Joy as Success, Believing Her Own Big Magic and a Sexy Compliment

REAL-LIFE-INTERVIEW_CASSIE_JOHNSONWho are you, sister? Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi lovely ladies! I’m Cassie, born and raised in Minnesota out in the woods! I now live closer to the Twin Cities and I’m a jeweler as well as a cognitive brain trainer at LearningRx where I get to help people expand their mental skills.

I’m a nature lover and an artist through and through and when I’m not creating my jewelry I’m doing other creative and/or nerdy stuff like building my renaissance festival costume!

I’m also an aerial dancer, singer and dreamer. I think my super power is that I believe in my own magic and that joy is capable in all aspects of life!

Let’s do some one word answers. Ready, set, go!

Morning Drink? Black Tea
Indulgence? Popcorn
Lusting after? A full body massage
Spirit Animal? Unicorn/Narwhal
Head Space? Busy
Heart Space? Content
Bloom of Choice? Lilac
Turn-on? Letting the walls come down
Go-to Gemstone? Blue Moonstone
Celebrity Icon? Cristina Scabbia (Singer from Lacuna Coil)
Favorite compliment? Recently, I was told I should be a phone sex operator! I loved it because their reasoning was that my voice sounded soothing and sensual. I have to believe this comes from me feeling more grounded and confident in myself lately.

What does practicing joy mean to you? To me, practicing joy is every day. It’s being grateful every day for what you have and embracing those joyful moments. It’s not easy and it does take some effort, especially to get into that habit. It is SO worth it though and honestly anything worth doing is going to take some effort. Practicing joy is practicing it because there are days that I just can’t get there. That’s ok because I will practice again tomorrow. In the end it’s embracing the joy in your life.

Biggest life lesson you’ve learned lately? That I deserve everything that I want in life and that I am capable of making the changes needed to achieve them. (Thanks Molly and Summer Camp!)

What’s your definition of success? I would say my definition of success is living a joyful life. If I am truly joyful on a regular basis, then I consider myself successful.

What 3 things from your Life List that light you up?

Having a successful jewelry business (in the works!)

Owning a home with plenty of green space


What do you do when life gets messy? When life gets messy, I usually sit down and take a second. If I need to, I cry because sometimes that’s just what you need. Then I like to write in my journal and work things out first by just writing what I’m feeling with no filter. Then I like to figure out a plan or what I can do about those feelings and whatever is messy at the moment. I lean on the boyfriend and he is great at grounding me so we can execute a plan together. I also just allow myself some “me” time to take a bath, read, watch TV, anything that relieves some stress and grounds me so I can take the next step.


3 songs, 3 books, 3 Instagram accounts


“True” by Amaranthine
“Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato
“Let There Be Love” by Christina Aguilera


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Faery Tale by Signe Pike
The Meredith Gentry Series by Laurell K Hamilton



What are you doing in an alternate universe?

In an alternate universe, I am a totally kickass woman who travels to all different places of the world. I’m completely self-reliant even though I have wonderful family and friends that I care about deeply. I’m strong and tough and have complete confidence that if anyone messes with me I can totally handle it either physically or mentally. I also go around helping others who cannot help themselves on my travels. I live a completely satisfying life where I do whatever pleases me at the moment and am not held back by financial needs or other people’s expectations. I’ve also got some awesome skills/powers that let me do extraordinary things. Basically, my alternate universe is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

What’s your personal version of hell and heaven?

My personal version of hell is being stuck at a job I’m unable to leave that barely supports me and that I’m completely miserable in. Where I’m constantly anxious every single day and am barely keeping my head above the water. Also I’m alone, with no support system of family or friends and have no time to pursue anything I want for myself.

My personal heaven on the other hand is where I wake up every morning, in my comfy bed with a smile and look forward to getting out of bed and doing my job; which has become a complete focus on my artwork. I live with the man I love in our home that we own with our cat. I have my own art studio in the beautiful backyard that I work in every day creating my jewelry and other things. I create my own hours and am able to schedule time for wonderful vacations and gatherings with friends and family. Each day I am grateful for what I have.


Word of the Year: Believe

Book That Made a Difference: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Currently Obsessed: Almost getting my handspring pole invert!

Can’t Live Without: My Sketchbook

If you want to connect with Cassie, that’s easy! She’s all over the internet in places like her website, Etsy storeFacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Real Talk
In real time

Inner truth + outer alignment = unapologetic joy

Get my weekly-ish love notes to help you reclaim an intimate, honest + joyful relationship with yourself, for the good of all.

Real Talk
In real time

Inner truth + outer alignment = unapologetic joy

Get my weekly-ish love notes to help you reclaim an intimate, honest + joyful relationship with yourself, for the good of all.