THE HOLIDAY COUNCIL: 3 weeks of releasing + renewing, dreaming + scheming, plotting + planning


Don’t let another year go by without being the woman you want to be, feeling the way you want to feel, and doing what you want to do!

The Holiday Council is a magical online experience that goes above and beyond New Year’s Resolutions.

If you’re ending this year frustrated with your big dreams, aimless with your purpose or completely stuck on how to use your gifts in a world that needs you — join us. Our 21 days together will take you from feeling like your life is out of your control to understanding exactly where you’ve been in 2017 and exactly what you want from 2018. 

No judgement, just support and celebration. No bullshit, just a bevy of other like-minded women. No gurus, just a leader who’s been walking women through this process for 8 incredible years.

What will you get? A mash-up of live calls, deep prompts, gorgeous worksheets, visioning meditations, and action planning — all designed to help you take stock of your world and rise up to meet your biggest visions.

Imagine this –

  • Being supported by a worldwide circle of “your people” while celebrating, dreaming and focusing on what you are craving for your life.
  • Entering 2018 with a powerful grasp on what went well this year and what you’d like to leave behind.
  • Not freaking out on New Year’s Eve when someone asks you what your “resolutions” are for 2018. Who needs resolutions when you’ve got a yearly theme, strong intentions, specific ways of “being” and a Q1 Action Plan?
  • Having an added level of accountability and camaraderie while you actually DO THE WORK!

1-stephanieI swear, HoCO is becoming as familiar to me as Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am SO excited!

Do not let this year pass you by

Let these 3 weeks be an invitation to reconnect with yourself and recommit to your dreams.

You are here for a reason, honey. I truly believe that.

Join us for this adventure and not only will I walk you through the process step-by-step, I’ll also cheer you on in our private Facebook Group. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing your deliberate gratitude, big dreaming and ambitious action-planning.

Find out exactly what it means to go all in on your life this year.

To clarity! Sisterhood! Impact! And magic-making!


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I have done the Holiday Council every year since it started. Every year, the content of the course changes only a little, but every year, my life changes drastically. The time I’ve spent with the Holiday Council reflecting on one year to plan for the next has made my life my own design. I look back on the plan I made last December, and I am exactly there right now. Thanks, Molly, for helping me create my own magic.


Every year when the Holiday Council rolls around I feel a flutter in my heart – a sense of wonder, excitement and gratitude. With Molly’s reassuring voice on the other end of the phone, I dream my wildest dreams and release my deepest sorrows. There are always tears – of joy and grief. It is my December ritual, and leaves me feeling like the year is complete and I have a plan for success in the year to come.


Last year was the first time in four years I didn’t participate in HoCo – I’d just had a baby and didn’t think we had room in our budget. I regretted that decision all. year. long. I didn’t realize how much I relied on my word for the year and my goals. There have been plenty of times this year where I’ve been floundering and I was craving my word for centering and focus. You better believe I’ll be investing in myself this year!

We’ve been doing the Holiday Council for 8 years now and it’s incredible to see it becoming a treasured December tradition for so many of you. Ready to dive in?

What’s Included with the Holiday Council?

Tuesdays at 6 PST | 7 pm MST | 8 pm CST | 9 EST.

I’ll be live, teaching and sharing; you’ll be listening and writing (and drinking wine/commuting/cooking dinner). The calls will be recorded and posted in the Tribe Headquarters the following day for those of you who can’t make the live calls or prefer to listen to them on your own schedule. Either way works!


    • November 28: Wrapping Up 2017 So You Can Learn and Let Go for a Fresh New Year
    • December 5: Dreaming and Scheming and Plotting and planning for a Magical 2018
    • December 12:  Creating a Meaningful Action Plan complete with celebrations, accountability ideas and motivation tips

There will be no more than 2 hours a week of challenges to be done between calls, because I know we are all busy women and it’s a crazy time of year. Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to the 2017 Holiday Council Workbook to use during the calls and to complete your challenges in between. You can either print out your worksheets or fill them out online this year!

You’ll refer to these worksheets full of personal reflections all year long as you plan out passion projects, hard
conversations, travel, new habits and prioritizing your desires.

I know, because I definitely do.

This will be our online den of inspiration and accountability where we gather to report on the challenges, share “ahas” and celebrate success together.

The group is special part of our 21 days together! It’s where we connect with each other, answer the short Connection Questions, and cheer each other on as we gain clarity about what we’re craving for 2018. Doing this work in the company of other positive, brave-hearted woman adds an extra level of motivation to help you keep your commitments to yourself.

The Closed Group Page will go officially go live on November 27th, though we’ll start gathering as soon as your register. And yes, I will be actively involved in the page during our official 3 weeks together, as will all of Team Stratejoy and a majority of my Reclamation + Elevate crews. The FB page stays open for community connection and support for the entirety of 2018 as well!

You may choose not to join the online community. That’s cool too.  Make it work for you, honey.

Each week, new content with be released in our Tribe Headquarters — the recorded call, weekly challenges and 2 brand new interviews.  You’ll be able to access them for all of 2018 in one easy to find home.

You’ll also get an email from me each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the Council with short Connection Question to share with us on the Facebook Wall!

Yearlong Access to your content (Calls + Challenges) in Tribe HQ + 9 sweet emails + 6 motivating interviews = Everything you need to stay energized + focused as you create magic 2018

Who will I be interviewing this Council?

A diverse mix of powerhouse women who all share a passion for living their purpose. Hearing each of their stories will remind you that there are no “right” ways to go about crafting and living a meaningful, joyful, lit up life. We each have to figure out what works for us! I’ve got 4 women to share with you now and 2 to surprise you with over the Council!

Pixie Lighthorse. Artist. Ceremonialist. Healer. Writer. In her words? “I teach practical living skills – boundaries, activating the sacred voice (truth-telling), overcoming fear, gold-mining the shadows, understanding abundance and it’s relationship to gratitude, nurturing the mother wound-all through the context of animal guides and prayer.”

Amber Rae. Author. Artist. Speaker. In her words? “I know what it feels like to move from “THIS IS AMAZING!” to “This is complete shit and I am complete shit” in a matter of days (and sometimes minutes). I’ve found a way through the noise, and it’s when I choose Wonder over Worry. Now, I’m on a mission to bring this message to as many people who are ready to hear it.”

Adrienne Dorison. Business Consultant. Founder of Good Businesses Do Good. In her words? “I help entrepreneurs double their businesses in half the time by getting them more focused, more strategic and more profitable through a process improvement approach. I believe that good businesses can change the world and I’m focused on creating a movement of ‘give-back’ business models.

Suzy Ashworth. Author. Mindset + Marketing Mentor. Founder of The Calm Birth School. In her words?I believe in one thing and one thing only… Okay well I believe in love and serving the world and being kind to animals too. But the one thing I say to my kids every single night without fail is faith + action = miracles.”

Angela Lauria. Founder of The Author Incubator. One of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017. In her words? “My philosophy is that if you dream it, you can create it. And that’s what I’m doing every day at The Author Incubator — a home for life coaches and other healing professionals committed to writing books that make a difference.”

These hour-long video calls (happening at the end of March, June + September) with Molly are your chance to touch base with the intentions and goals you dreamt up for the year.

Why? In order to make magic in your life, you need to be aware of your desires and your progress. You need a system for continually returning to yourself and your center. And it’s way more fun to do it with the community that originally witnessed your goals!

By joining us for Holiday Council, you’ll get quarterly invitations to review your progress from the previous 3 months and action plan for the months ahead.

Why Do This Work?

If you’re looking back on this year and still don’t feel like you’ve made progress on joy or meaning or fulfillment in your life — let this invitation be the reminder to reconnect to your desires and recommit to yourself.

Set aside your hesitations, your busyness, your fear, your disillusionment.

You are a woman with dreams. A woman with goals. A woman with a vision for her life.

Own those facts. Live that life.

Holiday Council and the process I’ll lead you through for 3 weeks will help you remind you of those truths through awareness, alignment and action.

Awareness is the incredibly powerful skill of listening to yourself. Becoming aware of what has gone right, what has gone wrong, and what your wisest self is craving can make the difference between a year that feels beyond your control and one that feels like you’re aligning with your true potential.

Alignment is the connection between what you truly care about and where you decide to focus your resources. Your personal resources of time, energy, and focus are precious and must be deliberately harnessed to move you towards your dreams. And yes! Sometimes this means facing the truth on how you are using distractions (social media, TV, alcohol, perfectionism, the cult of busy) in your life.

Action is taking step after step in honor of your vision. Sometimes the action will be big, bold and life-changing. Other times it will be small daily choices to be uncomfortable and to do things that are scary. One thing I know? Action requires a rock solid connection to your “why.”

Awareness, Alignment and Action take time.

They depend on self-trust.

And they require space to notice, to solidify and to power your world.

That’s what we do together during the Council — create sacred time and space for you to connect to your own wisdom, bravery and “why” — in the midst of the holiday craziness.


Holiday Council is the best money I spend on myself all year. It’s a commitment to myself to check in and process the past year and plan for the next. I am guaranteed to have a few “ah-ha” moments that impact my life in really meaningful ways. Tears and laughter and support from and to the other ladies in the group; I can’t wait for December.


Molly has designed the perfect outlet for self-awareness and reflection during one of the busiest seasons of the year. Having a gentle guide and a supportive community is just what I need to look back at what I’ve accomplished and then, focus on what’s next. I anticipate this tradition with excitement and end up feeling a lightness and hopefulness when I’m done.


Last year was my first year doing Holiday Council with Molly and the Stratejoy tribe. It came after a tough year and prepared me for another tough year ahead. It was my anchor and life raft in the midst of a very big storm. I already know that Holiday Council will become an annual self-love 3 weeks for me every year. I can’t imagine life without it.

2-jenniferLoved tonight’s call! This Holiday Council process is already eye-opening and empowering.

Register Now!

If you’re ready to dive into your own life with compassionate awareness, align with your true potential by dreaming your ass off, and set yourself up for success in the new year with actionable plans — this 21 day exploration is for you.

Take the time and space to connect to your own wisdom, sugar.

Together, we’ll release + renew, dream + scheme, and plot + plan.










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Why should I choose Insiders?

Want to learn how I actually achieve the goals I set for myself? Love getting extra time to ask me questions? Insider’s Access will get you a private invitation to join me for a live video training in early 2018 — Dream Commitment for The Reclaimed Woman —  exclusively for my HoCo Insiders. And don’t worry… The recording will be sent out to those who miss it live!

What about a behind-the-scenes peek into my world? I share my highs, lows, failures and successes with the Insiders by scanning in each and every of my completed HoCo worksheets to share with you. What did I regret? What did I celebrate? Who showed up in my future vision? What’s on tap for me in 2018?

Or maybe you’re craving the 36 extra inspiring interviews? The upgrade is worth its weight in gold right there! You’ll get immediate access to the Holiday Council Interviews with the fabulous people listed below from 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011.

If you’re ready to go all in with me this year — this is your chance!



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90 minute Training WITH MOLLY —
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It’s hard to get over how much of an impact the planning processes from HoCo have impacted my life! Before HoCo, I thought the idea working for myself was pipe dream that would never, ever happen. I thought it was fanciful and unrealistic and no one would ever hop on board with my ideas. But over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing what I’ve been working on with others and have been overwhelmed by support.  I’m almost in tears writing this because I can’t believe that this might actually happen! I could never be in this place without the awesomeness of Stratejoy and the Holiday Council in my life. Thank you!


The Holiday Council was amazing. The insightful questions Molly asked gave me access to parts of myself I had been keeping in hiding. I have never before sat down at the end of the year and assessed how everything went and why. I have never before been so intentional at the beginning of the year, figuring out how I want to be and what I want to pursue. And the support, love, encouragement, and ideas from the other women in HoCo were priceless. It was wonderful to feel such a sense of community, inclusivity, and camaraderie with women from all over  world. I think Molly just might have made a lifetime HoCoette out of me!


I’m hoping to share a couple early achievements that are shaping my 2016 into the year I want it to be. To get back in touch with myself, I completed a 21-day yoga challenge, feeling that I’ve now turned this into a habit. Yay! And to write my own story, I am moving to NYC this summer. I will either by attending NYU (fingers crossed) or working in the charter school system — 3 interviews done, 2 to go. Holiday Council has empowered me in so many ways to shape this year into everything I want and need it to be. Thank you, Molly, and all of you out there for joining in this journey and celebration!

4-tamiI loved every minute of Holiday Council. Inspiring with a wonderful community of women!

Additional Details and FAQs

You should ABSOLUTELY do it again. I mean, without the energy of the group — will you do it on your own? And there are gorgeous new worksheets and new interviews too! For some of us, this will be our 8th year gathering together to do this work together. Now, that’s a holiday tradition!

I will not be offering a future download of this material. If you want access to this New Year’s Journey — joining The Holiday Council NOW is the only way to get your hands on the it!

You don’t have to do it live with us, but you do need to purchase access at this time. I know plenty of women that save the material for January when their world calms down. Totally up to you… And with everything being easily accessed in The Tribe HQ, you won’t even have to keep the emails organized. 🙂

Of course. Just make sure you enter your recipient’s info and email address when you purchase the course. And you should probably give them a heads up on what is happening!

Having trouble? Get in touch with my team at We’re happy to help. Easy breezy.

When you register for The Council:

  • You’ll get a receipt and a welcome email from me within 24 hours.
  • Your welcome email will have a link to our private Facebook group and you can request to join us! Please answer the required questions so we can confirm you’ve registered.
  • Your welcome email will also have your password for our Tribe HQ where all HoCo Material will be located as it goes live each week.
  • Your first official HoCo email will go out on Monday, November 27th.
  • Let me know you’re joining us on Twitter/Instagram/FB and use the hashtag #hoco17 and tagging @stratejoy. We can get to know each other online (and squeal with excitement?) while we wait for the 27th to arrive!

Your receipt and welcome email should arrive shortly after completing the payment process, but give it a few hours in case the system is extra busy!

Still can’t find it? Peek in your Junk Folder or Promotions Tab! Or have you made a special folder for Stratejoy emails to automatically land in? All emails will arrive from our address.

Last shot — if you use the inbox system and have previously “rolled up” our Stratejoy emails — that’s where your course emails are as well! To free them, visit and “edit your subscriptions” so all emails from arrive in your inbox.

Good question! We use a dedicated conference call line for each of the Tuesday evening calls.

You can call in with your phone (international numbers are available) or you can dial in via your computer/tablet using the audio-only web link.

I’m happily offering a money back return policy for the first 30 days after purchase. If you don’t think Holiday Council was worth your investment and you can show me that you’ve completed the first two weeks of your workbook, just ask us for a refund. We’ll make it happen.

Why? Because I know that if you put in the work, you’ll get insane value from this exploration. I’ve spent enough time teaching this journey to know it’s effective, worthwhile and game-changing.

3-carlyLoving the Stratejoy Holiday Council. Definitely one of my best investments of the year!

Need more help? You can easily reach my team at Please understand, however, we don’t work weekends!

That said, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible because we want every woman possible to commit to her life and her dreams with this magical journey.

Can’t wait to dream and scheme together on the 27th!

Much love and joy and peace til then.










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90 minute Training WITH MOLLY —
Dream Commitment for The Reclaimed Woman