Processing the Suicide of my First Love

On the flight back home to California, I wrote, “I’m ready to get back to my real life. This weekend has been 1000x harder than I ever imagined.” I lost my first love, an incredibly formative part of my past, to suicide 3 weeks ago. And last weekend, I traveled to my hometown of Helena,…

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The Four Kinds of People You Need in Your Life

Who’s got your back? How do you learn, question, absorb, and teach all the inspiration and advice that flows through life? How do we narrow down the crazy influx of information we’re exposed to everyday? When it comes to enriching our lives, understanding who makes up our community and how their unique role supports us…

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Day 4 of the Joy Challenge: Nurture Strong Relationships

No woman is an island. Including you, sweetness.

We all crave belonging. We all have a deep desire for intimacy with our partners and our close friends. We want to feel connected to a community of like-minded people. We yearn for healthy relationships with our families.

Why? The journey becomes easier when you have found your people.

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Day 1 of the Joy Challenge : Develop Fierce Self-Love


Joyful living starts with loving yourself. And there’s no way around it, babe.

If you want to make big changes or reinvent your world, you’ve got to cultivate a strong sense of self-worth, develop inner resilience, and practice kindness towards yourself without an agenda of improvement.

That’s why this first step of The Joy Equation is a call to action to start at the beginning — the very act of falling in love with YOU.

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The ABC's of Self-Love: X is for eXcited

I was hoping to share a really juicy “X is for Xrated” post with you yesterday but it didn’t happen due to forces beyond my control… Don’t you love when life just gets in the way?! I’m still hoping it might go live one day in the future and surprise us all, but in the meantime, I’ve commandeered X! X is for eXcited for many, many reasons today:

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The ABC's of Self-Love: A is for Acceptance

“What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?” -Oriah Mountain Dreamer The very base of my self-love, of my willingness to adore myself, starts with acceptance. It starts with truly being, loving, and accepting the person I really am. It’s a work in progress, of course.

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Soaking It Up: Being Happy in the Midst of Crazy

I asked “Any advice?” while nibbling on smoked salmon and sipping Mum Rose Sparkling wine with my bridesmaids. We’d finished hauling and arranging the tables, my hair was still up in curlers, and we were all enjoying a down moment before was time to tackle the process of getting gorgeous.

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Self Love: I am Enough. And also, You are Enough.

Part of this authentic joy we talk so much about seems to start with truly believing and owning the fact that “I am enough”. It wasn’t something I thought too much about at the beginning of Stratejoy. I thought that our current situation, the current status of our life, was a base level to start with, to improve upon.

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