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THE FIERCE LOVE COURSE is a digital course for women who to want to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, inner resilience, and delicious kindness.

Your journey to live life on your own terms demands a lot from you. You’ve got to be courageous. You need to stand up for your own desires in the face of others’ expectations. You must be dedicated to sharing your gifts and finding your voice in the world.

Sometimes, you’ve got to cut your losses and move on. To leave outgrown friendships, demand more from your work, and realize you’re deserving of true love. You may need to recommit to your health, your dreams, your creativity, your own happiness.

All of this? It starts with Fierce Love.

Why? You want to activate your best self. Share your presence with the world in a big way. Do your greatest work.

You want to put yourself out there.

That said, this course isn’t about setting specific goals, figuring out your life’s work, or finding your voice.

This course is about Fierce Love.

This course is a 30-day program about the transformational power of adoring yourself.  A call to action to start at the beginning — the very act of falling in love with YOU. Even when it feels hard, even when the light is barely shining, even if you’re not sure you can do it.

It’s vitally important, gorgeous one.  All of the rest of it — juicy goals, doing amazing work, finding your voice, sharing your presence, putting yourself out there — starts with Fierce Love.

When you lack Fierce Love, you may be hesitant to listen to your intuition, scared of making a transformation, paralyzed in the face of chasing a dream. You may spend time giving to others, but you’ve forgotten what it’s like to give to yourself. When Fierce Love is absent, you may be letting self-doubt and a lack of confidence hold you back or hold you down. You’re most definitely getting in the way of your own gifts and brilliance.

And honey? The world is thirsty for your gifts.

Cultivating Fierce Love — a strong sense of self-worth, inner resilience, and delicious kindness without an agenda of improvement — is the springboard for “more” and “bigger” and “happy” and “fulfilled.”

Fierce Love is the vital building block to an authentically joyful world. It’s the secret ingredient to honoring yourself and the quiet whispers. It’s the puzzle piece that allows your best intentions and dreams to take form, to be realized.

Without Fierce Love, our efforts may get muddied up, lost in self-sabotage, stashed behind a dark cloud, or dwindle out slowly when we hit a steamin’ pile of adversity.

And you and I both know, nobody wants that!



I know that you have gifts to offer.  I know you already have everything you need to activate your Amazing. I know that you can love yourself in this very moment: mistakes, quirks, fear and all.  I know that you can emerge from that dark place.

I know that Fierce Love is the start.

I know it.  I want you to know it too.

living a life you love is revolutionary


To be offering this digital program to *YOU* thrills me to the core.  I’ve been working with clients individually and in groups for the past 5 years on these very specific skills and discoveries, and making this self-discovery course available to more amazing women is a dream come true.

Thank you for being here in your own exploration of Fierce Love!  

I can’t wait for you to get started. I’m ready to witness the fireworks, shifts in the Universe, and wild dance parties that will undoubtedly happen because —



ERINAs someone who is naturally helpful, it is very comfortable to me to support and love others, but until I worked through the Fierce Love Course I never thought about what it meant to love and support myself. With Molly’s guidance, I learned that self-care and self-love is not selfish.

It’s actually one of the most generous things I can do because it allows me to own my vision, take action and shine more brightly in all areas of my life. 

Fierce Love continues to resonate with me because it is a daily practice, an on-going relationship and I always need a reminder to tune in and turn it on! 

DOMINIQUEAs my song of praise, I wanted to share that I can’t get over the work Molly is doing. When I first encountered Stratejoy I barely knew which way was up in my life – I had a long way to come before even admitting I could accept some help. After completing the Fierce Love Course – I am frankly blown away. 

Molly takes these ideas that I have read and seen before and crystallizes them into something real, workable, and meaningful. I can’t thank her enough – I am so grateful for you and the work you do.

NIESHAInstead of wallowing in self pity like I would usually do when the going got rough, I decided to try something entirely new and took Molly’s Fierce Love Course. Boy am I glad I did. At the time I was just graduating college, going through a rough break up, and was completely unhappy with my life. Having a safe space where I could really focus on my issues was really important to me.

Molly’s course taught me valuable tools that helped me to stop playing the victim and to really take control of my destiny. I’m happier than ever and feel like I’m on track to living the life I deserve.

what is the Fierce Love Course?

The fear of putting the “authentic you” out there can be combated with some very specific training around two concepts: Fierce Love and Inner Confidence.

The Fierce Love Course offers you the strategies, tools and guidance to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, inner resilience, and delicious kindness towards yourself.

Why? You want to activate your best self. Share your presence with the world in a big way. Do your greatest work. Put yourself out there.

the curriculum

Building A Strong Base: Fierce Love

Week One:

  • What’s your version of Fierce Love?
  • Self-care practices that can make all the difference

Week Two:

  • Dealing with the Inner Critic and the rest of your Committee (yes, those crazy voices in your head!)
  • Recognizing your Guide and accessing the answers you already have

Turning Intentions to Action: Inner Confidence

Week Three:

  • 12 Rules for Inner Confidence
  • Creating supportive systems for success (so you can stop relying on your “willpower”!)

Week Four:

  • Forward Movement through love and integrity
  • Aligning your actions with your intentions

what is included?


The Fierce Love Workbook is a gorgeous 45-page guide ready to be filled out with your answers, brainstorms, artwork, personal explorations and notes. It’s what you will sit down with each week to complete your video/audio session.  When you purchase this course, it will be instantly available for you to download and print out.

The Workbook will serve as your record of all the contemplation and insights from our month together. You’ll use it to explore each lesson in the Course, track your weekly challenges, and hold all the “aha” moments and clarity you’re gathering about practicing Fierce Love.

Once a week, your video and audio sessions will unlock in the “Tribe Headquarters” so you can complete that week’s exercises. There will be one new video/audio session for each week of the course, for a total of four.

The video/audio sessions are designed to be interactive guides to your Workbook — you’ll hear me explain each activity and writing assignment and give you time to complete it right then and there. The sessions are my chance to share my knowledge, support you through this process, and shower you with endearments.

At the end of each video/audio session, I’ll go over a daily, writing and exploration challenge for you to complete in the next week.

These range from a solo date, to artwork, to taking scary action, to creating your personal “Rules of Me.”  These challenges give you the chance to practice what you’re learning out in the real world.

Within an hour of purchase, you can expect your first Fierce Love Email!  

And then every few days for the next 30 days, you’ll be emailed a little inspirational love nugget from me. I’ll be checking in, reminding you about content that is ready to view in the Tribe Headquarters (our online space where your Stratejoy courses are located), and providing additional resources in the form of suggested books or posts to deepen your exploration.

I find that delivering a course in bite-size chunks to your inbox actually helps you DO THE COURSE.

I have two lovely downloads to send you as well!  One is a beautifully designed version of the 12 Rules for Inner Confidence to print out, scribble on, frame and hang on your wall…

The other is a compilation of the posts from The ABC’s of Self-Love Blog Crawl, with contributions from 25 empowering writers. The guide explores Self-Love in its many iterations, shares personal stories, and empowers you to practice Fierce Love in your own world. It’s a loving read and full of inspiration.

Contributors include Rebecca Bass-Ching, Dani at Positively Present, Ash Ambirge, Amy Kessel, Jenny Blake, Justine Musk, Randi Buckley, Sarah Peck, Hannah Marcotti, Erin at Well in L.A., Susan Hyatt, Alexia Vernon, Michelle Ward, Tiffany Han, Rachel Cole, Tara Sophia Mohr, Julie Daley, Pam Slim, Amber Rae, Andrea Owen, Tanya Geisler, Tara Gentile, Kelly Diels, Sarah Von Bargen and Amanda at Kind Over Matter.

I believe in the transformational power of adoring yourself. It’s time to jump on this wagon, darling.  We’re making magic over here!

buy the course


To love yourself from the inside out? Share your brilliance with the world? Have tools for dealing with your Inner Critic, listening to your Guide, and expressing your gifts with confidence? Take ownership of your actions? Move forward through love, not lack?

You’ll get all that and more.  I’m ready if YOU are.

All is takes is your commitment to Fierce Love and an investment of $97 in yourself.


By taking this course, you will learn and integrate:
+  Course corrections you need to make to honor self-care
+  Ideas for expressing delicious kindness to yourself
+  Ways of detoxing from comparison, judgement, and toxicity
+  Tools for opening dialogue with your Inner Committee so their words can help you, instead of hold you back
+  Simple ways to access and honor your Guide
+  12 Rules for owning and expressing Confidence in your gifts
+  Supportive systems to make it easier to stick to your personal commitments
+  How to move forward from a place of love and integrity, instead of force, depravity, or cornering yourself
+  The utter joy that comes from starting to truly practice Self-Love

additional detals + FAQ

I’m happy to tell you more, to set your mind at ease, to confirm the gut feeling that this course is for YOU.

If your inner chatter sounds something like this, “Will this work for me?  Is it worth my time?  My energy?  What will my boyfriend/girlfriend/boss/parents think?  Can I commit?  Will it be too hard?  Too easy?” — STOP.  Breathe.  This investment in Fierce Love is an incredible gift to give yourself, your relationships and your state of mind.  Everyone in your world will benefit!  I can’t promise you that I can change your life in 4 weeks, but I know that YOU can.  Will it be scary?  Perhaps.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely.

Again, feel free to contact our team if you have questions, but trust your gut here sista’. If you feel a lack of self-love, fear of putting yourself out there, boatloads of doubt in your talents and gifts — it’s time to remedy that.  You’re the only one who can do that.

Simple answer: Yes. Although the Stratejoy site originally focused on joyful living for 20/30 something women, this course is appropriate for anyone who is feeling a lack of self-love and confidence in their world.

I’ve coached all sizes, shapes, and ages of women — new mamas, empty-nesters, women reinventing themselves in their 50’s, college-aged ladies — and know this Fierce Love material is appropriate and useful at all stages of life.  If you resonate with my spirit and offerings, we’re good to go, lovely.

I’m happily offering a money back return policy for the first 30 days after purchase. If you don’t think the Course was worth your investment and you can show me that you’ve completed the first week of your workbook, just ask us for a refund. We’ll make it happen.

Why? Because I know that if you put in the work, you’ll get insane value from this course. I’ve spent enough time teaching this journey to know it’s effective, worthwhile and game-changing. Fierce Love is the base of so many juicy pieces of your world and this program teaches you how to access it and practice it on your terms.

Of course.  Just make sure you enter your recipient’s info and email address when you purchase the course. And you should probably give them a heads up on what is happening!

Having trouble? Get in touch with the awesome Dee at dee@stratejoy!  She’s happy to help. Easy breezy.

Your receipt and welcome email should arrive shortly after completing the payment process, but give it a few hours in case the system is extra busy!

Still can’t find it?  Peek in your Junk Folder or Promotions Tab! Or have you made a special folder for Stratejoy emails to automatically land in? All emails will arrive from our address.

Last shot — if you use the inbox system and have previously “rolled up” our Stratejoy emails — that’s where your course emails are as well! To free them, visit and “edit your subscriptions” so all emails from arrive in your inbox.

Get ready for big questions and big clarity. Inner motivation and inner alignment. Wild dreams and wild synchronicity.

JILLIANWhen you challenged us to do something in-line with owning our amazing, I challenged myself to apply for a regional leadership program. Well, I just found out that I have been accepted! I wanted to thank you because I’m not sure I would have applied if I wasn’t participating in the Course. Instead,  I embraced the position knowing that it is a great opportunity and something that aligns with my long-term personal and professional goals!

You have truly changed the way I think about myself and my life. 

ADEAHMolly created a structure to sooth the chaos of my disenchanted life. She offered “do-able” ideas and tools that supported my personal growth during a very stressful time.

Biggest take away from Molly’s Fierce Love Course: simple steps toward self-love move mountains of emotional barriers. 

A year after taking the course her ideas are still integrated into my daily self-care rituals.

ASHLEIGHUsing the tools that Molly shares, I have been able to help close some of the distance between my public persona and my authentic self and get more comfortable sitting in the fire of my own presence, without judgement and without expectation. Through Molly’s guidance into Fierce Love, I have stopped wrestling my inner critic, I have learned to listen to the wisdom of my own soul, and have established rituals of self-care and love that allow me to celebrate who I am, as I am – so I can honour the gifts I’ve been given and live my right life, right now. 

my story


I always tell my coaching clients that for the first year or two of Stratejoy, I burst into tears at least every three days because I was scared. And stuck. And doubting my abilities to create the community and business I was imagining.

I was still out there “doing it” but it was a constant struggle in the face of my self-doubt and shaky sense of worthiness.

Half my “working on my business” time became “working on myself” time so I could really get on board with putting myself out there, over and over again. I was slowly learning strategies for dealing with my negative talk, taking action even when I was scared, and dealing with the unavoidable setbacks that happen when you’re chasing your dreams.

I was slowly starting to commit myself to self-care by devoting time and energy to personal kindness and self-love.

Lightbulb Moment!

I needed a base of Fierce Love before I could truly be the best version of myself and do my greatest work in the world!


It wasn’t something that was emphasized in the books and blogs I’d read on Lifestyle Design, or Entrepreneurship, or Business.  It definitely wasn’t something I was taught at Cornell! Instead, I heard messages of “fake it ‘til you make” or “use your frustration as motivation” or “keep pushing through the pain” or “failure is not an option.”

There was no talk of self-love. Of acceptance and enoughness. Of pleasure and honoring. Of inner confidence and integrity.

I’ve grown (and am still growing!) into a gutsy and grateful woman, wife, mama and coach because I spend time building my self-love and confidence muscles on a daily basis.

I feel capable of “more” and “bigger” because I am intimately familiar with my Inner Critic and the lies she tells out of fear and protection. I realize that my worth as a human being isn’t dependent upon my bank account, how many friends I have on Facebook, or which websites have praised my business.  I have strategies for cultivating inner confidence that I practice through small trials and challenges.  I have a strong, deep current of self-love in my gifts, my image, and my true self that sustains me.

I want the same for you, lovely one.

how the Fierce Love Course was born

THE FIERCE LOVE COURSE began light years before today. It was called into the world by requests from YOU.

These are the kinds of questions I would get in my inbox…

+    “Molly, how did you find the courage to put yourself out there like you do? I have so much fear, and I adore and envy your fearlessness and ability to just *do* things. I’d love to hear more about the process you use for that kind of stuff.”

+    “Could you share some strategies for listening to my *gut* or instincts?  How do I be brave and make my own  choices, without seeming self-absorbed?”

+    “Molly, what steps can I take to get past the fears and caring about what people think of me?”

+    “Why is my biggest fear putting myself out there? How did you get past that?”

+    “Help! I think I’m waiting for Super Me to find her way up. I know I need to just *be* Super Me, but I’m not sure  how to get there.  I’m waiting for awesome but I need to create it.”

I sent out a survey and hundreds of fabulous (you know, talented/gorgeous/kind) women answered and said *THIS* was what they were struggling with the most…

Biggest Struggle: Wanting to do something “more” or “bigger.”

I saw a connection.

When we want to do something “more” or “bigger” but are held back by fear of putting ourselves out there, we are going to be trapped in a cycle of unfulfilled desire.  When we care too much about what others might think of us, we’re not going to make the changes or take the risks that are necessary to put our brilliance out in the world or simply be comfortable in our own skin.

When we are waiting for a better, braver, more awesome version of our self to appear, we’re going to hold ourselves back from fully loving our current self.


For the past 8 years, I’ve dedicated a big portion of my work to creating and teaching a self-discovery process to help women activate their Amazing and go after “more” or “bigger.”  You asked for it.  I’m delivering.

The real question is…

Are you ready to unleash yourself on the world, hot stuff?