What Every Woman Should Know About



There comes a time in every woman’s life when you wake up…

… and don’t want to get out of bed.

Whether it’s the minutiae of the day to day, a relationship that feels exhausting, a soul-sucking job, or a bad decision about margarita night, you realize that something is definitely not right. 

When that realization happens, you can’t go back to pretending everything is fine.

So you try to rearrange the pieces of your external world. 

You Consider:

  • Changing your job. Diplomats get to travel, right?
  • Leaving your partner. There is definitely a right way to arrange the dishwasher.
  • Going back to school. I love people. I should totally study psychology!
  • Finding new girlfriends. I cannot take one more conversation about shoes… Or baby poop...
  • Starting a business. Almond milk home parties? Kitten leggings on FB?
  • Losing those 20 pounds. I’ll for sure be happy when my high school jeans fit again.
  • Upping your soul game. I will learn to meditate, manifest and Marie Kondo my entire existence .

The problem is that external changes without a true shift of your inner world don’t actually change a thing.

You’re basically just rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic…

But I have good news.

What every woman should know about reclaiming her life is that there are certain key skills you can learn that radically shift the experience of your world​..​​​​​​.

... and allow you to wake up happy and whole, no matter what the circumstance.


I’m Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy.

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