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My Dream Day 10 Years in the Future

Dock DivingOne of my favorite activities that we do in Lifestyle Design is to write little story called  “A Day in the Life of Me”.  Here’s the challenge I pose to my girls: What would your best life actually look like on a day-to-day basis 10 years in the future? Where would you be?  Who would you be with? What would you be doing?

Most find it a hard exercise to complete, especially those who are stuck in the “I don’t know what my best life looks like, I just know it’s not this” phase.  They feel like they don’t even know where to begin…  Others don’t want to put it down in writing (thus making it “real”) because what happens if it doesn’t come true?  Won’t that make them feel like a failure?

My responses:

To the first group who don’t think they know what their dream day would look like: Try it anyway.  Concentrate on feelings you would like to create & experience instead of the concrete facts you fear you don’t know.

True- you may not know the exact job you want in 10 years, but I bet you do know that you want to use your creativity, work a 4 day work week & be surrounded by smart like-minded professionals.   Maybe you don’t know who your partner or husband will be or if you’ll even want one- but I bet you do know that the significant other in your life will be sexy, honest & independent, and that your relationship will be one of love, trust & adventure.  You might not know where you want to live, but I bet you do know that you need a walkable neighborhood, incredible sunsets & a killer gelato shop nearby.  Obviously, you’ll need to fill in your own details.

Don’t worry about the big facts if you don’t know them– go for little details and the essence of your best life.  Work in the small things that you want present: a morning jog, time to write, or a loving home.

To the second group who are scared to record their dream day in case it never happens: Trust.  It’s true that we have very little control over the actual events of our life.  Who are we to predict a illness, lay off or shot gun wedding?  But why should that stop you from putting out to the Universe what you desire?  Operating from a place of fear is bound to make your life scary.  Operating from a place of hope & positivity opens up doors.

I’m not asking you to write your best life down and then reject everything along the journey that doesn’t agree with your vision.  I’m just asking you to have a clear idea of what you want at this moment in time.

I find it incredibly rewarding to do the inner work that it takes to recognize your future self.

So what does my dream day look like 10 years in the future?  It feels a bit odd to share with this large of an audience, but if my day inspires you to sit down and write out yours- awesome.  If you need more support and exercises to help you– we’re taking registration for October’s Lifestyle Design!  And preorder prices (valid through August 17th) are up for the online version of the course!

A Day in the Life of Molly: August 7th, 2019

I wake up early in a sun drenched room with bird noises, white sheets, and the Big Man.  He strokes my hair while I snuggle up for a little longer.  I feel loved. Soon enough, I’m waking the kids up and they’ll begin their tornado morning routine.  Luckily, I’ll be off for a  neighborhood run with some exercise pals, while the Big Man makes them breakfast.

As I come back from my run, I notice the house is clutter free, modern and filled with photos and art from our travels.  Kisses and homework checks for the kids and then I walk them to the bus stop. Home again,  I sip green tea, eat fruit & eggs & sit for my morning meditation.  I feel full of vitality.

The Big Man leaves for the office. I shower, dress in my walk in closet with a mini chandelier & emerge in jeans & funky flats.  I feel creative.  I head back to my office, which is nestled in our backyard, full of sparkly lights and a vegetable garden.  I’m working on a new woman’s retreat in Montana and it’s finally coming together!  Seattle Magazine calls to interview me for a piece on women business owners.  I feel successful.

Meet my sister for lunch at some adorable cafe.  Sparkling water with lime and something delicious to eat.  She just got a huge promotion at her job, so we start planning a vacation to Mexico to celebrate!  Surfing, dancing & margaritas– here we come!  I feel adventurous.  Call the Big Man- have him schedule Mexico in his calendar.  It’s on!

Put in another few hours of work, writing & prepping for teaching a new course the next day.  Complete letters of recommendation for my summer interns- what an incredible group of women!  Put in a quick call to my financial planner to follow up on some investments.   I feel balanced.

I pick the kids up from their after school activities  in my environmentally friendly car and we meet the Big Man at a friend’s house out on the water.  BBQ, laughter, good friends.  The kids are having a blast swimming and jumping off the dock.  I decide it looks like fun and dive right in!  I feel playful.  The adults have a great conversation about the education, politics, and big dreams. I hold the Big Man’s hand the whole time.  I feel connected.

A sleepy family finally makes it home after a full day.  The sun is setting.  Kids to bed after storytime, songtime & snuggles.  Hot sex with the Big Man.  To bed with a calm head and happy heart.

I know, I know, it’s not very exciting.  Some may even say- shock- traditional!  But remember, I said typical day.

You know me, of course I’m after adventure as well!  I want festivals and summitting peaks and acting on stage again and another trip around the world– but if my day-to-day ended up something like that, I would be incredibly grateful for my beautiful life.

What does your dream day look like?  Come on’ ladies!  Lets see them!

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