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To join us for this 2 month exploration of positive possibility

joy is worthy of your attention.
And you are worthy of joy.

Joy Line Breaks

I'm not talking about making elaborate plans for future joy (though that's important too). I'm not talking about imagining what might make you happy + journaling about it + creating vision boards that delight you (though I'm into that too). I'm not talking about living vicariously through your kids or favorite streaming characters or strangers on the interwebs (though that is all fun too).

I'm talking about recognizing the joy in your life as it is, in this exact moment.

Even in the middle of grief, or boredom, or overwhelm.

I'm talking about an orientation towards lightness —  both turning your face to the sun + unclenching the pieces of you clinging to control or perfection or righteousness.  I'm talking about prioritizing your joy + then practicing that choice over + over. I'm talking creating scenarios + allowing mindsets that create joy right now.

I'm talking about inviting in joy —   breath to breath, day after day —  and seeing how it might just light up your whole life!


Joy Line Breaks

We're gathering this Fall to practice Joy together.


I think you mean...

Why not?

Joy is an invitation to be really fucking present in the exact moment that the Universe is serving you, tender hearted + laughter at the ready. Joy is an invitation to take yourself less seriously, to see the world through a lens of possibility, to feel deeply + honestly. Joy is an invitation to slow down, a willingness to look a bit foolish, a devotion to pleasure + awe + goofiness + enchantment

Joy is the salve we all need right now.

Joy takes practice! Exactly.

Joy can feel scary! Other shoe + all...

Joy is for everyone! Always.

Smile Pug

There is room for joy in the midst of everything. Are you making space?

Not going to lie; I need this group right now.

I've been running a biz called "Strategies for Joy" since 2019...

Joy is one of my superpowers

But as I round the corner of 2 years of Destruction + Big Change (Moves! Sabbatical! Long term travel adventures!) and settle into my "new normal" — I'm afraid of falling right into the slog/hustle of today's current culture.

The culture that doesn't prioritize Joy... The world that worships money + grind + looking good on the outside... The expectation that we must sacrifice in order to succeed... (Especially as mothers! Especially as women!) The story that unless *it* is important or productive or of service, *it* is pointless or selfish...

I don't actually believe any of that! But man alive, I can feel the pressure as I re-enter the real world.

That's why I'm gathering the Golden Thread for 2 months of experiments in Joy. We might be creating different experiences for ourselves, but we are going to do them side-by-side. With laughter! And cheering! And honest sharing of what lights us up + what just feels like another thing to do on our endless lists!

Joy is the point. YOU are the point.

Love you. Mean it. Let's do this.

Copy of Uncharted 2023

The Uncharted Joy Group runs from September 10th through November 5th. We're gathering for 8 weeks within a very specific container to experiment, hold each other accountable, share our findings, and celebrate one another in a community that gets it.

What’s Included

New Material released every 2 weeks

I’ll guide you through the prompts + exercises + parameters for the experiments via pre-recorded audio calls with transcripts. You'll design your 2 week experiment on your own schedule + get started. You'll track + evaluate your experience + share the results with all of us. And yes, if you have no ideas for experiments -- I have PLENTY! There is absolutely a curriculum for you to follow if you don't want to "choose your own adventure."

Some of the considerations we'll use to craft your experiments are:

JOY —  Is there something missing right now that needs to be added? Is there something you're doing that is causing you excess stress or resentment that you can just STOP? Is there a small adjustment you can make to something you must do more joyful?

COMFORT — What's it going to take to shake up your ability to find + appreciate the good? Is it something pushes your edges in a scary way? Or in totally ridiculous silly way? Or do you need to up your sense of safety right now?

DELIVERY —  Will this experiment be an proactive action, a new response you are practicing, or a mindset you want to adopt? Each will require different versions of showing up, evaluating, and accountability from our group.

FLAVOR —  We've got 2 months together, which means 4 different experiments! You can play with different guiding words to see what actually moves the needle for you... I'm thinking about using some of my Words of Being (Colorful? Generous?) for flavors.

I know this may not feel earth-shattering... That's because it's not! And yet — elevating the amount of joy we experience takes intention, and most likely, some change in our daily approach to life. We're going to experiment + practice + examine + learn + play together!

Joy isn't escape. It's not numbing out or ignoring reality. It's noticing the pleasure in the now, no matter what. It's savoring the breath, the taste, the scent, the sound, the touch in all the LIFE around us.


Is this for me?

There are dozens of reasons someone might join this group + spend 2 months experimenting with Joy. All are valid!

Maybe... You forget what even brings you joy. Life's been hard + you need a break from putting out all of the fires. You've been taking care of everyone else these last few months + it's time to focus on you. You're burnt out at work + could use something fun to forward to.

Maybe... You're been numbing out lately because life feels like it's too much. You're in a dip + could just a little push to start the upswing. You feel lonely in your day-to-day + are craving some soul sister time.

Maybe... You actually are really good at practicing joy + would love to share that strength with others. You know you've just been phoning it in + you're ready lit up feeling. You're trying to get out of the habit of only using pleasure as reward for working your ass off.

Maybe... You just miss Stratejoyland + the inspiration that the community provides. Everything is fine, but there's a cloudy grey film fuzzing out highs. Everything is fine, but you're too scared to trust it.

I know for many of us, Joy takes a backseat to literally everything else.

Who cares about joy when the bathroom hasn't been scrubbed in 6 weeks + you're trying to figure out financing for two sets of braces + your beloved boss is changing jobs? Who has time to dedicate to joy when you still haven't done your 2022 taxes + you've got a 55 minute commute each way + the world is literally on fire? Who has energy for joy when you're still in shock after your divorce or the death of your mom or the implosion of your business?

I do. I care about my Joy + I care about your Joy.

I know I've already said this, but this group is less learning about Joy + more about practicing Joy in community!

These two months of Uncharted Joy are about experiencing the power of positive possibility in the moment.

They are about appreciating the good that is already present in our lives. They are about experimenting instead of assuming. They are about sharing what we are learning about ourselves in service of inspiring others.

What happens when we try things that are totally new to us? What happens when joy is the whole point? What happens when we let the rawness of the moment be enough? What happens when we trade how things look for how things feel?

What happens when we devote ourselves to letting all the beauty + grace into our lives without trying to protect ourselves from the hurt?

Let's find out!

I'm not going to pretend we are changing the world with this Group, but I am out to change YOUR daily experience.

And there is part of me that believes all those ripples of joy (or confidence or calm or generosity -- however it is manifesting in you!) add up. That they matter on a grander scale outside of our life + family + sphere of influence.

But even if they don't? Your joy + your ripples will make a difference to you + those you love. And that's enough for me!

Still not sure a Group focused on Joy is the right match for you?

Pretty sure this group is solid gold for anyone who's willing to show up for themselves + pay attention to their experiments. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as your life calls for! The one caveat — if you're in a phase of intense transition or destruction, you may be better served by my fall Destruction Group.

And always, if you've got questions about right fit — just reach out at hello @ stratejoy dot come + I'll get back to you.

Are you making time for you? And the things you love? And the things your soul needs? Even when it takes effort? Even when it's not what others expect?

Ready to join us?

There is much we can't control about life... And there are things that we 100% CAN impact in our external + internal life! Choosing joy + training our brains to appreciate the positive are some of those things.


Connection? Meaning? Awe? Magic? Sweetness? Pleasure? Goofiness? Reverence? Whatever your flavors of joy — let's prioritize them, together!

September 10 - November 5



2 month Stratejoy Group exploring Joy in your life. A chance to prioritize your own delight, connection, magic + aliveness. 4 Modules of Material + Experiments with weekly chances to gather live.


All women or non-binary peeps comfy with a space that centers women are welcome.  Stratejoy is a community united by spirit of hopeful sovereignty + positive possibility. We are tight knit, but super welcoming.

Where + when?

Uncharted Joy is an online group that starts with Opening Session on Sunday, Sept 10 + ends with Closing Session on Sunday, Nov 5. Live weekly Circles + Office Hours are listed in the What's Included section.


This highly interactive group is $600 for our two months together with unlimited access to the content + replays. No penalty 3 month payment plans are always available for those who want it!

There are so many flavors of Joy. There are so many expressions of Joy. There are so many ways to embody Joy. Let's play with the ones that matter to you!


Why Uncharted? Because life is an adventure + much is unknown. Into the joyful mystery we go... With open hearts + curious minds + a willingness to choose joy.

Connection? Meaning? Awe? Magic? Sweetness? PLEASURE? GOOFINESS? REVERENCE? Whatever your flavors of joy — let's prioritize them, together!