Merica Kahn

Who are you, girl? Give us the basics.

Name: Merica Kahn

Location: Jersey City

Who do you live with? My boyfriend

What do you do for money in the real world? I work in fashion production on a design team in New York City.

What are your super powers? Animal enthusiast, fashion connoisseur, and organized self-motivating workaholic

OK, we want more. Rapid fire style!

Morning Drink: Green tea with honey

Indulgence: Ice cream and anything cheese related

Lusting After: Travel blogs

Spirit Animal: Monkey

Head Space: Zen

Heart Space: Food

Bloom of Choice: Bloomin Onion

Turn On: A big smile

Go to Gemstone: Pink Diamond…while I’m dreaming mostly

Celebrity Icon: Nicole Richie

Word/Theme of the Year: Yas Kween

Time to get even juicer. 

What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned lately? I’ve always envied people who “have it easy.” And that is something I have always worked to change. Not to compare myself to others. Everyone always struggles with their own internal conflicts and that is natural! In the past three years I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, achieved my three year anniversary at a growing fashion company in NYC, and I am now starting my own sustainable fashion clothing line that will be produced in the USA and launch this year. It’s important to remind yourself of all the accomplishments you have made in life. Everyone is special in their own way and it is vital to show your strength! Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone else. It took me a long time to realize how important this advice is but I am so much happier because of it.

What’s your definition of success? Waking up in the morning feeling excited to start the day.

What are three things that light you up? Music, cuddling, and exercise

What do you do when life gets messy? Cry!


3 songs- “Round The World” by Slightly Stoopid, “Two Bodies” by Flight Facilities, “Child’s Play” ft. Chance the Rapper by SZA

3 books- I don’t read much but I love any James Patterson book.

3 Instagram accounts: @whowhatwear, @nycdessert, @mindbodygreen

Compliment: You’ve got a great butt.

Advice: “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” ―Sophia Amoruso, #GIRLBOSS

How are you going to change the world? By changing the way we look at how our clothing is made through sustainable, stylish fashion design produced in the USA.

Book That made a difference: Wear No Evil by Greta Eagan

Currently Obsessed: Vetta Capsule

Can’t Live Without: Unfortunately, my iPhone!

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