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Tribe Headquarters FAQ

I’m having trouble accessing my Good Stuff or purchased course.

Having issues using or getting your content? Email hello@stratejoy.com so that we can troubleshoot for you. Please include screenshots, urls and as many details as you can so that we can help! And please be patient — our small team keeps a Monday to Thursday workweek. If you email us over the long weekend, we’ll reply as quickly as we can the next week!

Why are some of the badges greyed out?

A greyed out badge means you haven’t purchased that course yet! Click through and you’ll be taken to the registration page. If you find one of your Good Stuff badges (free material) greyed out, please email us at hello@stratejoy.com so we can hook you up properly.

I’ve taken the Holiday Council in the past! Why don’t I have access to it?

HoCo was previously a email based course — so as long as you still have your emails from the previous year, you have access to the content! The Holiday Council page here in Tribe HQ means that the 2016 Course will be delivered here in December. Nice, eh?

I bought a course, but only one week of content is available is available. Help!

Don’t worry, love! It’s on purpose… The course are delivered in bite-size components so you don’t get overwhelmed. You’ll get emails when each new piece of content is available for you to access! The Joy Equation is 6 weeks, The Fierce Love Course is 4 weeks and Holiday Council is 3 weeks. After the course has been completely reveled, you’ll have access to it as long as you need.

When is Molly going to create a new course? I’m ready for the next level!

We are definitely working on it. Details are still under lock and key, but Team Stratejoy is creating something incredible for you in 2017. Make sure you subscribed to our Tribe Newsletters so you can stay in the loop!

Random, yet important.

What does Stratejoy stand for? How do you pronounce Stratejoy?

Stratejoy is a combination of the words ‘Strategies’ and ‘Joy’ which is exactly what we aim to provide here at Stratejoy: Useful + Inspiring Strategies for Joy. Pronunciation? STRAT-eh-Joy.

I want to blog for Stratejoy! How do I go about doing that?

Yes — we’d love to consider an essay or interview from you. Get all the Contribution details here.

Online courses are great and all, but I want to work directly with Molly. Can I hire her?

Currently Molly isn’t accepting one-on-one coaching clients, except through her Elevate Mastermind. Applications will open up in October for next year’s group! Find out more here. You can also get lots of face-time with her by attending her live adventure in August — Stratejoy Summer Camp.