40 Journal Prompts For



Feeling disconnected from yourself? Wondering what's next? Let's get you some clarity!

we write to know ourselves. We write to reclaim ourselves.

… But where do you start?

You start here, honey. You start with these 40 journal prompts.

You'll be diving into 10 topics that we need to examine closely as women in today’s world — Authenticity, Expectations, Body Love, Pleasure, Ritual, Creativity, Courage, Purpose, Power + Abundance.

Craving structure + inspiration to dig deep? I've got you covered.


Have you followed the rules + checked off all the to-dos designed to make your life “successful” as a modern woman --

Only to be plagued by a nagging feeling that you missed the mark? That maybe there’s more to life than a low level hum of feeling like you’re always behind, that you should already be there, that you need to be doing more.

And in quiet moments when your soul can break through all the shoulds -- you think that maybe, just maybe, there’s a magical, gutsy, optimistic, soulful, wild woman buried underneath the curated self you present to the world...

You're in the right place.

If that wild woman is clamoring in a now-or-never way, ready to break free and live a life built on your own truth, lit up by your own magic -- you're definitely in the right place.

You're starting to realize this life is not based on productivity or attempts at perfection, not addiction to overachieving or external recognition, and definitely not by the following of anyone else’s plan.

But what is it built on?

You, my love. You and all your reclaimed magic.


I’m Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy.

I founded the Stratejoy community in 2009 because I needed a safe space to talk about the BIG STUFF — ambitious dreams, fears I didn’t want to admit to others, and how I really felt about everything from sex to money to mamahood.

One of the hallmarks of my teaching, courses + events has always been guided writing prompts. No editing, no judgment, pen to paper honesty via your wise magical inner self.

I'm thrilled you're giving it a go

All you have to do? Leave me your email address so I can send you my 20 page PDF full of 40 writing prompts.

My role at Stratejoy has always been to help you claim ownership of your life. I hope these journal prompts are a powerful way to start reclaiming your own truth + your own magic.



Working on yourself is never straightforward or all that easy, but Molly gives you a road map for self-discovery and she works to make it fun along the way.  I'm a better wife, mom, friend, and co-worker because of this work. 


During a time in my life when the world seemed to be spinning faster than I could grasp, Molly showed me how to slow down and savor the moment. She helped me rediscover my true dreams and, in a way, meet the real me for the first time.


Stratejoy provided me with a safe space to declare my intentions and seek support along the way. Not only has my confidence increased dramatically but the work I did with Molly resulted in huge accomplishments.

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