drive to San Luis Obispo to find a home to rent in 3 days, drive to SF, fly to Seattle for the holidays, stay at our cabin for two weeks, fly back to SF, drive to SLO and move into our new home?  All with an 8 month old?  While prepping for the biggest month of my business ever?

Bring it on.

But as I settle into our new home and start doing the everyday work of my everyday world, I get a little tired.  It’s not so new anymore.  There’s nothing to crank out.  Things become known and familiar.

It’s that slower pace of just living my life that lets exhaustion take hold.

And I don’t want my own beautiful life to exhaust me!

Now, I wouldn’t change a thing about being here in San Luis Obispo.  There’s no chance in hell I would give up Elevate.  I definitely wouldn’t back down on my new dedication to eating as cleanly and locally as possible.  And obviously, my tiny human is sticking around for good.

So, what do I do?

Relax.  Take my time.  Let the house stay messy for awhile.  Understand that life will always have new beginnings, but the unsexy middle part is capable of just as much magic.

Be present.  Be gentle with myself.  Protect my energy.  Let email go unanswered.  Ask for help.  Simplify.

Remember that not everything needs to start *now.*

Remember that yoga and baths and sunshine walks and reading in bed are cherished essentials, not burdens.

All of this — my current reality and the knowledge of this pattern as it repeats throughout my life — have birthed my theme for the year.

(Drumroll please!)

My theme for 2013 is Nourish.

Nourish my body, my mind, my spirit.  Nourish my family, my artist, my self.

Nurture deeply.  Feast.  Sustain with love.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it soon!



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