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101 Things To Do Before I Go, Part Two

This post could also be titled “35 Things To Do Before I’m 35” or “Are you sick of Life Lists yet? I’m not” or “Universe, it’s time to start conspiring on my behalf!”.

So, the word on the street is that Life Lists are all the rage.  If you haven’t been reading the blog, let me get you caught up.  Or let these blogs catch you up, I suppose.

101 Things To Do Before I Go, Part One
Photo Recap of our Life List Brunch in Seattle

Whether or not I get to do them all is besides the point.  I’m trying!  And having one hell of an adventurous, meaningful life in the meantime.

Now, for the public declaration…

35 Things To Do Before 35

Molly Hoyne's 101 Things To Do Before I Go

1.    Have a piece of writing published
2.    Go skydiving  (Skydive Oregon, June 2011, with 44 other World Domination Summit attendees)
3.    Sail in Greece (Catamaran Sunset Sail off Santorini with Mom & Kate. June 2011)
4.    Buy a brand new car (Honda Odyssey Minivan. Bahahaha. October 2016)
5.    Get married (August 28th, 2010) & have babies  (Maximilian James Mahar 2012. Juliet Layne Mahar 2014.)
6.    Plant and nurture a herb garden
7.    Attend Burning Man
8.    Meditate 30 minutes every day for a year
9.    Hire a personal shopper/personal brand expert
10.    Host a Oktoberfest Party complete with picnic tables, steins and sauerkraut (Index Weekend Tradition! Sept 2011 and 2013)
11.    Speak conversational Spanish
12.    Be a 40 under 40 winner in Seattle
13.    Ski an A-Z shoot in Big Sky
14.    Learn to play 10 pop songs on the piano
15.    Drive a convertible down Highway 1 in California
16.    Design my own cowboy boots
17.    Learn how to roll sushi
18.    Take boxing lessons
19.    Guest DJ a radio show (A hilarious story involving a TV Pilot, a Utah Casino and Sean Ogle. August 2011.)
20.    Go on a silent meditation retreat (June 2010 7 days at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center)
21.    Become a Life Coach  (Though not certified, I’m claiming this one.)
22.    Live in Mexico for a month
23.    Slam poetry at an open mic
24.    Attend a Hoyne family reunion at the cottage in Wisconsin  (Wautoma! August 2013.)
25.    Take a week long trip with my best gal pals
26.    Stay in a beach hut over water
27.    Backpack Vancouver Island
28.    Get booked as a speaker at a major conference  (SXSW Interactive– 7 months preggo! March 2012.)
29.    Volunteer as a burlesque greeter at the Moisture Festival (2010- Leopard Hat, tiger shorts, wig & specs!)
30.    Spend a week with my mom & sister at a spa/yoga/surf camp
31.    Own a home  (Shell Beach, CA. July 2014.)
32.    Buy 10 sexy bra/underwear sets
33.    Volunteer as a guide with a girls + outdoors organization
34.    Decorate my own office/room/loft  (Shell Beach, CA. February 2015.)
35.    Plan a Stratejoy retreat  (First one — Elevate Mastermind January Retreat in Woodside CA. January 2013.)

The remaining 66 Things To Do Before I Go

Molly Hoyne 101 Things To Do Before I Go, 2

1.    Win a gold medal (Junior Olympics Pole Vaulting 1996 or some such)
2.    Complete a Masters in positive psychology
3.    Go to the Olympics
4.    Travel around the world (made a loop from C America to Europe to S Africa to SE Asia and then home)
5.    Start investing (Timing was wrong, but that’s life…)
6.    Go dog sledding in Alaska
7.    Sit on a board for the Arts
8.    Spent 3 months alone in Nature
9.    Meet James Franco
10.   Ride a zipline in Costa Rica
11.    Buy an expensive watch
12.    Climb Mt. Rainier
13.    Learn how to surf & look sexy while doing it
14.    Build an igloo
15.    Take my parents on a big trip wherever they would like
16.    Write a book that people read
17.    Host a foreign exchange student
18.    Go on an African Safari
19.    Design/build a modern, green home
20.    Visit Egypt and Morocco
21.    Bungee jump (Twice! Including the world’s highest bungee jump in South Africa)
22.    Experience the Sundance Film Festival
23.    Have backstage passes at a big show
24.    Take Demi Moore-esque pregnant photos  (Under the wire! Two days before Max was born. May 2012.)
25.    Find a spiritual Guru
26.    Live abroad for a year
27.    Go heli-skiing
28.    Throw a Kentucky Derby party
29.    Own a cabin retreat in the woods (May 2010 in Index, Washington)
30.    Attend TED
31.    Drive through New England in the fall (Fall, 2010)
32.    Go on a wreck dive
33.    Ride in a seaplane
34.    Dance at a Masquerade Ball
35.    Trek in Nepal
36.    Spend a New Years in Times Square
37.    Start a summer camp (Stratejoy Summer Camp August 2015, 2016 +2018)
38.    Take cooking classes in 3 different countries (Thailand down, 2 to go)
39.    Learn how to swing on the trapeze
40.    Have a color coordinated closed with a little chandelier
41.    Write, direct and produce a neighborhood play
42.    Travel to New Zealand and do something crazy
43.    Become an advanced Salsa dancer
44.    Make a time capsule with my kids on their first day of school that they open when they graduate
45.    Teach a course at a university
46.    Have a yard filled with twinkly lights, comfy nooks and an outdoor bed
47.    Ride naked in the Fremont Parade (Seattle tradition- I was a ravishing Jungle Princess in 2008)
48.    Crush grapes in Italy
49.    Open a wellness center
50.    Sit ringside at a big boxing match wearing a sequined gown
51.    Visit Poland and learn more about my heritage
52.    Dress up for the Dirt Bag Ball
53.    Host a murder mystery weekend
54.    Go scuba diving in Thailand (Got my advanced certification in Koh Lanta)
55.    Get mentioned in Oprah magazine
56.    Go skiing in Banff
57.    Experience Carnival in Rio
58.    Spend a summer road tripping & creating art
59.    See the gorillas in Uganda
60.    Make a million bucks through coaching, teaching, writing & speaking
61.    Do 5 pull ups in a row
62.    Take my grandchildren on a Christmas sleigh ride
63.    Host a television show
64.    Go to the Jazz Festival in Montreal
65.    Learn how to river kayak in smallish rapids
66.    Play blackjack for big money in Vegas

Now the question is– what to tackle first?

Question for you-  Do you have a life list posted online?  Will you share the link?  Or would you like to post yours below?  Go for it!

If I can help you accomplish any of your goals, let me know.  It’s my job after all– helping you discover joy.

This is LIFE.  Are you Living Yours?

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