Self Care vs. Self Comfort: Which Do You Really Need?

If you’ve been sliding into the land of distraction, numbness, excessive soothing at the expense of your values, there’s no point in beating yourself up.

Practice some self compassion and let today be the “reset” button. If the comfort has been gaining crazy momentum, make a different choice now. Today. Tonight.

I know you can do it.

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Increasing Your Daily Pleasure

I chose Pleasure as my guiding word for the year because I was craving something that felt the opposite of hustle. The opposite of focus and drive and the pressure of shoulding myself to achieve more, more, more. As someone who doesn’t shy away from hard work, big ambition and buckling down to “get shit…

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The Four Kinds of People You Need in Your Life

Who’s got your back? How do you learn, question, absorb, and teach all the inspiration and advice that flows through life? How do we narrow down the crazy influx of information we’re exposed to everyday? When it comes to enriching our lives, understanding who makes up our community and how their unique role supports us…

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2 Ways To Embrace Your Imperfections

Sometimes it’s still hard for me to unhook from the mistaken beliefs of “perfection” that once raged loudly inside my mind.  Perfect weight… “If I lose these 30 pounds I gained in college, then I’ll be attractive again and thus, dateable. And then I’ll be happy.” Perfect job… “If I get a promotion to manager, then I’ll be respected at…

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