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My Money Love Story


I’m not sure the world is ready for this…  But here’s a vulnerable, deep and slightly scattered dive into my Money Love Story. Why?  My wise friend Kate Northrup launched her book Money: A Love Story today and she challenged a bunch of us to share our stories in order to help eradicate some of the shame and discomfort women have around our money history. I’m not going to promise this is pretty, tidy or neat — I  swing from telling…


Forever in Debt


I received a lovely e-mail from Sallie Mae this week to let me know that my monthly payment amount was going to increase beginning next month. I was annoyed, but honestly, I’m so in debt that my first thought was “Oh well, what’s another $50 a month?”


Combating Negativity with Positive Triggers


Negative triggers, I’ve got them a plenty. A toddler temper tantrum. Argument with Dan. Family trama drama. Issue with a friend. Northern Virginia traffic. Endless loads of laundry. These things set me on edge. And when a couple of them collide, well, I’m a gonner.


Vacillating on the Line of Poverty


Money. Moolah. Bills. Change. Dinero. It is both the bane of my existence and when I have it, I feel permitted to take plane rides overseas, buy nice lunches, or sit in trendy coffee shops to read. Right now I have less than $50 in both my checking and savings accounts and even less in my wallet. Dare I mention that this past year I’ve been making more money than I’ve ever made? That’s a little tragic, isn’t it?


Someday, I’m Going To Become a Doctor


Someday I’m going to become a doctor. Not a medical, “oh let me give you a physical exam” or “I’m going to hold this scalpel and wear some pastel infused scrubs while you’ve fallen under anesthesia” type of doctor, but one of the “I’m going to spend years in school reveling in academia and defending a dissertation of my mind’s wanderings” variety. YEAH!


A Skeptic Hippie’s Take on Manifesting


I’m going to reveal my quinoa-eating, kombucha-drinking, yoga-breathing inner hippie and talk about manifesting today. Break out the incense, people. Fifty percent of me is actually a healthy skeptic. I mean, wishing things into existence? Really? … But the other fifty percent of me has experienced quite a few situations– many of them quite recently– that make me unable to fully brush off manifesting as new age bullcrap.


You Are Not Your Khakis


Consider my virginity gone. We’re talking job virginity here. I got my first big kid job in August, and just a week ago, I quit. And to answer your question – yes, my first time hurt like a bitch.


So World, Are You Ready to Conspire With Me?


The most riveting and terrifying aspect of my life is that I never know what to expect next. If I pronounce wholeheartedly what I aspire to achieve in these next five months, work just as fervently to accomplish them, and have the support of other lovely ladies, then I’m confident that they will become tangible and not just meandering thoughts.


Figuring It All Out


Love-wise I couldn’t be better. I just have a wedding in August to think about and I thrive on planning events. Career-wise I’m an absolute disaster. Currently, I’m working at a socially conscious coffee shop making latte leaves and emptying coffee grounds. It’s a job that I enjoy well enough; it encourages me to be in the moment. This isn’t what I want to do forever though.


Savor Growth


After reflecting on 2011 and seeing where the past 12 months have led me, I began brainstorming, scheming, and dreaming up my goals for 2012. This past year was all about being brave, taking chances, and setting boundaries, so in the upcoming year, I wanted something different.


Reflecting on 2011


With 2011 quickly winding down, I am in full-on reflection mode. I love this time of year. Reviewing my progress and seeing where I’ve been, what I’ve overcome, and what I’ve had the joy of celebrating. As with any year, there were highs and lows and countless lessons learned.


Money and Stress and Setting Goals


Last night I cried myself to sleep because I was so stressed out about money. It doesn’t matter that I get paid in four days; right now I only have $16.81 in my checking account. Oh, and have I mentioned that I still haven’t completed my goal of opening a savings account.


Breaking Free of Poverty Mindset – Here’s to My New Money Shoes


Money hasn’t been an easy subject for me for a long time. When I was a kid, I was a saver. But my mom would “borrow” my money, so I learned to spend it when I had it.

Now, I owe $30,000 in student loan debt, due to start being paid back in June. And a baby due February 29th. As you can imagine, “I got my mind on the money, and the money on my mind.”


Money & Me


Yes I need money. And yes, I’d definitely like to have more of it now. As I move into a life sans a plus one to add to the monthly income, money is a topic frequently on my mind. I like to have electricity and to pay student loans so no one comes and tries to take me out at the knees. And yes I’d even like having some extra money so I can go on trips or a fun night out with my girlfriends.


Dollars vs. Dreams


Money’s been on my mind a lot lately. Long-term travel plans will do that to you, I suppose. I’ve got a variety of fears related to this trip, but the one that’s most consistently present is the fear of running out of cash. What’s scarier to me, though, is living a life that isn’t authentic.


Saturday Mornings and Setting Goals


It’s Saturday morning and I’m sitting at my desk with my laptop in front of me, iced mocha to the left, journal and pen to the right. I look out the window and see the sun shining brightly, a light wind rustling the leaves in the trees. It’s going to be hot today, over 100 degrees again. I feel calm, rested, and excited for what the day might bring.


Can I Afford Happiness? Yep.


A couple of weeks ago I noticed I was starting to get really nervous about money. Before it spiraled into a full-on freakout fest, I asked myself a question: What do you need the money for? What would you be doing if you weren’t worried about ever having enough money again?


Guilt and Regret, Ugly Twins


Wanna know what I did last night? Ate chips in my bed while I surfed the web past 2 am. Yeah. Did it. Wanna know what I didn’t do? Feel guilty.


I Admit, Money Makes Me Crazy


So, here’s the thing. I haven’t been completely honest with all of you. Although I’ve been pretty real about where I am in my life right now, I haven’t fully acknowledged my crazies. The crazies that have to do with money. Specifically, with spending too much of it, feeling like I need more of it, and being forced to spend it in ways I’d rather not. I don’t even know where to start, or how to admit my deep down demons in an eloquent way. So I’m just gonna write, and see what comes out.


Wait, You Mean I Have To Be Responsible With My Money, Too?


I really wish my parents taught me the importance of using credit cards wisely and how to budget money appropriately before racked up 8 grand in credit card debt because I wanted a Sex and the City life.


Big Plans for 2011


[Marian and Sam Taupo] Like most people who have completely failed at New Year’s Resolutions, I’m not a fan of making them. Mostly because I have zero willpower and my resolution usually involves something like, “eat less cake” but also because I think we should always be striving for better.


Bring It On 2011


Last week I finally realized that I am worthy of good things in my life. In light of this new realization I have dreamed up some goals for 2011. I hesistate to use the word “resolution.” Resolutions sound so absolute and are hard to keep-in fact I think they almost set you up for failure. But goals, goals are measurable. I can do goals. Goals motivate and inspire me. Here is what I am working on in 2011:


I am WonderWoman


I’ll be rockin’ it like a superhero in 2011, you just watch me.


It’s All About The Little Things


I gotta tell ya, these happy pills have been pretty amazing. My body no longer aches. I laugh. I talk. I smile. Hell, even on those rainy Chicago days that I used to groan about so much, I walk on clouds. It is amazing! Now that the fog of depression has lifted, I am able to see just how wonderful my life is. It isn’t perfect, but wow. I can not believe how much of the good I could not see.


Without Money We’d All Be Rich


Money. Sigh. As unfortunate as it is, money tends to control my life. You too? There’s never enough money for most of us, especially in this transitional WTF stage of life we affectionately call our QLC.


Without Money We'd All Be Rich


Money. Sigh. As unfortunate as it is, money tends to control my life. You too? There’s never enough money for most of us, especially in this transitional WTF stage of life we affectionately call our QLC.


My Dreams Of Coffeeshops, Italy and ESPN


My dreams are big. They’re Gulliver-sized dreams. I have dreams that are so big that they scare me (literally and existentially). Sometimes they scare me into action; sometimes into the land of Stuck.


Money. Guilt. A Work in Progress.


Money. Oh dear. Just thinking about it gives me an ulcer. Writing a post about it makes me weepy. As a waitress and a grad student, I don’t have a lot of income. I look forward to the day I can treat myself and not beat myself up over it for the following week.


My Own Version of Success


In terms of traditional success, I’ve never really had a vision of exactly how that looks. I’ve never had dreams of being the Big Boss or winning awards or earnings lots of money. I’ve never felt the need to impress someone with a fancy title because I’m not impressed with fancy titles. I am, however, impressed by women who do their thing – have interesting jobs, travel, are passionate, run their own businesses…


Experiences, Priorities, and Too Much Debt


The money post. I had two directions I wanted to go with this. One was about money and limiting beliefs and abundance and manifesting millions of dollars. The other was about running myself into credit card debt in college and the hole I had to dig myself out of to learn what “financial responsibility” actually meant. I went with the latter, because I know that debt in and after college is an all-too-familiar story, and I hope not only that…


The Satisfied Artist


I don’t want money to rule my life – either in the lack of it or the promise of it. How does a starving artist with extreme wanderlust balance her need to create with her need to pay the bills? Hell if I know.


Money Worry: It's a Family Thing


I come from a family of penny-pinchers and money budgeters. Though I haven’t always saved or budgeted, the worry is always there. Even if I have enough money, I worry about money.


Money Worry: It’s a Family Thing


I come from a family of penny-pinchers and money budgeters. Though I haven’t always saved or budgeted, the worry is always there. Even if I have enough money, I worry about money.


Debt, Addiction, and Recovery, Oh My!


I’m good at a lot of things; writing, making friends, conversations. But I’m not good with money. I’m so bad in fact, that I suffered from a shopping addiction that tore my life apart.


Money and Control


If my friends were to choose one word to describe how I handle my finances, they’d probably choose one of these: frugal, cheap, careful, thrifty…or, perhaps, tight-ass. And if we’re being honest here, I’d have to admit they’re right.


The $60 Pot Of Tea


There’s a tea house here in San Francisco that sells, among it’s regularly priced items, a $60 pot of tea. When I first saw it on the menu, I thought it had to be a typo. I mean, $60? For tea?


Opening the Money Chain


Last Friday I was wandering around downtown Seattle, looking for The Westin. Why? I was headed there to meet an old friend from high school for coffee. Why was I wandering? Since I have now lived in Seattle for on official 6 years, I figured I knew where The Westin was. Turns out I figured wrong.


For Richer Or For Poorer?


You know the saying, “Money makes the world go round?” Sometimes I wish it wasn’t true. Lately, I have had this fear that I will be poor for rest of my life. Why does money have to matter so much?


It’s a Whole New World. Just not Disney-Aladdin-style.


I ignored self-realization last year despite knowing that I was unhappy with my career because it was just easier to stay with the comfort of a steady paycheck and not change. I think fate changed it for me instead. This past March I was “let go” from my job.