How to Conduct a Personal Quarterly Review


Can you believe it’s almost April already?  Blows my mind..

Remember back in January when you were setting those big goals for your year? You know the ones; how you wanted to run a marathon, start your Etsy shop, do more things for yourself…

How’s progress, sweetness?

In order to make magic in your life, you need to be aware of your desires and your progress. 

One of the ways I do this in my own life is by conducting a Personal Quarterly Review.

In this video, I’m sharing a “How To Guide” for taking stock of your life as it is, celebrating accomplishments, examining challenges, making new goals, and continuing on with the ones you’ve mastered.

If you’re not a video person, I’ll give you the brief outline of the questions I’m using to conduct this Personal Quarterly Review! (To hear my answers however, you’ll need to watch the video.)

Getting Started With Your Personal Quarterly Review

First, gather any material you created at the beginning of the year that has to do with your theme, goals, resolutions, project plans, etc.  If you don’t have anything like that – it’s okay!  You’ll just start fresh.

You also need your journal or a word document to process the questions we’ll be going over below.

Step One.  Review Q1 (January, February, March).

  1. What went really well?
  2. What was challenging?
  3. What were the biggest lessons I learned?
  4. What are my favorite memories?
  5. Was I honoring my values/ways of being?  How?  What might have been lacking?

Step Two.  Evaluate Progress on Q1 Project & Maintenance Goals.

Did you accomplish what you wanted to in the first three months of this year?  Have you celebrated your success?  Who did you share it with?  Do you need to retool any timelines?  Was there failure that needs to be evaluated?

Step Three.  Prep for Q2 (April, May, June).

  1. What values/ways of being will be my focus in Q2?
  2. What needs to go on the “blackboard” as tasks?
  3. What am I craving in the next 3 months?  How do I want to feel?
  4. How do I need to utilize the Action Tips? (See below for Action Tips)


Step Four.  Create Q2 Project & Maintenance Goals.

What is a goal that has a deadline and can be “checked” off that I want to handle in Q2?  Start my blog?  Plan that trip to Thailand?  Create an online dating profile and go on 3 dates a month?  That’s your project goal!

For maintenance goals, think about something that is going to require daily/weekly committed action that you’d like to add (or eliminate) from your life.  Meditate every day? Practice Fierce Love?  Ditch sugar?  Get more sleep?

There you go.

Give yourself a few hours and some time alone to really dig into this review.  

Women everywhere are going after their version of a successful, meaningful life and having time set aside for processing keeps us all on on point.  To World Domination, baby!



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