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Let me repeat that. You — in all your beauty + mess, gifts + mistakes, power + fear — are here for a reason.

Why? Because when get clear on your purpose — you’ll be rewarded with more meaning. Decisions cause less stress. Worry eases. Keeping the faith gets easier. Being yourself makes more sense.

And honey? Don’t doubt you have a purpose. Even if it feels cloudy or confusing or unclear right now — YOU are here for a reason.

Circle is a time get quiet, turn inward and connect with you own wisdom, in the company with other positive, brave women who dive below the surface of their lives.

So you? You need to claim it.

Let's start the exploration.

Let's explore how your purpose plays out in your life, your work, your love + your gifts.

The Question that remains -

How do you start exploring?


Hey! I’m Molly Mahar, Founder of Stratejoy — an online community of women reclaiming joy + meaning in their lives.

I’ve helped hundreds of women over the last 9 years reconnect to their truth, refocus their efforts, and reclaim their lives through yearly goal-setting programs, intimate masterminds, live events and my signature 10 month course — Reclamation.

These Stratejoy Circles are my chance to offer the very best of our community in accessible, useful + inspiring evenings.

Each month we'll cover a new theme through ceremony, written prompts, and time for discussion via group chat. There may be poetry, or gentle movement, or a guided meditation. There most likely will be laughter, tears + an abundance of candles lit around the globe. There will always be inclusion, love + non judgmental safe space.

I'll help you turn inward by...


Asking the deep questions.

Each monthly theme will give you a starting place to explore your opinions + actions on the topic.

How do I guide you to depth? I ask a question and you answer in your journal. It's amazing the wisdom + insight that is just waiting to come out. It's a deceptively simple process!


Providing space + structure for slowing down.

Sometimes we just need an "excuse" to take an evening to ourselves. I get it. You want to know yourself more deeply, but it's never a priority. Joining us for a Circle gives you 90 minutes on your calendar that are just for YOU -- whether you join us live or watch the replay.


Reminding you that you are not alone.  

I'm lucky enough to make a living gathering women together and live in a town where circling is valued + offered on the regular. But I know that you may not have the same access. And going inward (aka getting vulnerable + honest) is 1000x easier when you see it modeled by others.

Rave reviews...

"The setup was perfect with the first hour for me and the second half hour to share with the group. You attract the best group of women with your awesome work and I love connecting with everyone. I didn't know what to expect from a Circle, but it turned out to be exactly the kind of thing I needed!"

"I have not been doing any self-care or reflection lately, and I was really looking forward to setting aside this evening and dedicating this time to myself. I needed it. Just being able to close the door to my office, and having some time to write and ground myself was really, really great. Thank you Molly!"

Ready to join me?
Purpose Circle Square

We are currently registering for the Purpose Circle on

Tuesday, October 13



A live 90 minute Circle exploring Purpose in your life. Let me repeat that. You — in all your beauty + mess, gifts + mistakes, power + fear — are here for a reason.


All are welcome. Stratejoy is a community of womxn united by spirit of hopeful sovereignty — crowns on, dreams clear. We take ownership of our actions + gifts. We tell the truth about our lives. We understand that we are stronger together.

Where + when?

Purpose Circle happens on October 13 at 4 pm PT | 5 pm MT | 6 pm CT | 7 pm ET online via the Crowdcast Platform. You'll be watching Molly via streaming video for 60 minutes and then will have 30 minutes for questions + chat.


$20. Registration includes worksheets, a playlist, and a reserved spot at our live Circle. You also get immediate access to replay of the Circle (available for a year) if it's not convenient to join us live.


Why join me for this Circle?

Because together we are reclaiming ease, connection + self-trust.
  • You'll practice stillness, so that you can bring ease back into your world. Slowing down (through breathwork + stillness + guided journaling) is one of the most under-rated gifts you can give yourself in this world that values productivity + hustle. You get so caught up in your "to do" lists and being on top of ALL the things, that you forget you have access to ease in every moment. Circle is your monthly reminder that ease is one breath away.
  • You'll practice honesty, so that you can bring connection back into your world. When you have a safe place to be vulnerable, to be a beginner, to explore topics (brave action, self-expression, spirituality, sex, money, meaning, etc) that never get brought up in your day-to-day -- you have access to connection. You connect with yourself + with others when you are brave enough to tell the truth about your life. And that's what we are doing during Circle!
  • You'll practice turning inward, so that you can bring self-trust back into your world. I truly believe that you can source your own wisdom about what is right for your life + your gifts. Yet, I also know that this idea of relying on your own truth threatens the model that someone ELSE is charge -- your partner, your family, your schooling, the patriarchy, society’s traditional path, the influencers of Instagram -- so it's rarely taught. During Circle, you are learning how to turn inward to examine your own feelings + opinions and build that muscle of self-trust.
Rave reviews...

"I love the purposeful, set aside time to focus on a specific topic, and I love hearing from other women about their journeys! I feel like there is always something that resonates with me."

"I love how Molly takes the time to make us feel connected even though we are miles apart. And the timed journaling is such a great way to tap into how I’m really feeling!"


Does this Exploration + Community
sound like​​​​​​​ something you've been craving?
Come try us out!

See you on October 13th!

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We are a community of women who aren’t afraid of real talk about… well, everything! The point? Getting real without judgement or comparison. Trusting your inner wisdom. Taking aligned action so your life feels like yours. And always, reclaiming joy. Join us?

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