How to Have Faith in Yourself After Failure


How do you keep faith in yourself and your dreams?

What do you do when shit hits the fan?  When your well laid plans explode in your face?  When you don’t hit the mark, make your goal, meet your deadline or manifest your desire?

What do you do when you feel like you are failing?

For me, keeping the faith means switching the consideration in those low moments from “Am I failing?” to “Am I choosing myself?”

The guiding question shouldn’t be “Is this plan/trip/business/marriage a failure?” — it should be

How do I choose myself in this situation?

Sometimes choosing yourself will mean…

  • Cutting your loses
  • Persevering because you believe so strongly in your message, your purpose, your love, your artwork
  • Making someone else uncomfortable
  • Appearing self-involved, impractical, or contradictory
  • Tuning into your intuition instead of practical advice

Choosing yourself is not a selfish gesture, done without considering those in your family or inner circle.  It’s not done in a vacuum, ignoring morals or consequences.

Choosing yourself means understanding that you have certain needs that must be met so that you can live wholeheartedly.

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Let me repeat.  It is not selfish.

Choosing yourself means deeply honoring certain values so you can take up the full space of your presence. It’s loving yourself so fiercely that you can sit comfortably with your weakness and flaws and mistakes without shame.

Keeping your faith in your goodness and worth in the midst of a messy run can be incredibly difficult.  Each and everyone of us knows that. But if you’re evaluating your relationship, your business, your career, your health or your product launch strictly on the terms of failure and success — you’re trying to make something black and white that is decidedly gray.

Stop worrying about failing.  Stop concentrating on success.

Keep the faith in yourself and your dreams by choosing yourself.



photo credit to nikki.jane


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