Reflecting back on my 2013 Goals

As I get ready for this year’s Holiday Council (we start tomorrow!) I’ve been a spending a good chunk of time reviewing my work from last year’s Council.

Did I really embody my theme of “Nourish”? A few things became clear as I reflected back… I rocked spending play-filled weekends with my family, changing the majority of our food consumption to real food, and I blew my income goal away. Hurrah! That said, I didn’t even come close to establishing a daily yoga practice

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Full Moon Ritual (Full Moon Fever?)

As I was gazing at the almost full moon tonight, I realized I needed a counterpoint to the New Moon of reflection.

I need a Full Moon Ritual. Something that is not soft nor lovely nor calming.

I need a practice that will connect me with my wild child, my wolf mama, the sexy goddess that resides in each of us.

If the New Moon is the perfect time to turn inward, the Full Moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine.

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A Rush of Excitement and Exhaustion

As I wrap up my own personal planning for 2013 (using the calls and worksheets from The Holiday Council of course!) I feel a mix of excitement and exhaustion.

Excitement because I’m in a new home complete with an orange tree, a deep bathtub, and my own office/guest room. I’m in a new city that the Big Man and I chose simply because we wanted the lifestyle that it represented to us — one of community, slower paced living, gorgeous weather, access to the hills and the ocean, appreciation of local food/wine/businesses, and family-focused. I have a new piece of my business that needs my dedication as I dive into the work of a live retreat and a years worth of coaching for Elevate Mastermind.

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Max’s Birth Story

Let me preface this entire post by saying — there is no right or wrong way to be pregnant, to give birth, to parent your child. There is only YOUR way — the careful choices you’ve made with your partner or by yourself for the good of your situation, your family, and your baby. I’m in no way a birthing expert, but I had an AMAZING natural childbirth and I want to share it with you.

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How to Become an Optimist

It’s been a week since I started this adventure.
I haven’t felt this excited about my work in a LONG time! I think it’s the combination of reading the Season 5 Blogger applications, all the re-reading I’ve been doing on positive psychology, and my commitment to sharing my personal process with you. Ideas are flowing. To do lists are being conquered. My long-term vision of Stratejoy is starting to peek around the clouds of doubt that had been hovering lately.

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The Well-Being Theory & My Happiness Scores

And it continues. You know when you put something out into the world with no idea what you’re doing or where it’s going or who will be interested? That’s exactly what this experiment is… As I’ve been thinking about how I want to structure how/what I’m communicating to you, I realized I probably started off in the middle, instead of from the beginning! I didn’t explain any of the background or frameworks or put together a logical plan of where this was going… Oops!

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Adventures in Flourishing

What exactly am I undertaking? It’s a commitment to all those personal best practices that I know make me the most vibrant and centered Molly possible, based on scientific studies of motivation, optimism, and character. It’s a personal experiment, not a preaching tool. It’s an inquiry into my own version of the good life. I’m going to be sharing my ups and downs with you, regardless of how I feel it makes me look.

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More Molly-isms

It’s that time again! It’s the Interview post, baby! I’ve done them twice already, but always love a good Q & A. Check out Season 2 and Season 3 if you want more random facts about me…

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