How To Create Your Personal Theme

So, it’s 19 days into January…. How is 2011 so far?  Loving it?  Hating it?  Just surviving?

You may have already created your New Years Resolutions, or personal goals, or even chosen a word for 2011.   But if you haven’t settled on a theme, a guiding intention for your year- I’ve got a free 55 minute call to help you out!!

Yes. You asked for it.  A recording of the Theme Call!

After sharing this call with over 70 amazing women last Tuesday, I wanted to make it available to all of you who missed it, especially after I got this adorable email that night.

If these 55 minutes can give you any sort of epiphanies or aha moments… My job is complete!  🙂

Hi Molly,

It was wonderful to hear your voice again – it always makes me smile.  The call tonight was really great, and definitely got some wheels turning in my head.

Coming out of 2010 I knew I wanted to make changes so that 2011 will be an AMAZING year, but I hadn’t gotten too far past that.  But tonight, when you said to ask “What is it time for?”, something just clicked.  The only thing I could think about was how I need to stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations (real or perceived) of me, and just be Mandy (whoever she turns out to be!).  Which explains why I never got beyond wanting to make change, but not knowing how.

I’ve always lived my life trying to exceed the expectations of those around me – parents, teachers, friends, bosses.  And in doing so, I’ve essentially allowed myself to be swayed by their opinions and essentially got them to make most of my decisions for me.  It served me well growing up, but now it’s stopping me from living up to my potential.

I’m going to keep working on the wording of my theme, but I know that it’s going to revolve around me making decisions because they make me feel happy, excited, energized, motivated.  2011 is going to be a year of discovering who I am today.  Getting curious about what makes my heart sing and then adding more of it into my life.  I definitely think that by adding more positivity all around, the negativity and self-doubt and fear of failure will slowly get pushed out.  There’s so much opportunity out there, but I can’t fully go after it until I start taking pride in myself and my accomplishments.

And…I’m just feeling really empowered right now.  All thanks to you!  I can’t wait for our paths to cross again (hopefully sooner rather than later).

xoxo,  Mandy

Inspired to listen and started working on your theme?  Me too.  Create Away!  And don’t forget to share your themes over on Facebook so we can all cheer you on!

How To Create Your Personal Theme:

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