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Every time I get a little Molly in my life, my attitude is instantly changed–I can’t help but transform into a grinning, life-lovin’ hippie child. I sometimes wonder what the neighbors may think, when I’m on a call with her–all that hootin’ and hollerin’, they probably think I’m doing something much naughtier. Fortunately for me, I’m not. Am I saying that Molly is better than sex? WHY YES, I AM.

Ash Ambirge, Bombshell at The Middle Finger Project


Molly is sparkles and sunshine mixed with a healthy dose of grounded wisdom. Her perspective on life and how to live it best is inspiring, fully of joy, and deliciously practical. Part best gal pal, part brilliant therapist, part tough love mentor, Molly is your girl to optimize your life.

Kate Northrup, Author of Money: A Love Story


Whenever I’m doubting myself and my abilities, I think, “What would Molly tell me to do?” And, without fail, the answer kicks my ass in gear. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and guidance with my Life Less Bullshit brand; it’s thanks to our coaching that I was finally able to articulate what I want and how to go from where I am now to where I want to be. You helped me clarify my big picture, and you gave me the confidence to do the impossible: get up and speak in front of 1,000+ people. You’re an inspirational magician, lady!

Nicole Antoinette, Founder of A Life Less Bullshit

Molly’s one of those women who you wanna hate because she’s so smart and does such great work and has one of the cutest babies on the planet… and then you meet her and she’s nicer than she appears (if that’s possible!) and then you’re all, “I looooooooove that Molly Mahar!” This happened to me, and it’s a definite guarantee that it’s gonna happen to you, too. This is a threat/promise.

Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up Coach

Tara-GentileMolly is proof that bubbles and brain really do mix. And she’s full of capital “L” Love. Love that will steer you straight on your personal path to success.

Tara Gentile, Writer & Business Strategist

I have never met someone who was able to motivate me as much as Molly. The girl has such a genuinely happy and energetic spirit that she can turn any dreary day into one full of sunshine. I wish I could take a “Molly” pill at least twice a day!

Brit Morin, Founder and CEO at Brit + Co

Stratejoy is the perfect name for Molly’s business. She has the unique ability to help others see the big picture, nail down the all-important details, and do it all while making you feel like you can conquer the world. Yeah, she’s that good.

Sean Ogle, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Founder of Location 180

Molly is wise, grounded and talented, which you want in a coach — but it is her inspired zest for life that will have you beaming as you dig deep to design your own joy-filled path.

Pamela Slim, Business Coach and Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation

Molly is a firecracker exploding with inspiration, motivation, professional illumination, and tips for living a soulful, open-hearted, fulfilling life.  Plus, she gives good hugs.

Lissa Rankin, MD, Integrative Medicine Physician, Author and Artist

Molly is a sparkling blend of joyous positivity, wit and life hacking. That’s why she’s at the top of my list when looking for guest teachers, speakers, change agents.

Susan Hyatt, Master Life Coach

It’s impossible to be in Molly’s presence and not be uplifted, energized and psyched about life. She just pulls you into her gravitational field of vibrance and it’s absolutely contagious.

Jonathan Mead, Founder of Paid to Exist

Molly has a heart of pure brilliant gold, mixed with the perfect blend of curiosity, business savvy and life experience to help you get wherever it is you want to go — with confidence, clarity and peace of mine. She’s kind and caring, but isn’t afraid to lovingly tell it like it is. Every interaction I have with Molly leaves me inspired, uplifted and full of actionable ideas.

Jenny Blake, Life Coach and Author of Life After College

Molly is an instant dose of sunshine, and I especially love her because she keeps it just as real as she does sparkly.  Whether a course or a conversation, I love that I can trust Molly to inspire me with actual actionable ideas as well as to call me out when I try to hide behind excuses or fears. You need someone in your corner who’s just as real as she is brilliant, who’s as human as she is genius — Molly is so totally this person.

Doniree Walker, Social Media Coach and Fairy Blogmother

Molly is a dynamic leader whose love, intelligence and grace shine through every ounce of her work. Whether writing to thousands of readers, speaking to a crowd of hundreds or coaching clients one-on-one, her authenticity and moxie are second to none. Molly’s tribe of loyal fans and supporters love her because she continually provides them with experience, awareness and growth that propels them toward all their lifelong goals.

Dave Ursillo, Writer and Philosopher

In 2010, I hit some seriously bumpy times. I had no idea what it was that I was going through, only that I was going through something profound and unravelling.  Molly’s combination of patience and compassion drew me out. She has given me something that I never could have given myself: self-compassion and acceptance. I’m alright with who I am. I’m really alright with where I am. One of the most influential people that I have to thank for my profound transformation over the last two years is Molly. Damn it, girl. I love you.

Amanda Farough, Brand Whisperer and UX Designer

KateRI was exhausted, disoriented, and having mixed feelings about my stay-at-home-momness–even 2 1/2 years post giving birth–when I contacted Molly. I wanted so badly to see some light and feel like a connected, contributing, confident woman/mother instead of the intimidated blob I’d become, but had no clue how to get there.

Almost immediately (and seemingly accidentally!) I felt a shift in my energy, a newfound sense of purpose and direction, more joy, peace, gratitude… And space! There’s so much more space in my life after having been coached.

You’re exceptionally good at what you do.

Kate, Seattle. Writer, Coach, Mom, Wife

hannah pasquinzo
Before I started working with Molly, I was feeling super stuck and unmotivated. I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing any of the stuff I was doing anymore… to say that I was lacking purpose is an understatement. Fast-forward three short months, and purpose is like my new middle name! 😉 I feel totally inspired, and the faith that Molly has in me has really helped me build up the confidence I need in order to go after my dreams – in a totally practical, but totally big way.

Hannah Pasquinzo, Life Coach, Dancer and Horse Lover

For over a year, I felt dissatisfied with my professional life / business. I didn’t feel successful, didn’t know what I wanted and was desperate to figure out what I was missing. I ended up hiring Molly and have not looked back. She helped me define success for myself, figure out what excites me, what my strengths are, and in the end, which direction to take my business.

I could not give a higher recommendation. She helped me get out of my brain and move forward in my life and business. <3 that Molly!

Erin Anacker. Community advocate for women in design, avid outdoor adventure-seeker, and lover of dogs.

angela2Before I started working with Molly, I felt like my life was falling into a perpetual black hole of blah. My job was draining, I wasn’t taking care of my body, and I couldn’t sleep at night. I was just going through the motions of life not sure which direction to go in. Molly helped me revitalized the passion deep inside of me.

She has been so much more to me than just a life coach. During my work with Molly, life presented itself with many challenges from all angels, personal, professional, social. It was like all the naysayers were all coming out to suck the life out of me. I went through a difficult break up, which prior to working with her I would have crumbled and fallen to pieces. Maybe not literally, but I probably would have partake in some self-destructive pattern.

My work with Molly revealed the deeply passionate girl living inside of me, but most importantly she showed me that most vital relationship I have is the one with myself. To be kind, gentle, and forgiving to myself as I would a stranger. I would highly recommend Molly to anyone who is interested in embarking on extraordinary living and wants to take life by the horns.

Angela, Las Vegas.

The key for me to taking my business to the next level is having Molly Mahar as my business mentor. She won’t let you play small if you need to be playing big!

What works for me is Molly’s understanding of insecurity and doubt around your business desires. I can comfortably express my feelings, be held accountable and come away with a solid plan.  She is there to celebrate your success and navigate the bumpy road with you!

Courtney, New Hampshire. 

When I first came across Stratejoy, I was absolutely impressed that so many young women where taking the brave journey to live an authentic life.  I often wondered where my life would be if I would have done the same in my twenties.  What Molly and others discussed resonated so deeply, but could I really go down this path in my forties?  At this point in my life, I felt my life was so entrenched with certain responsibilities and obligations there was no room for a big change.

Deciding to work with Molly was one of the best decisions I had made for myself in a long time. She provided me with the tools and clarity to reconnect with my values and more importantly, myself again.  She helped me learn how to make the time for self reflection and held me accountable to act on the change I desired so desperately.  With her guidance, I have not only been able to create a more authentic and joyful life for myself, but for those around me.

Maria, mother and human resources professional.

During a time in my life when the world seemed to be spinning faster than I could grasp, Molly showed me how to slow down and savor the moment. She helped me rediscover my true dreams and, in a way, meet the real me for the first time. Through my work with Molly, I have created a life filled with passion and fun; I am truly aware of my wants, needs and values; and I have set real, measurable goals that I KNOW I can achieve. And, most importantly, I now have the confidence, attitude and tools to never sell myself short from living the life I deserve. Looking back, I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I know that I couldn’t have made a better investment.

Gina, Las Vegas.

Working with Molly has been a life changing experience for me.  For a while, I felt as though I was wandering aimlessly around my own life.  With no clear understanding of who I was or what I wanted, I reached out to Molly for the guidance I was so desperately seeking.

Without guilt, shame, fear, or embarrassment, Molly allowed me to think and dream big – bigger than I ever allowed myself before.  Her approach forced me to dig deep into the uncomfortable places in order to overcome the cloud of self-doubt I was living under.  I am truly deserving of happiness and joy, and without Molly, it would have taken me much longer to realize this.

With hard work, dedication, and Molly’s unending support and encouragement, I am more confident and feel as though I am capable of anything.  I not only look at Molly as a Life Coach, but as a good friend in whom I can confide anything.   Words cannot express my sincere gratitude.”

Erica, Greenwich. Financial Project Manager by day, Salsa Dancer by Night. Aspiring Movement Therapist.

I found Molly at a time in my life when an unsatisfying and defeating job left me feeling worthless and unmotivated. After 3 months with Molly, not only did I have a specific direction to take my new job search in, I was enthusiastic about the process and more confident in my abilities and myself than I ever had been before.

When I quit my job, I struggled with how to move forward.  Molly provided me with accountability and helped me to create a constructive and active learning and development plan. She pushed me to ask and answer the right kinds of questions to help me learn about myself; who I am, what makes me smile and what I need in a job and career in order to feel motivated, happy and fulfilled.

Amanda, New York City. TED Talk Addict. Theater & Arts Enthusiast. People Person and Connector Extraordinaire.

“Molly is one of those fabulous women I feel like I’ve known my whole life.  Molly’s compassion, honesty, wisdom, strength, support and belief in me was exactly what I needed.  I was at a point in my life where I desired not only a coach but a mentor (and at times a big sister!) to help me get to the next level in my personal and professional life.  Molly has the ability to connect you to your own personal power, your own truth and the joy of living a meaningful life with her intuitive questions, straight forward style and loving approach.

I was able to become unstuck, break the cycle of old habits and start taking big action steps on my dreams.  Molly is super passionate about coaching and mentoring people to live their fullest lives. I feel so blessed to not only have worked with her but call her my friend.”

Nicole, Arlington. Handbag Designer, Coach, Passionate Do Gooder


My path from wannabe writer to published author? A little luck, a little hard work, and a whole lot of Stratejoy. Molly’s coaching style is the perfect combination of spontaneous enthusiasm and “big-picture” vision. Not only did her Get It Off the Ground group coaching course motivate me to actually finish my book, but it also helped me build a roadmap for my long term writing goals.

A year after completing that course, I had two multi-book deals with two major New York publishers. A big thank you to Stratejoy for helping me not just follow my dreams, but also see them through…

Lauren, New York City, Published Romance Author

I signed up for this group coaching because I wanted to “go, decide, produce, push”. I’m a newly minted entrepreneur with a lot of ideas and I was anxious to improve my efficiency and get things moving! Little did I know these weeks would totally alter my outlook. Your homework assignments, the support system we created, and the reflection you encouraged combined to soften and strengthen me in a big, big way. I’m not much for asking for help, acknowledging my wishes and feelings, or slowing down with intention, but through the GIOTG workshop, I’ve been learning how to do all three.

Laura, 27, Nova Scotia. Runner, ideas junkie, yogi & the strategist/storyteller behind Red Balloon Relations.

AndreaThumbnailAfter becoming a mom last summer I wasn’t really sure what to do with my business or how to take the next step balancing life as a working mom. Molly’s course helped me come to a crystal clear definition of what I wanted my business and life to look like, post baby. The other members of the group were also fabulous and held me accountable to weekly goals and checkpoints. We actually all still use each other from time to time as a resource or sounding board when looking for more business advice. It’s great!
From GIOTG, I walked away with a clear itemized three month to do list. It was just what I needed.
Andrea, Austin,  Tech Nerd and Personal Branding Specialist

AshleyThumbnailI joined GIOTG because I had plans to quit my 9-5 and pursue my coaching business full-time within 3 months. (Woah.) With Molly’s guidance, support, and encouragement I was able to create a structured plan, develop rock-star confidence, and actually follow through with it all. The friendships I made with the other ladies in the group was definitely the cherry on top. Only 6 months later and my business has grown by over 600%. My business wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for Molly!

Ashley, Nova Scotia, Your Super Awesome Life 

When I signed up for the Get It Off the Ground Group, I had just decided to quit my job and start my own business. I was excited and terrified at the same time. I needed to talk about this with people who would understand what it means to finally DO IT. It was liberating to discuss my dreams and goals with like-minded people – we encouraged each other like crazy!I don’t think I would have accomplished so many things this pas Fall without GIOTG. It injected a huge dose of stamina into my veins!GIOTG was also the perfect mix of personal and business work. I love that we talked self growth just as much as business growth. Being an entrepreneur, who you are has a direct influence on your business and there’s no way I could work only on business growth without diving into the depths of who I am and what I want. Now I know my action plan is in line with what I want for myself, for my career and for my life.

Julie, 27, Québec City. Daydream achiever, blogger, enthusiastic entrepreneur & writer at the head of Oomph3.

Molly is the business-savvy mentor with the bubbly older-sister personality that I never had. Molly’s expertise and the Get it Off the Ground curriculum challenged me to take a small idea and to rocket it into action. At first I was nervous to sign up. So many questions ran through my head: would the investment be worth it? Will I have enough time in my schedule? Who would the other participants be? All of my questions were covered within the first call. Molly structured the class to teach various lessons across the 8-weeks including ideation, self-reflection, project planning, experimentation, and execution.

Every week Molly structured the call with an organized methodology. She let US talk and respectfully pushed each of us to take action. She challenged us and held us accountable for the weekly action items. She believed so strongly in the power for each member of the group to find their own path to succeed. The activities we completed on a weekly basis made us confront our fears and take action to get over them. It was scary at first, but the support we had in each other and from Molly gave us confidence to move forward with our projects and businesses. We kicked old bad habits out the window and replaced them with positive, action-oriented thoughts! If you have a lingering idea and are thinking about doing something, DO IT. Get it Off the Ground was the launch pad to get my idea in motion, and it can be for you too. Take the leap!

Carla, 25, NYC, Empowerment-driving Community Builder, Marketing Nerd & Tea Drinker.

I’d been reading Molly’s blog for awhile and when the opportunity came up about the GIOTG coaching, I signed up immediately! My goal was to step over that line from the corporate world to starting my journey as an entrepreneur. After the 8-week program with Molly’s guidance, asking the questions you never thought to ask yourself and getting to the nuts and bolts of what your business is about, I am so excited to say that I achieved my goal! As a bonus, I have 6 new inspiring friends. GIOTG will strengthen you professionally and personally.


Meredith, 32, Vancouver. Aspiring Apple Mobile Developer & Snowboarder Extraordinaire.

I love’s me some Molly!  I was at a “stuck” spot with my business, Lionheart Yoga Training, and I found Molly’s coaching and the group class so very helpful in giving me some great new strategy ideas. I loved the support and accountability of a group of other kickbutt gals, and weekly homework kept me motivated. Molly is an excellent, joyful leader who combines the rare traits of firm motivation with compassion to inspire you to be your best self. If you are looking to juice up 2012 with a kick, I highly recommend any of Molly’s classes.


Tonya, Seattle, Yoga Teacher, Lululemon Ambassador, Cabaret Singer, Flower-Arranger, and Free Spirit.

I’m a personal development junkie – I read all the books, take all the courses, and follow the blogs; few have pushed me to take actionable steps toward my passion work like this coaching group has. I just finished my six-week Find Your Passion Work group coaching and it’s oh-so-bittersweet. The group of women I got to chat with every week (Molly included!) – those are my girls. They pushed me, they inspired me, they listened intently every week to my struggles and my questions and my accomplishments.And Molly – oh, the girl just gets it. Not only is she brimming with valuable, actionable advice specific to your situation, but she’s also caring, connected and incredibly supportive. While I will miss our weekly calls immensely, just this past month and a half of coaching has made me confident in what I want to do and how I will do it. And I will always have this incredible group of women to share that with. I will be a Stratejoy (and Molly Mahar) fan for life!

Jenna, 27, Los Angeles. Writer, teacher and creative strategist extraordinaire.

I took the “Find Your Passion Work” course because I no longer felt the passion for my job I once had. I spent 10 years of my life working towards starting a career in a particular field, got an awesome job right out of college in that field and then felt like something was missing. Was it best to leave and find a new work passion? Should I stick it out and try to figure out what’s missing? All of these questions (and then some!) were answered in the loving, supportive environment of the group.

I was nervous that a group of women might be a judgmental mess, but there was nothing but eye-opening, heartwarming support. It’s so great to hear other people’s perspectives on their own situation because it triggers something in your own journey. The private Facebook group was a great place to throw ideas, breakthroughs and digital hugs & high-fives to everyone.

Through the group, I was able to narrow down exactly what I wanted out of a career and was able to plan a strategy to make it happen. If you’re not spending your time with those you love, you’re at work. So it’s incredibly important to make sure your work life feeds your soul almost as much as your personal life. Molly and the FYPW group was able to do that for me.

 Carly, 26, Pittsburgh. Production + Social Media Coordinator, digital dilettante and Scottish tenor drummer.

On the last call of our group, I felt pretty miserable, and like I was the “hopeless one” who could barely commit to making any changes. Somehow, the strength came back in full force the next week and I was ready to take my leap of faith (quitting my job). Now, I’m unemployed but totally free to move to a new city and a new job! I feel scared sometimes and excited at others, but mostly I think that the big changes ahead are going to be a big breath of fresh air and inspiration to get back on track with my right life.

The past year and half since graduation and moving home have been one of the most confusing and scary periods of my life. I can’t tell you how much of a support our group has been. Even after the course officially ended, the journey still continues with frequent messages of support and idea-sharing in our Facebook group. Having other women out there who are experiencing the same things and cheering each other on has been a huge source of comfort and confidence for me.  I don’t feel so alone anymore.

One of the things I have been reflecting on since the course has ended is that I have known my dreams for a long time, but have been so afraid of actually saying them out loud.  They felt so big and out of reach and scary to commit to. So for me, this group has been less about figuring out what my dreams are and more about being comfortable with them! Thanks so much Molly!

Kristen, 23, California. Aspiring artist with an affinity for all things adorable.

Working on yourself is never straightforward or all that easy, but Molly gives you a road map for self discovery and she works to make it fun along the way.  I took Finding Your Passion Work at a point where I would spend my workdays pouring through job listings, dreaming of something different, but unsure of what that different would look like.   Through the calls and exercises, Molly was there with questions and projects that got to the heart of the issues around my unhappiness.

I ended up on a journey I never expected that led me to make tweaks to my current job rather than make a career change.  Today, almost three months after starting FYPW, my family and friends are in awe of the complete attitude change I have had toward my current career.  I still have bad days, but going back to the work and journal prompts from FYPW or through the occasional tweet/email to Molly or check in on the Facebook group, I am able to remember I am on the right path and this career, the one I have right now, is fulfilling to who I am today.

Jenna, 27, NYC.  Executive recruiter and connector of people, with a fervor for wine, photography and laughter.

JamieLeeBefore I participated in Molly’s FYPW I was a bit unfocused. I had so many ideas and directions that I wanted to pursue, but I wasn’t getting anywhere with any of them. Molly really encouraged us to focus on what was next instead of what we would stick to forever. During the exercises and journaling I slowly started crafting ChefShare, an online marketplace where local chefs can sell pre-made meals and food products to people in the community.
Since FYPW, I launched the business in beta in the Bay Area to test what works and what doesn’t, I’m sending out a weekly newsletter, I’m learning about my customer base, and I’ve launched our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ChefShare)page. I’m still working out the plan for the site and for my branding, but I can actually say that I own a business.
If you’re thinking about taking Molly’s FYPW and you’re willing to do the hard work, then I’d definitely recommend it. Molly won’t find your passion for you, but she’ll help you ask the right questions to build a plan for yourself.
-Jamie Lee, Bay Area, ChefShare (www.chefshare.com)

Always a cynic, I was a little bit skeptical going into my group coaching session with Molly. What I found through those weeks, though, was a supportive environment, a new sense of introspection, and the realization that I wasn’t alone in feeling a little bit lost sometimes. Molly really helped me get back in touch with the things that make me truly happy in life.

Arielle, 27, Brooklyn. Project manager, Harry Potter nerd, seeker of wisdom.

Becky1If you’re looking for a catalyst to find out what your version of happy looks like, then this is the group for you. The tools Molly has given me have been amazing at helping me get really clear on what I want my work life to look like. I’ve gained confidence in my opinions and I am still continuing the journey of discovering what path I want to take. The homework and weekly phone calls held me accountable and I truly miss them! This group was the perfect jumping-off point for me.


Becky, 26, PA. Marketer in non-profit. Loves knitting, baking, reading, and yoga.

Joining GIOTG was a game-changer for me. The course provided me with a safe space to declare my intentions and seek support along the way. Molly’s expertise was vital during the early stages of my launch and checking in with my fabulous comrades each week held me accountable and kept me inspired.

Not only has my confidence increased dramatically, but my work through GIOTG resulted in a huge accomplishment – I recently had my first article published in a magazine for teen girls! With Molly and the rest of our crew I gained the clarity I needed to pursue this dream of mine and make it a reality. If you’re longing for similar clarity, I’d highly recommend you join as well.

Akirah Robinson, Writer and Healthy Relationships Coach.