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A Theme for 2011: Joyful Devotion

When I close my eyes and imagine how I want to feel at the end of 2011, powerful words come to the surface: vibrant, dedicated, abundant, innovative, blissful, influential, energized, committed.

(When I’m not closing my eyes, I’m coloring and writing all about my 2011 intentions in my Goddess Workbook*.  It’s $10.  It’s so awesome.)

But, back to my words. 😉  They sound inspiring!  And true!  And verging on the edge of schizophrenic…

It seems like I’m asking for two separate things from my year.

FIRST GUIDING THEME: FULL OF SPARKLES. I want to feel alive through magical moments, letting my hair down, feeling truly and crazily happy.  I want more of those experiences where I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I crave silly and free-spirited and connected and sexy.

I want to sing with strangers, summit mountain tops, drive convertibles down long sunny back-roads, perform strip teases for the Big Man, tell ghost stories around campfires, cuddle my best friends and tell secrets, giggle hysterically with my sister about how my momma always messes up her metaphors…  I want to laugh a little louder and do things for the hell of it a little more often.

I want to feel vibrant, blissful, energized, and abundant in the gifts of life.

SECOND GUIDING THEME:  FULL OF ETHIC. I also want to feel like I’m treating my business (this business!) like a real business, instead of a glorified hobby through which I happen to support myself.  I want there to be systems that free me up from drowning in my inbox.  I want to do my books every month.  I want to track where my clients come from.  I want to attract more clients.

I want to reach as many 20 and 30 something women as I can, so they know there is a safe and inspiring space to be real and dream big.  I want to  provide massive amounts of life-changing services and products and coaching time, at all different price points. I want to be recognized in my space for doing great work and invited to speak and write for groups of young women everywhere.  I want to make a difference in your life.

(Heya you!)

I want to feel dedicated, innovative, influential, and committed.

So, can I have both? How do I balance the time, and energy, and money that both are going to take?

The answer is not clear yet, but let me tell you gorgeous, I’m sure as heck going to try!

And that’s the nice part about themes… They don’t require having it all figured out quite yet. They are intentions versus goals. (I wrote a huge post last year about how to Create Your Own Guiding Theme if you want to know more! AND I’m leading a FREE call on the 11th, walking you through the process if you’d like a little more guidance. )

After toying with the sparkles and ethics list for days and days, I’ve finally nailed down my theme for 2011.

This will be the Year of Joyful Devotion.

I will be devoted to joy.

I will joyfully be devoted.

It goes both ways.  I love that!  Joyful Devotion will help me focus on being happily committed  in everything I do.  I want to concentrate my Joyful Devotion on the very essence of my successful life:  vibrant health, meaningful relationships with my family, friends and husband, financial abundance, self-love, and investment in learning/creativity.

So how do Guiding Themes work anyway?

Well, I don’t know exactly.  It’s one of those crazy Universe manifestation-putting your intentions out there-asking for what you want to receive-kinds of awesomeness.

But I do know that in 2010 my theme was “Go Big” and that 2010 was a year of huge freakin’ BIGNESS.  It didn’t come in all the ways I expected, but it was truly an epic year.

I’m a bit exhausted from the bigness of it all to tell you the truth!

How my 2010 Theme of “Go Big” Came True

Ready?  When I finally wrote this all down in my Goddess Workbook, I was blown away.  In 2010, I went BIG by…

If that’s not “Going Big” I don’t know what is!  That said, it was a year of a lot of pushing… A lot of exploration… A lot of long ass days!

I’m really looking forward to pulling it inward a bit this year.  Doing the work that needs to be done to invest in my life.  In a really joyful, spirited, sexy way of course…

How about you?  What will 2011 hold for you?

*Shameless Affiliate Link.  But only because I love mine and want you to have one too!

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