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The Stratejoy Council


Imagine being surrounded with “your people” while immersing yourself in some magical personal work. Imagine have soul sisters to share your challenges and celebrations. Imagine having an added level of accountability and camaraderie while you actually DO THE WORK.

Imagine laughter. And support. And a whip-smart mashup of coaching tools and positive psychology research delivered with Stratejoy’s typical moxie and honesty.

Imagine an affordable way to really dig into topics that matter to YOU.

Stop Imagining… It’s here!

The Stratejoy Councils are online pow wows that gather the Tribe together for 21 sparkling days and address the juiciest issues facing us as ambitious, connected, soulful women.

2015 Schedule

  • The Council, Holiday Edition: November 30 through December 20

What does each Council include?

Arrow - OrangeThree 60 minute Training Calls with Molly.

I’ll be live, teaching and sharing; you’ll be listening and writing (and drinking wine/commuting/cooking dinner). The calls will be recorded and sent out the following day for those of you who can’t make the live calls  or prefer to listen to them on your own schedule. Either way works!

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Follow-up Workbook Writing and Challenges.

There will be no more than 2 hours a week of challenges to be done between calls, because I know we are all busy women.  That said, I want you to get the most out of our 21 days together and I know the worksheets and challenges help you apply what you’re learning to your own life in concrete ways.



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A Secret Facebook Community.

This will be our online den of inspiration and accountability where we gather to report on the challenges, share “ahas” and celebrate success together.

The group is a special part of our 21 days together! It’s where we’ll connect with each other, answer the short Reflection Questions, and cheer each other as we explore the reasons we’ve come together. Doing this work in the company of other positive, brave-hearted woman adds an extra level of motivation to get the work done.

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Loads of Love to your Inbox.

You’ll get an email each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the Council with some visual inspiration, a short Reflection Question to share with us on the Facebook Wall, and a 30-40 minute audio recording interview with a gutsy woman. You can download the interviews to your phone, computer, or iTunes!

9 sweet emails + several motivating interviews to keep your energy up and help you stay grounded during the 21 days of learning.

Past Councils have featured interviews from these incredible people.

The Willpower Council Interviews Stratejoy

The Willpower Council Interviews Stratejoy




Questions, Concerns, Whatnot….Tweet or contact me!

The Councils are one of my favorite things in the world.  I love gathering with you, telling stories, and sharing new ways to really rock your world.  The Council is my way to share all the awesome things I study and use in my life about habits, goals, self-love, and living with intention.

These programs are set up to be affordable ways to get and stay involved in Stratejoy.  You  can take all three in a year, or just the one that seems most applicable.  And I look forward to welcoming you back, year after year!  We’ve already been doing the Holiday Council for two years now and it’s so fun to see it becoming a December tradition for many of you.

To sisterhood!  And magic-making!  And creating our most joyful worlds!



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