On Limitless Possibility and Inspiration


On Limitless Possibility

Your life has no boundaries, darling.  The sooner you understand that truth, the sooner you’ll be able to bask in the freedom of limitless possibility.

Yes, there will be personal priorities you’ll want to consider as you craft your life, but the doors are flung open to happiness. There are numerous paths to flourishing and you may choose any of them.

Your ability to appreciate what is and dream about what is possible sets the tone for your intentional life. 

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Stop limiting yourself to what seems realistic. Stop walking the tightrope of convention.

Stop counting yourself out before you even stand up and raise your hand.

As En Vogue said back in the day,

“Free your mind and the rest will follow.”


On Inspiration

You don’t need to be famous or rich or powerful to inspire us.

You don’t need to be saving the world, or protesting for change, or writing masterpieces.

You don’t need to create the next hot iPhone app or be on the cover of Fast Company or land that VP job.

(I mean, if you want to do any of the above, go for it! But it’s not a necessity for inspiration.)

You can inspire us in little ways every day. 

It can be in the kindness you show a stranger. It can be in the warmth of your hug. It can be the love you share with a child, the beauty you paint in that mural, the care with which you prepare dinner.

Your attitude, your grace, your enthusiasm, your compassion — all the pieces that make you YOU — they are the inspiration.

There is nothing more incredible than a woman owning her truth, fulfilling her own desires, and choosing joy.

Day in and day out.

On Saying Yes to Both

No one wants to live a half-assed life, full of regret and settling.  No one wants to hold themselves back with limits or hold themselves down by believing they have nothing worthwhile to share.

If you’re feeling half-assed about your life — there are two things to do.

  • Change your attitude about your current reality
  • Change your current reality

The sweet part? They are both completely within your control.

Say yes to limitless possibility.

Say yes to inspiring us.

Say a


to intentional, joyful, authentic living.

Believe in the probability of it all, sugar.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.



(photo credit via studio bomba)

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