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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Perhaps in evidence of the “You buy a periwinkle Subaru and now see periwinkle Subarus everywhere” phenomenon, I’m feeling overwhelmed right now and it seems like my entire Twitter & Facebook feed is full of others feeling the same way.

I’m not complaining.

My overwhelm is overwhelmingly… amazing.  Full of opportunity.  In line with how I want to live my life, if just a bit too fast and furious.

Unlike other amazing women I know, I’m not dealing with a scary new diagnoses, a failing business, a lost job, or a sick parent.  I’m very lucky and extremely grateful to be experiencing a period of upswing overwhelm.  I get this. My overwhelm is fueled by huge Stratejoy growth, numerous strong friendships I’m trying to keep up with, a loving marriage, a crazy travel schedule, and an upcoming move to a sunny city that goes by the name of San Diego.

Yet still, I’m experiencing those familiar effects of overwhelm. I have daily urges to throw up my hands, hibernate and ignore my massive actions plans.  I’m slipping into eating convenient junk instead of the healthy meals that I actually enjoy.  Messages are not returned, my blog posts are late, my yoga mat is simply traveling in my car with me as I frantically run errands and attend to urgent items like my health insurance billing disaster, booking flights for next weekend, and having a supply of clean underwear…

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing.  I’m learning how to just be with my overwhelm. To recognize it, be gentle with it, and not blame myself for letting it “get to this point again.”

Instead of beating myself up over all of this, I’ve been practicing accepting things as they are right now.

I’ve been letting my 76 paying clients be the priority for a these two months because I made a huge commitment to be there for them.  I’ve been letting myself out of social obligations in order to sort out moving to a new state and launching a new program.  I’ve been walking to get coffee instead of going to the gym.  As I once heard Danielle say in reference to creating her Fire Starter Sessions, “I’ve been ordering pizza and opting out of things that I normally do, to create time for what I need to do right now.”

Because I realize this is a temporary passing state, I’m giving myself permission to not have all my shit together.

I trust myself enough to know that I will circle back to a state of “balance” where I become my first priority again.

I know that all my vibrant expressions of my values will come back into play soon enough.  I know that I will drag my tired butt to yoga when I’m ready.  I know that I’ll stop prioritizing sleep over sex.  I know that I’ll review my intentions and goals for this year and figure out what needs to happen next.  I know that I’ll clean up my diet, return all those weeks of missed calls, and start playing a lot more on the weekends.

But for now?  I’m taking this list to heart. And if you’re overwhelmed right now, I’m giving you permission to do the same.

When you’re Overwhelmed, it’s Okay to…

  • Take pause from your online life
  • Watch 3 episodes of Gossip Girl  in bed on Sunday morning because you need a break from your to do list
  • Buy the ready made salad mixes even though they are more expensive
  • Write 3 sentence emails
  • Neglect your roots
  • Ask for help
  • Tighten your inner circle
  • Wear your yoga pants for days on end
  • Ignore your Facebook Messages
  • Journal for yourself instead of writing blog posts for the public
  • Call your Mom to cry and vent
  • Go shopping for much needed swimsuits on Saturday night instead of socializing
  • Let your house get and stay messier than usual
  • Stop freaking out about the future and simply deal with one day at time
  • Not see the hot movie, buy the hot product, or join the hot online program
  • Truly release the need to be seen as perfect or nice
  • Throw away all your old to do lists and start a fresh new one, without worrying about what you didn’t remember
  • Take 20 minutes just to sit in the sunshine and breathe
  • Give up feeling guilty about everything you’re missing

What would go on your list?

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