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To join us for this 2 month exploration of the messy middle

You can’t control life, no matter how hard you try.


And if you're in the midst of Destruction, you KNOW this. You're on the edge of something new, but what? And when? How much will you have to sacrifice? What kind of changes will you have to make? What do you have to let go of in order to usher in your next evolution? What must you call in? Who do you have to become?

And for fucks sake -- how long do you have to exist in this messy middle goo stage isolated in your cocoon as your morph from the caterpillar you were into the butterfly you're becoming?

I may not have the answers to all your questions, but I can promise you -- I'm very, very practiced at living those questions!

We're gathering together this Fall to explore Destruction together.

You might be going through Destruction gleefully burning shit down without regard for the consequences! You might be tiptoeing around Destruction refusing to make changes because you're petrified they are the wrong ones! You might be clinging to old versions of yourself + your life because you can't stomach the unknown leap into Destruction! You might be armed with Pro + Con Lists for your marriage, your job, your city, your life dreams but feel too busy to do anything about it!

There are a million iterations as you step from out of the Unrest stage (passive dissatisfaction aka "I don't know what I want, but I know it's not *this*") into the Destruction (aka Evolution or Shedding or the Descent) stage.

Wherever you are? You don't have to be there alone.

Are you allowing yourself the messy middle of Destruction? Can you sit in unknown + give yourself permission to let go of what no longer serves you?

When nothing feels like it's working...

Let these 2 months be an invitation to NOT force the answers.

Destruction is full of UNCERTAINTY

And that's okay. Together, we'll embrace the topsy-turvy experience of rethinking your world, gathering courage, and continually finding your center.

Supporting women as they navigate risk and face fear is one of my superpowers — I’ve been doing it for 14 years here at Stratejoy.

Personally, I've been living in an extended version of Destruction for the last 2ish years...  Several moves! Work sabbatical! Longterm travel! Questioning every decision I've ever made!

I am finally entering the beginning stages of Growth but I'm still  feeling intimately connected to the experience of Destruction + I want to show up in this space for YOU. I don't have 1-2-3 steps to spring you into Growth, but I do have some useful frameworks to explore +  a boatload of compassion + gratitude for the wildness of this stage of the life cycle.

Let's be goo together!

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The Uncharted Destruction Group runs from September 10th through November 5th. We're gathering for 8 weeks within a very specific container to explore, honestly share + receive support in a community that gets it. Feeling that mix of nervous/excitement? Perfect! Let’s do this.

What’s Included

with the Uncharted Destruction Group?

New Material released every 2 weeks

I’ll guide you through the prompts + exercises and explain your "challenges" aka application via pre-recorded audio calls with transcripts. You'll complete the work on your own schedule + share your progress on our live calls or in our FB group.

ALLOWANCE — Do you give yourself permission or do you avoid stepping into the unknown? Are you attempting to skip into growth or are you accepting the uncertainty of Destruction?

ORIENTATION  — Are you romanticizing the past? Are you holding onto shame + regret? Or are you obsessed with what's next? What does it mean to show up for the present when you are in Destruction mode?

EXPERIENCE —  How does Destruction feel on the inside? How does it look on the outside? How can you be honest with the people who matter?

SECURITY —  Are you being wise as you let things go? Are you getting addicted to the drama of "burning it down"? How do you find the balance?

Destruction can ricochet you from living in the past to constantly looking forward to "what's next". Orientation to the present is a lifesaver!


Is this for me?

I’ve been lucky to support all kinds of women as they take ALL kinds of risks in their lives over the last 14 years. Some risks are tiny and some are huge — but each and every risk in honor of a dream has proven my hypothesis that courage grows through action.

But sometimes? You're just not sure what action you should be taking. And if you're smack dab in the middle of Destruction the stakes can feel really, really high.

If I leave my partner... Try to get pregnant... Open myself up to love...

If I quit my job... Leave my church... Close my business...

If I go back to school... Apply for a full time job... Monetize my hobby...

If I stop communicating with my family... Open up my marriage... Set a boundary...

If I sell my home... Move into the woods... Leave the country...

Then who am I? What will I do next? What have my previous dreams meant if I'm outgrowing them? How can I evolve without hurting people I love? What if I make the wrong choice + I am miserable? What if I regret changing? What if I can't go back? What if I get paralyzed by indecision + never make a move? What if I'm just being a drama queen?

Our two months together are a chance to live the questions with intention + create space for the next season of your life.

Living the Question + Creating Space sound very... Um... Static? Boring? Not even close to a sexy ROI on my money?

I get it. I do. But I'm creating this group knowing the kind of permission + support I needed during my long, drawn out phase of Destruction.

I needed allowance to be an emotional seesaw. I needed people to say it's okay to opt out of things for as long as you need. I needed reminders that I wasn't going to be stuck in the desert of no inspiration forever. I needed permission to change my mind + then change my mind back again. I needed space to get quiet + stop paying attention to all loud shouty right ways to do things. I needed to re-establish a strong connection to my inner guide + tiny girl self. I needed to cry a shit ton. I needed to get comfy being uncomfortable. I needed to practice changing in private and then in public.

You too?

The level of Destruction you act on during our time together is up to you.

If you're ready to take action during our two months together — Awesome.

I've got your back! I trust your timing! I place no limits on what is possible! Taking risks — in the face of uncertainty, doubt and conflicting external expectations — is something you get comfortable with by doing it + that's certainly true during Destruction.

If you're not ready to take action during our two months together — Awesome.

I'm certainly not going to force you, but I am going to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with you in the discomfort that "pausing" causes so many of us. There's such a premium placed on movement + leaping when you find yourself lost or in transition, but honestly? Sometimes we just have to be IN IT for an uncomfortably long time. Like way longer than we want to... Been there. Done that.

Still not sure a Group focused on Destruction is the right match for you?

It might help to watch this video on my Unrest-Destruction-Growth-Mastery Framework. It also might help to read this blog post about my own experience these last 2 years. If you're not quite in the right space, I invite you to explore the other fall group I'm offering — Uncharted Joy. 

And always, if you've got questions about right fit — just reach out at hello @ stratejoy dot come + I'll get back to you.

Real life continues in the midst of Destruction. This dissonance between how your life feels + how it looks can be incredibly isolating. I promise you're not alone.

Ready to join us?

If you’re ready to take a big leap, have the hard conversation, quit cold turkey, do something out-of-character, stand up for what is right, step into your brilliance, change your mind, ask for what you want, or burn the barn down — this 2 month group is for you.


Take the time and space to allow for your own Evolution. Together we'll explore the Messy Middle.

September 10 - November 5



2 month Stratejoy Group exploring Destruction (or Transition if you prefer!) in your life. A chance to be supported + seen during your messy middle of evolution. 4 Modules of Material + Experiments with weekly chances to gather live.


All women or non-binary peeps comfy with a space that centers women are welcome.  Stratejoy is a community united by spirit of hopeful sovereignty — even in the midst of harder seasons like Destruction. We are tight knit, but super welcoming.

Where + when?

Uncharted Destruction is an online Group that starts with an Opening Session on Sunday, September 10 and ends with a Closing Session on Sunday, November 5. Live weekly Circles + Office Hours are listed in the What's Included section.


This highly interactive group is $600 for our two months together with unlimited access to the content + replays. No penalty 3 month payment plans are always available for those who want it!

Your capacity for discomfort is stretched during Destruction! You've got to find your sweet spot on the security scale of change.