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10 Things I’d Like to Learn

After a Monday where I couldn’t get off the ground and a Tuesday full of tiny minutiae that probably doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, I escaped to the ocean yesterday afternoon with a chai latte and my journal.

This is one of the quickest ways for me to center back into myself — writing, writing, writing. Not caring what pops out of my pen, just allowing the spirals of my mind to find some peace on the paper.

I started with the really eloquent burning question of, “What is causing this yick?”

(Heads up. I’m totally emotionally fine right now! A bit triggered by all the #whyIdidntreport stories, but not in a dip. Just observing that my Monday + Tuesday didn’t go the way I wanted them to and I was feeling frustrated + yicky. And because I’m well-practiced at caring for myself instead of beating myself up for “wasting time” — I took 1.5 hours of precious nanny time to explore the yick instead of soldiering on.)


5 scribbled pages later full of possible answers to the yick question — I found myself dashing off a quick list.

It wasn’t meant for public consumption nor did I carefully craft it, but I do think it’s an interesting measure of where I’m at and what I’m struggling with and what I’m inspired by in this exact moment.

And since it is #purposemonth and my purpose is to “celebrate my life authentically + inspire others to do the same” I’m sharing with you!


1. How to feel jealousy/comparison + USE IT instead of avoiding coming across it or reacting immediately with imposter syndrome or getting on my “I’m consciously not choosing that” bandwagon/soapbox

2. How to dress the way I feel on my most vibrant sing-aloud-in-the-car magnetic JOY days!

3. How to drink a glass of wine without using it to fix/hide/destress — intuitive drinking

4. How to know when to stop talking for the most impact

5. How to grow things – like plants + herbs + food + flowers

6. Balance in over-delivering because I am desperate to matter + serving with my full compassionate heart

7. How to practice loyalty to my inner circle without excluding others?

8. The art of creating for something other than my business

9. How to kill more of my darlings!! (This one comes directly from the process of attempting to streamline my website/offerings + sucking at it.)

10. How to increase my consumption of soul-bending poetry, books, music + conversation and decrease the crap

And now I’m really curious. Tell me — without thinking about it too much — what are 10 things you’d like to learn right now?

If you’d like to share, click here so I can read them!

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