Real Life Interviews

Compliments, Turn Ons and Stolen Kisses, In That Order

I love my childlike, playful nature – I am still so in awe of the beauty of the world, of the people who live in it and of their stories. My heart is full of compassion for others and I always look for ways to help. I have a passion for life and want to learn everything about everything and I can always find the humor in it all.

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Joy as Success, Believing Her Own Big Magic and a Sexy Compliment

In my personal heaven, I wake up every morning, in my comfy bed with a smile and look forward to getting out of bed and doing my job; which has become a complete focus on my artwork. I live with the man I love in our home that we own with our cat. I have my own art studio in the beautiful backyard that I work in every day creating my jewelry and other things. I create my own hours and am able to schedule time for wonderful vacations and gatherings with friends and family. Each day I am grateful for what I have.

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A Heart So Full, Mind-Blowing Advice and a Perfect Love Story

Success for me is measured in memories and relationships rather than things. I’m not a “things” person so I love my people, my tribe, and I love them hard. They are what matters. They are my success, so success is having a rock solid group of friends and family that we can call our tribe. And success to me is having someone to share my life with, a partner to support and be supported by.

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