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The Holiday Council

Our 21 days together in December will take you from feeling like life is moving at warp speed  to understanding exactly where you’ve been and exactly what you want from the year ahead.

No judgement, just support and celebration. No bullshit, just a bevy of other like-minded women. No gurus, just a leader who’s been guiding women through this process for 10 magical years and loving every minute of it!

What's Included?

  • 3 Live Training Calls with Molly
  • 2 Gorgeous Workbooks
  • Archive of Inspirational Interviews
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Easy to navigate online Headquarters
  • Personalized text messages in 2022
  • Quarterly Review + Planning Calls in 2022

The Holiday Council is set up to be affordable way to get and stay involved in Stratejoy — we look forward to welcoming you back, year after year. We’ve been doing the Holiday Council for ten years now and it’s incredible to see it becoming a treasured December tradition for so many.


The interview archives include these awesome humans -- a diverse mix of powerhouses who all share a passion for living their purpose. Hearing each of their stories will remind you that there are no “right” ways to go about crafting and living a meaningful, joyful, lit up life. We each have to figure out what works for us!

Closed for the Year! Open back up in Nov 2022.

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It’s hard to get over how much of an impact the planning processes from HoCo have impacted my life! Before HoCo, I thought the idea working for myself was pipe dream that would never, ever happen. I thought it was fanciful and unrealistic and no one would ever hop on board with my ideas. But over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing what I’ve been working on with others and have been overwhelmed by support.  I’m almost in tears writing this because I can’t believe that this might actually happen! I could never be in this place without the awesomeness of Stratejoy and the Holiday Council in my life. Thank you!


The Holiday Council was amazing. The insightful questions Molly asked gave me access to parts of myself I had been keeping in hiding. I have never before sat down at the end of the year and assessed how everything went and why. I have never before been so intentional at the beginning of the year, figuring out how I want to be and what I want to pursue. And the support, love, encouragement, and ideas from the other women in HoCo were priceless. It was wonderful to feel such a sense of community, inclusivity, and camaraderie with women from all over  world. I think Molly just might have made a lifetime HoCoette out of me!


I’m hoping to share a couple early achievements that are shaping my 2016 into the year I want it to be. To get back in touch with myself, I completed a 21-day yoga challenge, feeling that I’ve now turned this into a habit. Yay! And to write my own story, I am moving to NYC this summer. I will either by attending NYU (fingers crossed) or working in the charter school system — 3 interviews done, 2 to go. Holiday Council has empowered me in so many ways to shape this year into everything I want and need it to be. Thank you, Molly, and all of you out there for joining in this journey and celebration!

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We are a community of women who aren’t afraid of real talk about… well, everything! The point? Getting real without judgement or comparison. Trusting your inner wisdom. Taking aligned action so your life feels like yours. And always, reclaiming joy. Join us?

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