To Join Me for the Newly Revamped + Revised Reclamation

You’re on the verge of something big:

A long held dream, a meaningful career change, a satisfying relationship, a true commitment to your creativity, a sense of personal balance.

And yet… It continues to be just out of reach.

You didn’t used to have this problem. You did the right things, followed the path, performed the roles, worked your butt off, and got the gold stars.

​​​​​And then, the path ran out. Adulting took over. Your own wants took a backseat to reality of just keeping up with everything that the world (your kids! your job! your partner! your business!) wants from you.

You've been doing what you need to do to get by. You've got obligations and deadlines and people to care for -- and you get it done  Even in the midst of continued uncertainty + changing realities + the shitstorm of a world rolling back our human rights.

Even with all of that  -- a lot of the time it looks like you've got your shit together on the outside. But it doesn't feel that way on the inside.

You feel unmoored + unsure. Burnt out + lacking faith that any changes you make will help. You're caught in patterns of people-pleasing + over-pushing, or unrelenting second-guessing yourself, or the procrastination/perfection cycle, or a paralyzing fear of failure that won't let you take the risks you long to take.

the problem?

You keep looking outside yourself for answers + validation + the "right" next step on the path to a meaningful life.


It works.

Until it doesn't...

You might be 34 or 54, but at some point the external markers of success lose their power. These last several years have certainly show us that nothing is certain. All the "chasing your dreams" seems exhausting, not inspiring. And all the big changes you attempt don’t actually change a thing.

And right now a "new normal" seems beyond your reach.

Why? Because without a true shift of your inner world you’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic… Without a radical connection to your inner self you're building skyscrapers, but forgetting the foundation. Without reclaiming your own unique center, you're following the rules of someone else's game. Without a supportive structure + community to safely process inner patterns with, you keep spinning out.

It's time to dive into the inner game.

And yes, it's time to Reclaim Your Wholeness.

Welcome to your


Reclamation will transform the way you think (about yourself + about the world) — so you can transform the way you live.

Reclamation is not another goal-setting program.

It’s a program about strengthening belief in yourself and trust in your own capability, so that you can claim ownership over your life.

Reclamation will transform the way you think (about yourself + about the world) — so you can transform the way you live.

When someone asks you what you want, you won’t hesitate or hedge. You'll advocate for yourself. You’ll know what you want and believe — and state it with confidence. You'll have a strong foundation of personal truth to make decisions, set boundaries and trust your dreams.

Inner Truth + Outer Alignment =
An Unapologetic Life as the youest of yous

Putting yourself and your joy first (in service of the world you want to live in!) is a radical act of sovereignty. This program is your guide.

Reclamation is an online journey to reclaim your stories and your truth in 10 new areas that are vital to our lives as modern humans -- Presence, Relationships, Vision, Agency, Body, Work, Belonging, Joy, Self-Expression and Resources. You'll dive into topics that matter to your experience of your life: partnering + parenting, online/offline living, big dreams, personal power, aging, pleasure + sex, habits, community, play, creativity, money. We foster an environment of non-judgement, support, transparent honesty, and love so that you can explore these important + intimate topics in safety.

You don’t need a checklist of tasks + mindset hacks to live your best life -- you need to know how to deeply listen to yourself, trust what’s true for you, and unapologetically act in alignment with your truth. 


Is it time to explore your own truth (your opinions + your actions) about the big topics of your life? Time to gain some real clarity about your day-to-day, your capability, your confidence, your joy, your meaning? Time to remember you can trust yourself and your desires?


No matter what life has thrown at me, I’ve stayed grounded in what I can control + focused on pushing where it’s time to push + resting where it’s not — 

Because the invitation in Reclamation is always to bring all of me to the table.

Traveling the world


Honestly Reclamation has been a saving grace for me this year!

It has been such an amazing gift to have something good to focus on instead of just all the craziness in the world.

Seriously, thank you, Molly!



Reclamation has given me the support + grounding to stay focused on what’s important and to face all the challenges of this year with grace + resiliency.

Before doing Reclamation  -- that would have seemed impossible!



Reclamation has been the quiet, hopeful reminder that I’m not alone + I don’t have to do life by myself.

I am surrounded by a pool of women that show up consistently ready to support and witness one another. It is a sisterhood that fosters love, acceptance + some sister realness.

I get to SHOW UP the way I need to at the time. There’s no script or mask worn. It’s me in all my mess, fears and uncertainties.

I, WE, are free to be ourselves while having access to the beloved Molly who shines her guidance + Big Sister Power.

I’ve declared on many occasions that I am whole, I am complete, and I am fulfilled. These affirmations were tucked away for emergency use at anytime I started to fall victim. They served their purpose, but something was missing.

When doing the Courage Call in September, a light bulb came on -- an Ah-Ha moment! I was saying the affirmations hoping they would somehow fix me, but I don't need to be fixed. I simply need to yield permission to myself to be HERE.

Reclamation and it’s teachings awaken, strengthen and speak to my truth. It DARES me to ASK and PROMISES ANSWERS!


Andrea Case Study (20)

Reclamation has been everything I wanted + also everything I didn't know I wanted.

I expected to get to know myself better and that's definitely been happening. I feel more aligned with what's true for me and awakened to how my life fits into the larger picture of my world. Because of Reclamation, I've made friends with myself. I've given myself permission to pursue my vision of being a coach and an entrepreneur and have taken concrete action to make that a reality. 

The thing I was not prepared for was the richness of the sisterhood.  There's something about being able to share my truth with this group of women and be witnessed and supported in my me-ness that I've never experienced before.

To be part of this beautiful virtual container in the chaos and pain that is 2020 is something I will probably remember for the rest of my life.

We witness each person's unique experience with love and acceptance... something I've longed for in my life for years. Reclamation and this group has helped me move forward in ways I haven't been able to in the past. Thank you doesn't even start to convey what this experience has been for me.


Andrea Case Study (21)

When the early bird registration came around for Reclamation 2020, I jumped on it and I haven’t looked back for a moment.

Even with all the wildness in the Year of Corona, and being COVID-unemployed,

Reclamation has given me a structure + intentionality + accountability with my life that I haven’t had or felt in a long time. It has helped me grow leaps + bounds this year.

I’ve been surprised and amazed at what topics have rocked my world to its very foundation (Expectations! Courage! Who knew?!) and made me consider so much in new ways. Even though the year isn’t quite over yet I already look forward to another year or two down the road when I’ll absolutely be joining back in for another round—I can’t wait to see what topics will rock me next time.

I never dreamed at the start of this year that I would be thick in starting a new business with my tarot work and I didn’t think I would be doing my End of Life doula training for at least another couple of years yet, but between Reclamation and COVID here I am, and I am so happy for it all.

I am grateful that Molly is here and leading such a sensitive + generous + searching + fierce group of women every year.


This Journey Kicks off on October 5th!


Mockup - Reclamation

You hear, “Be sexy, but dress your age. Be successful + assertive, but also dutiful + polite. Be rich, but only if you don’t have to work too hard for it. Be an example, a superwoman, a cheetah - but don’t get too big for your britches. Be low maintenance, but polished -- a natural beauty. Be an activist, but respectful. Be strong + brave, but also vulnerable. Be thin, but don’t make the effort obvious. Be someone with strong boundaries, but also be generous + love unconditionally. Be confident, but don’t ever brag. Oh, and you know what? Make it all look easy.”

Oh, fuck that.

What is truly YOU? How do you accept + let yourself be seen in all your juxtapositions? And where is it safe to start ditching your social masks and start stepping into your wholeness? Authenticity is the very first step to reclaiming joy, by reclaiming YOU.

Life Skills: 

  • You Don’t Have to Earn it, but You Do Have to Claim it: Enoughness is Your Birthright
  • Getting Authentic is about Getting Naked (Literally, Metaphorically, Whateverally)
  • Occupy the “And” by Embracing your Human Juxtapositions 

Meet Heather and Tina.

These 2 women are very different — but both felt like they had done what they were supposed to do, yet what they were supposed to do didn’t get them what they really wanted.

Heather's Story

Heather and I did a lot of work together over the year as she shed layers of her life that no longer fit — but she told me that the month of Purpose was truly eye-opening for her.

Not only was it the first time that she clearly articulated her purpose of “creating safe spaces,” but it was also the first time she understood that she was already living with purpose in how she parented and how she interacted within her different communities.

She said exploring her Purpose with that new lens — understanding that it was a way of showing up, not just a future goal for career — actually gave her courage and resolve in the big changes she was making.

And getting so specific with her own purpose helped Heather stay true to herself when others questioned her “crazy” choices.

The short version of those crazy changes? Quitting her corporate job, going back to school in social work, and getting accepted in a competitive training to work with domestic abuse survivors.

Tina's Story

Tina chose “Emerge” as her word of the year because she felt stuck. A brainy mama completing her Master’s Degree with two young kids, but totally unsure of what was next…

She felt alone. And like she wasn’t measuring up to the story of success she had been telling herself her entire life.

The month of Authenticity opened up an incredible amount of insight for her. For the first time, she was allowed to explore and share all sides of herself, even the ones that she had cast aside in childhood because they weren’t celebrated.

As Tina embraced both her intelligence and her creativity, both her power and her softness — she gave herself permission to show up as her whole self.

And what emerged? A beautiful new business that celebrates her creative strength, as well as her academic background.

Parvanah.ca is authentic, conscious, nurturing, well-informed. Just like Tina.


I used to second guess EVERY little decision. I could talk myself in and out of taking action like a pro. I would beat myself up for making a “wrong” decision.

Now? I’m feeling powerful beyond my wildest dreams.

The life I am living now looks like a 180 from where I started the year. I quit my job, I am back in school, I spend my afternoons with my children, my marriage is stronger then ever. I have chosen every single piece of this life. I take ownership over every decision.

Chico, CA


I knew it was time to truly dig deep and commit to my own growth. I have dug around the personal development world for years, taking samples here and there as I went along.

But I knew that I had only scratched the surface.

I knew having someone like Molly by my side to witness and gently nudge me along would be invaluable.

I was right. Molly truly is a gift in this world and working with her has been an absolute privilege.

Victoria, B.C.

You, Heather and Tina aren’t so different.

You’re all hungry to live a life that feels on purpose instead of accidental. You want to make choices that feel anchored in your own truth, stand firmly behind your own decisions, pursue goals that turn you on, and revel in relationships — with yourself or with others — that support your true needs.

You’re all tired of the chaos, the over-commitment, the constant need to say “yes” and the lack of direction.

Women who don’t settle or defer to pleasing everyone but themselves know what they want — whether it’s about dinner, Netflix, or sex. They know what they stand for. They know what makes them who they truly are.

If you’re ready to stop people-pleasing, quit over-committing, and cease settling -

it's time to Reclaim yourself.

doesn’t stop there.

You will:

  • Feel anchored in who you are, what you believe + how to effect change
  • Know how to make choices based on what is right for you, not what is expected of you
  • Build a loving and appreciative relationship with your wise body
  • Understand how prioritizing pleasure + ritual + creativity makes life easier
  • Accept that imperfections and juxtapositions make you whole, not broken
  • Ask for what you want with less fear of conflict or disappointing someone
  • Create new standards for your relationships by renegotiating boundaries
  • Reconnect with your own feminine wisdom + deep source of inner guidance

​​​And you won’t:

  • Let worry about what others think stop you from honoring your true desires
  • Be disappointed when others don’t anticipate your needs
  • Quiet your opinions out of fear of upsetting someone
  • Blindly follow someone's expectations for your life
  • Feel disconnected from your own power

I know this sounds like a lot to take on.

You’ve probably tried to make changes like these in the past. You're most likely exhausted by 2020.

But right now?

You’re in a unique position to reclaim your wholeness because everything we know about "real life" has shifted. There's literally never been a better time to do the internal work of examining your own assumptions, your own desires, your own knowingness. In a world serving us so much uncertainty -- it's the perfect time to remind yourself that YOU have the answers for YOUR life.

You're ready. I'm ready.

Your unapologetic life is waiting...

Now? Now it’s time to get the support you need to see it through.


Reclamation has been my rock this year.

2020 has been filled with more challenges than I have faced in... possibly my entire life, but Molly and all my fellow Reclaimers have been a circle of strength this whole year.

Reclamation helped me build a better marriage, be a better parent, and do my work as a teacher more joyfully and effectively.

But most of all, it has been my guide for finding clarity in my life, showing me what is truly important, and how to make space for creativity and play in my life.

Reclamation has taught me ways to prioritize joy and live a life worth living.

South Korea


Reclamation in a pandemic has made it easier for me to manage my way through my feelings. There have been many times where I felt supported in deep waters, knowing I wasn’t alone.

Reclamation has been an anchor for me. I get to be all of me, no judgement -- and that helps me get outside of my own damn head to do the work!!

So many smart, amazing women tackling issues + bringing new perspectives has helped challenge my own + pushed me to become more of who I am supposed to be.

Truly, having this space + time to know myself better when the rest of the world is out of control has been so grounding. I feel really empowered -- if I can do this right now, I can do anything!



Reclamation has been my saving grace in 2020.

It has been my safe space to celebrate, process, grieve, explore, muse, inspire and be inspired.

I have found that it has been especially important to have a space to reflect on my inner landscape and feel supported + connected given all of the turmoil in our world.

This year has thrown so many curveballs at us, but by spending time diving deep into important topics in my own life (expectations! courage!) --  I have been able to find connection to myself and to others no matter where I was.

And lord know I have been all over the place... 😉


Leigha Reclamation Testiomonail

Words cannot describe what Reclamation has meant to me. It was the space I'd always hoped for +  the push I didn't know I needed.

I had no idea how much the sisterhood and support would be needed as I blazed trails all year long.

Thank you for your spunky badass light, for making spirituality + personal growth not feel cheesy, and for being so raw and open with us all year long.



It sounds dramatic, but honestly I think 2020 would have drowned me without Reclamation.

Instead, it's turned into a transformational year, re-examining almost every aspect of my life + how I interact with others. It's been especially interesting to do the work during a year where it seems like the world in general is being torn apart + rebuilt too.


Roni Reclamation Testimonial

Reclamation has brought me more into myself than I have ever been in my life.

I'm continuing to deepen making authentic decisions and finding little moments of truth pop up at me that allow me to live MY life.

I will never forget this journey. Reclamation has been a serious life changer for me.

Thank you for bringing me through it, Molly!



I support women as they reclaim themselves and their deepest desires.

I'm an entrepreneur, mama and adventurer who tells the truth kindly and believes in the power of sisterhood. I founded Stratejoy in 2009 knowing we all needed a place to practice joy in this messy world + practice telling the whole truth to ourselves. And now in 2021? We've never needed these practices more!

In Reclamation, you’re an Explorer, armed with an open mind, a willing heart, and an empty journal.

This isn't a theoretical program! I’m asking you to deep dive into your inner knowing. Practice in your real life. Experiment with tools of the head, heart + body. And finally, declare the Truths that will serve as anchors for you and your authentic life.

I know. It's big.
But you won't be alone.

You'll be pushing your edges with a supportive group of women and a guide dedicated to your awakening. (Yup! That one is me!) I do most of my heavy lifting by writing swear-ey love letters to your wise inner self, by making off-the-cuff live videos, by teaching you essential "life skills" each month, by offering prompts + experiments to practice in your real life, and by sharing my own raw stories. 

I'll provide structure, expansion and help build sisterhood.

Reclaiming your wholeness — a sense of ownership over your opinions, your purpose, your body, your inner guide, your patterns, your time, your money, your self-expression, your contribution, your courage — will be quite the journey.

But it's journey worth taking.

Your entire world is going to thank you.

Here's how

Join us for this 2021 journey + you'll receive:


10 Teaching Calls

1 recorded call per month from Molly to guide you through each monthly theme


20 Interviews

2 interviews per month for wise words + new perspective on the theme


10 Live Q+A Videos

2 hours each month with Molly for Q+A, story-sharing and laser coaching


20 IRL Challenges

Push your boundaries through action + focus your heart through reflection


Private Facebook Group

Connection, Witnessing + Celebration happen daily with your Reclamation Sisters


Monthly Book Club

Want to deepen your exploration of the theme? We've got our own book club!


Reclamation Workbook

Shipped to you. Workbook + challenge tracker + daily journal = Your 2021 obsession


Small Group Upgrade

Register for Small Group (8 women maximum) for extra support + coaching.

Your investment

Who might you be in if you knew who you were + what life looked like on your terms?  Who would you be if you knew you'd reclaimed your natural state of self-love + self-trust?

Your investment in Reclamation Self Study is an investment in the self-knowledge it takes to become that woman — one day at a time. Knowing what you want, what you believe and that you're worthy of it all is the ultimate investment in your  joyful future.

Reclamation Topics (1)


$3000 $997 for the Self Study Journey
  • ✔️ 10 Teaching Calls
  • ✔️ 10 Personal Retreat Circles
  • ✔️ 20 Guest Interviews
  • ✔️ 20 IRL Challenges
  • ✔️ Daily Journal Pages + Prompts
  • ✔️ Book Recommendations + Playlists
  • ✔️ Priority Community Invitations

No penalty 4 month
payment plan available!

How is
going to help me?


Meet Jill, Tunja + Katie

Three women who had three different reasons for joining, three different years, three different months that made all the difference and one shared Reclamation journey.

Want to read more in depth Reclamation Case Studies from all walks of life -- new mom, newly divorced, turning 50, over-committed SAHM, creative biz owner, high stress job, life coach, and "fine but unfulfilled"?


Jill's Story

Andrea Case Study (12)

Jill decided to sign up for Reclamation in the year after she finished her PhD in sociology, a process that left her with very little time for personal development or self-reflection.

In Holiday Council, she had settled on the word “Rooted” as her theme of the year, and Reclamation seemed to very much fit into the goal of discovering who she was without any pressures from the external expectations so prevalent in academia.

The process brought to light several areas of her life that she had been avoiding, including that she has a form of muscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth disease.

In her case, the symptoms of the disease were relatively minor and often easy to hide and ignore. Nevertheless, she knew that the prognosis was that her muscles would continue to lose strength and capability throughout her life.

A combination of her first bad ankle sprain and Body Love month meant that she finally began to talk about and accept her diagnosis more openly. She began doing physical therapy in order to preserve and even improve her mobility.

Body Love month pushed her past a limiting story that her body was in constant decline and into internally processing the truth that by caring for her body, she was reclaiming her wholeness.

tunja's Story

Tunja Reclamation Testimonial

Tunja is a life coach for teachers. She engages with women (and men) who are experiencing lots of emotional ups and downs — both with their students and in their own lives.

Her biggest goal is to create a safe space where teachers are able to process their emotions and feel supported. To better do this, Tunja knew she needed to find a heightened sense of calm within herself, so she used the month of Ritual to truly develop calm for herself.

Each morning, her ritual includes getting up slowly and quietly. Instead of checking social media or emails, she begins her day by writing what she’s grateful for; how she wants to be that day; what she’s thankful for about her body; and how she chooses to live in mind, body, and spirit.

She said her morning ritual was such a success that it led her to look at her day as parentheses – and she wanted a way to close her day just as calmly as she opened it.

So, she began a ritual of reading from a book of affirmations. Every evening she reads a few sentences and said it’s become a signal to her brain to start winding down.

Tunja said her rituals have been simple to implement but very powerful, helping not only her but the teachers she serves.

KATIE's Story

Andrea Case Study (13)

After deciding to leave her job to be a stay-at-home mom, Katie was struggling to define success in a life that didn’t involve work. She had loved her job, and without it — along with the challenges that came with new motherhood — she was feeling isolated, unconfident, and unsure of who she was.

Katie said the month of Expectations was critical in helping her dig through her long-held beliefs, especially around career and success.

She explored why having a career meant so much to her, why she connected having a career with having a meaningful life, and why she felt she could only succeed in a certain way.

After connecting deeply with that month’s book, Katie said she realized it was okay to play small, to take her foot of the gas, and to go slower in this season of her life.

That realization has helped Katie find some peace in her transition from career to motherhood and allowed her room to explore some new ways of thinking and being.

She’s started painting again and participated in her first art show. She’s become more present, both with herself and as a mom. And she’s seeing that there are many ways to define a meaningful life.

Why do I need Reclamation?


I can't tell you how many times I hear this one... "I already have half of these books -- I should just commit to reading them!" Or "I'm am interested in several of these topics -- but shouldn't I take specific courses from the subject experts themselves?"

If you will do those things -- GO FOR IT.

But in my experience , you won't. Reclamation gives you a specific structure to work through 10 themes by immersing in one each month -- day by day, book by book, conversation by conversation, revelation by revelation. Even though it may not be the sexiest aspect of the program, the structure of Reclamation is one of the things women most appreciate.

It's the one that helps you actually DO THE WORK.


I think of Reclamation as a "training year" to practice the things you may know in theory (self-love, setting boundaries, advocating for yourself, listening to your intuition, focusing on the next right step, fill-in-the-blank) but don't actually APPLY to your real life.

If you truly love yourself -- how does that shake out in your self-talk in the mirror, the advocating you do for your own pleasure in the bedroom, the raises you negotiate at work? If you truly listen to your intuition -- how do you handle holidays with toxic family members, or daily yearning to find a new job when you're in debt, or attending church when your religious background doesn't jive with your current beliefs?

These are the kind of practical life matters we examine, discuss and PRACTICE together.


The point of Reclamation is to help you reclaim your Truth on each of the themes we cover. What is important to you about Authenticity? About Ritual? About Purpose?

In order to do this -- I share my own personal Truth, guide you through writing prompts during the teaching calls, introduce you to guest expert opinions via interviews, discuss inspiring books, and invite the honest sharing of stories in our private Facebook group.

Your view of what is "acceptable, allowed, possible, or desired" expands during this exploration. Sometimes radically!

Armed with this new knowledge and the real life challenges you've experimented with -- you have all the input you need to declare your newly resourced Truth.

And it's these Truths that create your personal guide to truly  living life on your own terms.


Not everyone chooses to participate in the community aspect of Reclamation, but for those who do -- it consistently ranks one of the most important pieces of the journey. Sometimes in your "real life" you don't have connection to women who lead lives different than your own and are willing to openly discuss their choices. It happens in Reclamation with a vulnerability and beauty that leaves me breathless.

Together we practice non-judgemental witnessing, open support of all experiments (which means we "succeed" + "fail" in equal measure) and honesty, even when it's fucking scary. We celebrate + process together, allow each other to be beginners and experts, and lead with love in ways that are authentic to each of us. We don't gossip, tear each other down, or offer false positivity.

If none of that sounds familiar, it's high time you experience the acceptance + possibility that true sisterhood can bring to your life.

Who Else am I Learning from?

In addition to the teaching materials + challenges from Molly, each month comes with two Guest Expert interviews and vetted book recommendations to expand your learning.


Rec _Authneticity copy

Nicole Antoinette: “Often times, what I’m going through is simply the beautiful agony of trying to live with both grit and grace – by which I mean showing up to life and giving my full effort, while at the same time accepting that I will make tons of mistakes, that I can’t control everything, and that uncertainty is the only certainty.”

​Susan Hyatt: “Ten years ago, you would not have recognized me. I was stuck in a career that I hated. Thirty-five pounds over my natural weight. Sleepwalking through life and turning to food for comfort. I was going through the motions. No fire in my eyes. Existing. But not really alive.”

Untamed by Glennon Doyle
More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth
If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie



03 Expectations social copy

Andrea Owen: “I think I know you. You feel good a lot of the time. Most people think you really have your shit together, in fact many people probably come to you for help. And you’re probably really tired. And I’m not talking about the I-need-to-fall-asleep-now-to-a-Netflix-binge tired (that too, actually), but the kind of sick and tired that comes with trying and trying and trying to keep the facade up that you’re fine."

​Tara McMullin: "My degree is in religious studies. I'm obsessed with what people believe, why they believe those things, and how those beliefs manifest into actions—and I have been since I was a child. It's no wonder that I approach business-building in much the same way. I actively challenge the dogma that gets passed around in the small business world."

Playing Big by Tara Mohr
Burnout by Emily + Amelia Nagoski
The Middle Finger Project by Ash Ambirge



Body Love
Rec _Body Love copy

Rachel Cole: “For years I lived the life of a hungry woman. I used to fill notebooks with calculations of calories. I used to believe the smaller my pants size the greater my worth. I longed to step off the tight-rope that my life had become. I ached for all the ‘shoulds’ to dissolve into enoughness.”

​Vivienne McMaster: “I shake up people’s perceptions of what a ‘selfie’ is and invite them to reclaim it back from the idea that it is selfish or narcissistic to take one. Instead it becomes a tool for personal storytelling, for creating a visual narrative of our lives and a way to reclaim how we see ourselves.”

Women Food and God by Geneen Roth
The Body Is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor
Project Body Love by Jessie Harrold



Rec _Pleasure copy

Ev’yan: "I've been on my sexual liberation journey for more than a decade, and as I've continued to unshame and reclaim my sexuality, my work has expanded to an even deeper purpose:To guide women and femmes into their own sexual awakenings and help them recover their lost connection with their bodies, desires, and the pleasure that is their birthright.

Michele Lisenbury: “The opportunity to feel desired, ravished, to fully let down at the hands of your partner: that is what is missing in most mothers and wives (and their marriages, their businesses, their creativity, their lives)."

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski
Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown
Pussy by Regena Thomashauer




06_Ritual copy

Mara Glatzel: "If I Had Only Ten Seconds of Your Time, I would tell you… You are not broken beyond repair. It is safe to belong to yourself. It is not too late. You are allowed to have needs. You are allowed to want. The thing(s) that you’ve been yearning for ARE possible. You are more ready than you think.”

L'Erin Alta: "I believe in love, sovereignty and wild devotion. I believe in prayer, meditation and unapologetic self-expression. I believe in ancestral and indigenous medicine for modern times and people. I believe in adventure, curiosity and brave boundaries. But most of all, I believe in you."

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd
Belonging by Toko-pa Turner
Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God by Kaitlin B. Curtice



Rec _Creativity copy

Tiffany Han: “My jam is telling the truth. And not just the looks-good-on-paper truth, but the motherf*cking truth. The truth that stops you in your tracks. The one you feel in your gut. The cumbersome, annoying truth that tells you it's time to wake up and live a different life.”

Karen Walrond: “Light occurs naturally all around us -- But even more powerful is our astonishing ability to make light: the way we care for ourselves, the way we care for others, the way we move through the world. This is how we thrive: we commit to making light.”

Creatrix: She Who Makes by Lucy H. Pearce
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
More Myself by Alicia Keys



08 Courage social copy

Tanya Geisler: "Has the Impostor Complex gotten the better of your big dreams? Maybe it's time you took control of those dreams. Maybe it's time you tapped yourself into your own success. Maybe it's time that you decided to claim the opportunities that present to you, that you asked for the introductions, that you made the pitches, and that you embraced the applause with full heart. Yes. Maybe it's time you finally overcame your Impostor Complex and brought your dreams to life.”

Michelle Ward: “I’ve coached hundreds of creative women since 2008 to get out of their soul-sucking jobs and discover – and launch! – their authentic, fulfilling businesses. I don’t use magic and I don’t read tea leaves, but I do use a personalized process to help you uncover your lifestyle goals and turn them into your dream business.”

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser
Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes
The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer



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Shenee Howard: “People come to me with their big ideas, visions and aspirations. I work with people who know they have SOMETHING that will change a lot of people's lives and just needs help getting the work OUT THERE. That's where I come in!”

Laura Simms: "After struggling through my own career crisis, I knew there had to be a better way to navigate career change than assessments and career parlor games like “What would you do if the money didn’t matter?” (It does.) Armed with the major ah-ha moment that it’s less about what you do and more about why you do it, I set out to develop that way."

Becoming by Michelle Obama
My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem
Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer



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Elizabeth Dialto: “I spent many years dialing down my desires for the benefit of others. Through my search for meaningful work and purpose, I stopped doing that. My deepest desire now is to help women get out of their heads and into their bodies to reconfigure our current body image culture and make self-love, trust and acceptance the new standards.”

Julie Parker: “It is my sacred mission to help you learn to respect and adore yourself and your gifts, and along the way, uncover the incredible life you were truly meant to live.”​​​​​​​

Diana, Herself by Martha Beck
Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay



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Sarah Kaler: “After a series of grand mal seizures due to stress and exhaustion, I felt deeply called to contribute to the world for myself, my family, and humanity… but I didn’t want to sacrifice my lifestyle and health in the process.”

Bari Tessler: "I wasn’t the only one craving a new relationship with money.
My bookkeeping clients weren’t just looking for someone to crunch their numbers. We were all craving a whole new way to “do” money. Evolved and whole. Mindful and embodied. Deeply meaningful and daringly playful. Honoring every layer of our beings: practical, emotional, and spiritual."

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist
How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community by Mia Birdsong
The Art of Money by Bari Tessler

+ Agreements

Of course we need to learn from others, but we also need to understand that there’s no one secret + no one way that works for everyone. Every suggestion I give + personal truth I share is a starting place -- you’ve gotta put it through your lens + flesh it out with your circumstances.


This program focuses on your individual system + inner truth-telling. That’s not because I’m ignoring the importance of community advocacy work + the necessary outer truth-telling + action that disrupts the fucked up systems of oppression in our world. It’s that I’m not trained to lead that kind of work. My gifts focus at the level of individual experience -- womxn by womxn by womxn.


Application in your real life takes the idea of ownership and helps you with the practical process of doing it. Not just thinking or journaling about it, not just intellectually knowing it’s possible, but reclaiming the truths of who you are in your real life through ACTION.

+ What's Included?
  • 10 months of Sisterhood
  • 10 Teaching Calls
  • 20 Guest Interviews
  • 10 Live Q+A Videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Monthly Book Recommendation
  • 340 page Full Color Workbook

The biggest lesson I’ve learned has been that “I should” and “I can’t” are kinda bullsh*t.

They’re all just choices.

Some hard, some easy.

The things that I thought were impossible a year ago are possible today because of a shift in perspective.

Things like creating time for myself in an impossibly over-busy life by learning that I am as deserving of my own energy as my loved ones + colleagues; establishing loving but firm boundaries that respect my beliefs + needs; and feeling more connected.



The one-two punch of Authenticity + Expectations really show you that you don’t have to be who you’ve always been. You don’t have to maintain the status quo.

You can choose who you want to be + how you want to be that way.

These are all things I would not have thought about or pushed myself to do had I not jumped in with faith that the Reclamation process would be worth the time, worth the effort, worth the money, worth overcoming the fear, worth putting myself out there someplace that is a little bit scary.



I committed to Reclamation because I was coming out of some of the most difficult years I've ever experienced.

I was on the upswing, but still felt like something was missing.

Reclamation was exactly what I needed to feel centered again... Or maybe really for the first time.

When I think back to where I was this time last year, I never would have imagined that I'd have a community of women all over the world who genuinely care about each other and our well being. Shout-out to the original 2017 small group!

Saint Louis

Andrea Case Study (3)

Reclamation brings you deeper into who you are. We often use the word "better" but Molly says over + over again you don't need to be fixed, there is nothing to fix...

It wasn’t really until Reclamation that I fully understood what she meant.

Life doesn’t really work in a "point A to B" way, so neither does Reclamation.

And that’s exactly what I loved about it.



I started this journey excited and scared -- with an open mind and a broken heart.

Reclamation has been a rollercoaster ride.

Rewarding. Hard. Fun. Fulfilling.

It's like I've been given a sword to cut through the cobwebs or my false believes, and unhealthy patterns.

I’m giving the past a loving, grateful kiss goodbye.

Puerto Rico


I got so much more than I had hoped.

Through Reclamation, I gained an understanding of how my upbringing had led me to undervalue myself purely because I am a woman.

As I began to see how I felt that throughout my life, I began to heal and open to new ways of thinking and being in my world.

I feel at home in my own life.

New Brunswick

Frequently Asked Questions.


I always thought that the woman I would become was related to a job I would perform. Because of Reclamation, I now know that it doesn't matter what job I am doing - what matters is how I am doing it. How I am showing up in the world. How I am more myself in my life. This mental shift, is making a huge impact in my life.

The emphasis is on ME and how I show up every day.

On being a woman. Being myself. Where and how I spend my time, energy, money. Making my own choices and setting my own standards. I don't have to live up to any one else's.

My life is my own.



Going into Reclamation the year I launched my business was no coincidence. I knew I had some limiting beliefs that I needed to work through before the launch.

Reclamation was the gift of support and personal growth that I gave myself and I’m so glad I did.

I got above and beyond what I expected from my investment.

And I love that Molly’s right there with you doing her own work. She’s not passing down judgement or telling you what to do, but sharing content + questions for you to take what YOU need, and leave what you don’t.

I ended every month with gems of new awareness.

Boulder, CO

Andrea Case Study (2)

I’ve always been a very opinionated person, but I was always afraid to share my opinions in case someone thought I was wrong.

Since starting Reclamation, it’s become way easier to share my opinions and not care what other people think about them.

Up until the last election, I was complacent about politics, and I didn’t see how protesting or voicing my opinion could make a difference. Now I realize that I have to do this -- I have to voice my opinion -- because that’s the only way things are going to change. I need to be aware and get active.

And the type of internal work that I’m doing in Reclamation is helping me with that.



If you're like me, then you've spent your entire life checking off all the boxes. Doing all the right things. Until finally you hit this wall because you realize that even though all the boxes are checked, + even though you have this "enviable" life on paper, +  even though you have the life you literally prayed for --

You are not happy.

So you find yourself going through life at half-speed. Constantly bracing for the next thing to go wrong. Never really enjoying any part of your life. You go through life like you're on a rollercoaster with your eyes squeezed shut, holding your breath, waiting for it to all be over.

And then you do Reclamation...

And you learn how to surrender --  to open your eyes, throw your hands up in the air, EXHALE and just enjoy the fucking ride!



I was forced to change or defend my perspectives with each new piece of information we covered. That constant consideration, the idea that each decision or action is a choice, is what created the space for the big shift that happened this year -- healthier than ever, embracing my role as a mother, dream job in my dream city, feeling full.

I emerged with a whole new perspective about what my body, brain and heart need. And what I deserve.

I still feel unease, sure, but mostly I feel grounded and confident in every path forward and importantly, that I have the tools that I will need to weather the evolving seasons of life.

Beyond that though, the powerful realization that everything I could possibly want is within my grasp, if only I have the courage to stand up and ask for it.



A year ago, I was an anxious mess. Living in the future, wishing for my life to be different. Striving for things I couldn’t put my finger on. Generally feeling restless, but not knowing why.

Enter Reclamation.

I had worked with coaches before and always finished feeling “meh” about the experience. It always felt like there was a lack of authenticity.

Molly and Reclamation felt different.

Taking the financial plunge was something I had to work through, I’m so happy that even though it was scary, I decided to make the investment in myself.

I gained what my soul was craving: clarity. Clarity about who I am, what I want, what makes me happy + what I value + stand for. I can love better and engage more, all while understanding that this can, and will, evolve.


Mockup - Reclamation

We start the 25th!

Reclamation Essentials 2022

$897 for the Journey
  • ✔️ 3 Teaching Calls
  • ✔️ 3 Live Q+A Calls (2 hours each)
  • ✔️ 3 Live Zoom Circles (1.5 hours each)
  • ✔️ Private FB Community
  • ✔️ 6 Guest Interviews + 6 IRL Challenges
  • ✔️ 110 Page Workbook Mailed to You