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ELEVATE MASTERMIND is a yearlong journey for 14 ambitious, heart-centered, free-spirited, big-dreaming women.

Imagine what you could do with a dedicated tribe of like-minded women, a fearless leader who is hell bent on your
success,12 months of inspired accountability and a boatload of loving support.

Imagine what it would feel like to spend quality soul time getting clear on your highest priorities, creating fiercely
ambitious yet conquerable action plans, and then truly activating your desires.



When I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that I was only toying with the idea of applying for Elevate. I had a fuzzy idea of what my “best life” would look like, but I could tell I was getting in my own way.

I had dipped my toe into the world of Stratejoy through other groups, like Holiday Council. and I was already noticing how much those programs were empowering change in my life with only limited interaction with Molly. I guessed that a whole year with her would stimulate all kinds of amazingness… and IT HAS.

02-DianaI committed to Elevate because I knew I needed support in making big changes in my life.  As I got to know everyone, I was inspired and comforted by the thought that I was truly not “in this alone.” And as the year progressed, my relationship with Molly and the support from the other women made all the difference.  I’ve felt so much unconditional love throughout this experience.

How has my life changed? In every single way possible because of who I’ve met, the work I’ve done, the support I’ve had, and the mirror I’ve been holding up to my soul.


I committed to Elevate because I was teetering precariously on the edge of so many things: confidence in my new mamahood, finally making the leap into entrepreneurship, cultivating a positive self-image post-pregnancy, redefining the relationship with my husband with a child in the mix, recognizing and battling with post-partum depression. I was feeling incredibly lost and overwhelmed, and I needed a serious kick in the ass to help me start really LIVING my life again.

Elevate Mastermind has brought me back to my centre.

Elevate is full of excitement, hard questions, unconditional encouragement and calling out of bullshit when you start getting in your own way.

ELEVATE IS NOT A SOLO ENDEAVOR. When you join this circle of sisters, you’re not only committing to your own dreams and growth, but also to the nurturing of others’ dreams and growth.

Masterminds work because of the group dynamics of connection, respect, inspiration, love and genuine care. Elevate is run through applications because crafting the most magical and powerful group possible is one of Molly’s super powers.

the Elevate Mastermind includes

We will be starting our adventure together with a three day retreat in Ojai, California. We’ll pow wow as a group for workshop time and having plenty of solo time to recharge and reflect. I’ll be there to lead the weekend and get to know each of you IRL. We’ll wine and dine, dream and scheme, meditate, sauna, hike and write our cute little butts off. There may be some secret ceremonies. There will definitely be some surprises.

You will be visioning your year, creating your action plans, and enjoying some incredible time to bond, write, relax, and nourish yourself.

Hot seat time!  You’ll schedule one-on-one coaching/mentoring time with me to dig deep into your dreams, challenges, and successes. I’ll provide illuminating questions, wholehearted listening, and soulful strategies for life and work — personalized elevation just for you.

And FYI, lady. Elevate Mastermind is the is the only way to work with me one-on-one these days.

Besides our retreats, we spend the following time virtually together.

An inspiring monthly call to report progress, celebrate wins and ask for help when you need it. This is our way of staying close and connected as a group; of witnessing both the highs and the lows in real time.

One year’s worth of access to a private online Facebook Group for sharing resources, networks and strategies. Easy and quick access to Molly and your mastermind sistas’ for support, camaraderie, constructive feedback, and glowing enthusiasm.

Four Virtual Teaching Retreats for committed time and space to explore our Group Themes. We gather together online for three hours on a weekend with time for teaching, silent reflection, and sharing of our personal plans and intentions.  

We’ve worked and laughed and cried our way through an entire year.  We’ve covered topics from sex to money, passion to contribution, speaking our truth to using our power. Strangers have become soul sisters. We’ve witnessed magic together. You’ve pushed your edges and taken some scary leaps, but gratefully enjoyed the journey.

You’ve been elevated. And we need to celebrate! For this optional 3-day weekend, we’ll be sharing a gorgeous Seattle home and meals together as we revisit the highlights of the year.

As part of the Elevate Mastermind, you’ll be invited to join me for insider access to Stratejoy Summer Camp as part of the staff. No better way to integrate your learning then to serve as a “counselor” to other joy-seeking women, eh? You’ll help celebrate aha moments, lead small group discussions, and be a general resource of Stratejoy awesome for your bunk.

Of course, you’ll be having all the fun as well — yoga, meditation, lake time, a high ropes course, bonfire sing-a-longs, inspirational sessions, dance parties, arts and crafts, capture the flag and silent journaling time.

Participating Summer Camp as a cabin counselor is a bonus for those taking part in Elevate and is totally optional.


Elevate has been the dose of love, strength and accountability I desperately needed after a difficult marriage and a hard divorce. I had lost myself entirely to others’ expectations and had also lost all sense of myself.

I can honestly say that Elevate has been the most incredibly challenging, but crazy rewarding, thing I have done. Having Molly right beside me for every (shaky, scary, brave) step has helped me tackle each high and low this year with confidence and a fierce heart.


I believe that investing in myself is a non-negotiable. Elevate didn’t change my life, it changed how I go about life. I don’t seek perfection but instead embrace the messy, the beautiful and the unknown with gratitude. I take time to pause, reflect and set intention.

This past year, I was fortunate to have connected with Molly, an amazing coach, friend and mentor and a fabulous group of kick-ass life long friends who provided mutual support, celebration and connection.


The most impactful piece of my year has been Molly. Without her beautiful spirit and insightful guidance, I would not have grown as much as I have. Knowing she was there –supporting me, believing in me, and challenging me — made all the difference.

The personal growth I have experienced and the deep friendships I have made through this group have changed my life forever. I am not even remotely the same woman I was at the start of Elevate.

If you’re serious about dedicating a year to your growth and flourishing, we’re serious about wildly supporting you.


From My Heart to Yours

I’m guessing you have an amazing sense of who you are and a growing sense of what you want. You understand that in order to truly shine, your inside attitudes and desires need to be in alignment with your outside actions. You’re hungry to find a way to wholeheartedly express your gifts and ambition in the world.

What you lack is the like-minded company with whom you can be utterly honest. You lack long-term high-level support with a mentor dedicated to your success.  And perhaps you lack a bit of motivation to keep doing the work, day after day, when the results aren’t immediately clear.

I understand. So do 70 other incredible women…



As I was filling out my application at Starbucks, I cried, realizing how much I would love to be a part of a group of like-minded women, and how badly I needed to change my mindset around certain topics. I’d always thought of myself as a positive person, but I knew there had to be more to life than what I was currently making of it.

Molly helped me push myself, think about things I hadn’t thought of in years, and motivate me to dream big. I’m so grateful. It wasn’t until the retreat and these women and Molly that I fully cracked open, in the most amazing way.


The thing that sticks out the most after Elevate is the acceptance I have for my life. I know who I am and how to put the work in to stay aligned to my best and truest self. I know how to be gentle with myself and others, how to bring myself back to me, and how to move forward when shit hits the fan.

A year ago I didn’t actually know who I was or what my potential was… I’m truly and deeply thankful that Molly saw the light in me that I couldn’t find or didn’t know existed. I’m forever changed by my time with her and the amazing women of Elevate.

09-LaurenWhen I think back to where I was a year ago, it’s crazy that so much has changed!  People who knew me before Elevate have seen the difference in my demeanor, in my writing, in my actions, in our relationships. I’ve gained the confidence to stand on my own two feet, and the knowledge of how do it with kindness and poise.

Elevate showed me how to embrace the life I really want to be living, stripped away from the needs and pressures of outside sources. I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today — emotionally, romantically, mentally, physically — without Elevate.