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Reflecting back on my 2013 Goals

As I get ready for this year’s Holiday Council (we start tomorrow!) I’ve been a spending a good chunk of time reviewing my work from last year’s Council.

Did I really embody my theme of “Nourish”?

A few things became clear as I reflected back…  I rocked spending play-filled weekends with my family, changing the majority of our food consumption to real food, and I blew my income goal away. Hurrah!

That said, I didn’t even come close to establishing a daily yoga practice.  From this utter failure, did come a few wins — I found a studio I love (after trying another one for several months), a teacher I want to learn from, and survived a personal 6 week challenge to attend his 6:30 am classes twice a week.  It’s one of those times I need to be gentle with myself and practice some gracious flexibility.

And I’ve already got a twice a week yoga class booked and paid for for the first 4 months of 2014!

Regardless of how many “things got checked off,” I feel really peaceful and proud about 2013.  

I wanted to share some of my worksheets that I filled out last year during The Holiday Council with you.

This is the 4th year I’ve taken myself through this process.

It is one of my most treasured practices.

And though I haven’t done all the “20 Things To Do” (which is how I track personal goals, not business goals), I do feel like I have embraced my desired feelings this year.

  • Be Deep
  • Be Free-Spirited
  • Be Family Focused
  • Be Healthy
  • Be Simple

And my theme turned out to be ideal for me — 2013 was a year of settling into a bit of a routine in my new town and into my new role as a work-at-home mama. Many of my recent years have included major change and this year was different.  This year was about nurturing what was already in place.

Nourish was the perfect reminder to stay present and take beautiful and loving care of things, — like my family, my business, and my physical self.

My theme helped me stay focused on really making the best of this season of my life, cultivating what is instead of yearning for what is not.

If you haven’t figured it out, I adore The Holiday Council.  It’s such a fun program for me to run because I get to share what I ACTUALLY DO to wrap up the year and ring in the new one. Basically, I’m doing all this stuff anyway — why not share it with you?   I love getting to know new Tribe sisters and re-connecting with a lot of women I’ve worked with in the past.

It’s so amazing to witness what you are plotting for the year ahead. I’m continually blown away by the spirit, talent, and dreams of our Tribe.  And I really do love helping you release the pieces of the past year that are best left behind.   I think it’s an important ritual that many of you would skip if someone wasn’t “making” you!

This is my personal invitation to join us.

The basic level $49 and it starts the Monday (tomorrow!), with the first call on Tuesday night.

No hard sales pitch or death scare tactics.  Just an open-hearted invitation to YOU to join us for 21 days of magic-making.



p.s.  Registration for this year’s Holiday Council is closes at midnight PST on Monday December 2nd!

Holiday Council

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