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Awe, Imperfection and Integrity

You know when you hear an invitation to be more yourself? When something resonates with you so strongly that you can’t help but pay attention?

It can take any form.

A poem that floors you, a moment of clarity, an incredibly life-changing sunrise…

I’ve been keyed into three words as of late: awe, imperfection, and integrity. I’ve been rolling them on my tongue, letting them sink into my personal vocabulary, and trying them on for size.

And I’d like to share them with you.

Perhaps my words will be a call to action, a lightening bolt, a sweet song whispered in your ear. Perhaps they will be an invitation to explore a new route, a reminder of a long lost treasure, a match that lights the fire.

Perhaps they will remind you of your own true words.


If you can live in awe of life, you can more easily recognize the miracles, the wonder of our world, the infinite wisdom we carry. It’s a simple as gazing into the night sky. It’s as amazing as sailing in the wide ocean. Awe can be born of a shared heartbeat, a pulsing crowd, a natural wonder.

Awe is everywhere if we open our eyes to its glory.

If you can live in awe of YOUR life, you can take delight in the paths that need exploring and the burning passions you’ve yet to uncover. You’ll be blown away by your intuition. You’ll be in love with the miracle of your body as it gives birth, bolsters you through hardships, and ages with grace.

Cultivating awe takes openness. Eyes wide open, we allow mysteries and unknowns to bewitch, to mesmerize us, to delight us.


If you can accept imperfection in life, you’ll be at peace with the daily battles that unfold and truly pleased when you give your best. Imperfection emerges in the quirks of a lover, the humanity of heroine, and the power it takes to face life when it feels like it’s crumbling around you.

Imperfection is not a sign of weakness; it’s the mark of humankind.

If you can accept imperfection in YOUR life, you’ll find peace and humor and joy within reach.  The grasping, clenching control that never works in the first place will relax. The tears will slow, the haze of “not good enough” will lighten. You’ll find joy in pushing yourself, success in simply trying, and pleasure from shining your true light- the one that is not managed and branded and polished for the world to see.

Inviting imperfection into your life takes courage. By developing fierce love for ourselves, our sisters, and our world, we allow things to be simply as they are.

Flawed or glowing, scarred or luminous, broken or reborn; we are not afraid to inhabit ourselves in the most authentic way– imperfections and all.


If you can value integrity in life, you’ll be able recognize the noble. With the clear eye of wholesomeness, you’ll be able to spot the businesses, people, and situations that stand for the values you yourself believe. If you can honor the good in life by associating and supporting the good in others, you’ll find freedom in decisions. Rightness in action. True comfort in association.

Integrity means you are standing up for what is right for you.

If you can value integrity in YOUR life, the navigation of life’s waters becomes easier. Second-guessing and breaches and pit-of-stomach-aches lessen. Lies to yourself and to others become obvious, grating, and soon enough, stop. You simply can’t swallow the exaggerations, the faking it, the looking the other way.

As you embrace your truth, you realize it was always there. You stand up straighter, you love harder, you find comfort in the small synchronicities.

Filling your life with integrity isn’t an easy choice. It’s uncommon. And utterly beautiful.

I’d love to hear the words that you’re stuck in these days.

Whether they are a desired feeling, a new habit you’re practicing, or an inspirational anthem- let them be known, love.

How are you living your life right now?

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