2 Ways To Embrace Your Imperfections


Sometimes it’s still hard for me to unhook from the mistaken beliefs of “perfection” that once raged loudly inside my mind.

 Perfect weight… “If I lose these 30 pounds I gained in college, then I’ll be attractive again and thus, dateable. And then I’ll be happy.”

Perfect job… “If I get a promotion to manager, then I’ll be respected at work. And then I’ll be happy.”

Perfect lifestyle… “If I start my own business and make as much money as I did in my day job, then I’ll be admired. And then I’ll be happy.”

I got caught up in a cycle of striving for perfection and false promises of happiness that only took me further and further from the peace I craved within myself.

And it wasn’t until I actively started seeking imperfection, beginner’s mind and space to simply play, that I realized what a fucking trap perfection is…

Sound familiar?

When it comes to pursuit of perfection, you can actively choose to let it rule you or you can practice re-shaping the way you see yourself and your worth.

If you feel like you never measure up or are stuck in the trap of seeking perfection, stop everything and watch this video.


One thing that’s worth looking into from this episode is Tara Mohr’s Playing Big.

And if you want more on this topic read:

Now it’s your turn:

What do you care more about than perfection? What can you attempt this week without worrying about being good at it?

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