The 10 month adventure to Reclaim your Wholeness.


You've been invited by a very special woman to join this round of Reclamation because she thinks you're awesome. And she thinks 10 months of supportive community, guided deep work, and a safe space to explore your beliefs/choices/actions would help you elevate to UNSTOPPABLE.

(It's a compliment, I promise.)

I'm offering this $500 Friends + Family discount to YOU, because I trust her.

Either she's been in your shoes, she's done this work, she's seen the benefits. Or she's in your shoes, about to do this work, excited about the benefits and wants you there by her side.

​​​​​​​Either way? She knows you would be an amazing fit.

I cannot wait to meet you!

p.s. Oh! Can you please tell me who offered her Friends + Family discount to you below? I want to thank her for the introduction.
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