How to Reclaim Your Life

I know it sometimes seems easier to just stay the course without examining why you’re on it or how you feel about it — even if that means you’re constantly putting up with shit you resent or continually feeling like your opinions or dreams aren’t valued…

Women do it all the time in jobs, in relationships, in martyr roles in their families, in the ways the treat their bodies.

You ignore what’s bubbling up under the surface, hoping it will go away on its own without you having to do anything about it.

(‘Cause jeeeeezzzzz, you’ve got enough to worry about just getting through each day!)

Except it doesn’t go away.

Whatever truth you were trying to shove under the rug will come back to bite you on the ass.

Been there. Done that. 

And in my line of work, I’ve supported hundreds of women as they pick up the pieces of that truth bite.

That’s why I’m so intent on helping you tell the truth to yourself — digging deep so you understand how you actually feel about your life and the themes that influence your experience.

I’m here to guide the deep dives and lead the honest discussions — around Authenticity, Expectations, Body Love, Pleasure, Ritual, Creativity, Courage, Purpose, Power, and Abundance — that walk you home to yourself.

Why? Because I believe that you can source your own wisdom about what is right for your life and your gifts. I believe that you are strong enough to claim ownership of your life in way that feels empowering + concrete.

I believe that you are enough + whole + capable of declaring your own truth.

And I want you to know it too.

Each tiny declaration of ownership, each small step home to yourself, each new choice that honors your truth builds the foundation of a life that is truly yours.

A life, reclaimed.

I want that for me.

And I want that for you.

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