Two Truths + a Lie Essay

One Simple Question

I recently had my first major breakdown since I decided to embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur. I didn’t think it would be easy to strike out on my own, but I never thought it would be so stressful. Here’s how it unrolled.  I started to realize that I was annoyed at everything.…

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Take Your Time

College has made me forget that it’s okay to be yourself. My first year of college took my already existing struggles and blew them up ten fold. College has the ability to dangle my shy confidence and my dreams, right in front of my face. Every. Damn. Day. College has made me feel like my…

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A More Compassionate World

This is what I really want for you to know: you do not need to sacrifice yourself in order to make a difference. You can live a life that’s infused with joy, gratitude, community, and play. This does not make you less worthy.

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One Woman's Search for Meaning

I clearly remember the day, walking home after middle school. I was rounding the rock that marked “smoker’s corner” where all the “bad kids” would gather and show their rebellion by smoking cigarettes. I was alone though, no one else was nearby when I had the strangest thought. It was a good day. I was happy.

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